Mark’s New Ad

Interesting contrast that Mark is still trying to tear down Sonny and Sonny is making his closing offer.


  1. Lord Cornwallis says:

    Decent piece, although they run the risk of this just mixing in with the first three. Not sure how much this land deal is going to move voters. I would think that at this point, people have already made their minds up as to if SP used the office for personal gain or not. Mark needs a positive piece to pull this race closer. Although Insider Advantage has a poll out that suggests that already is taking place.

  2. politicalpundit says:

    Interesting contrast? It seems to me that Taylor has no other option but attempt to smear is opponent. With the polls like the one the AJC announced today (53% to 36%) what other option does the despearate Taylor have?

    I for one will be glad when after Nov 7, these ridiculous Taylor ads will be off the air, and the state can look forward to 4 more years of sound conservative leadership in the state house.

  3. gatormathis says:

    Interesting contrast? What do you expect from a high level playboy elitest who breaks into a monsoon type sweat just standing in front of a camera. Sonny can walk 20 or 30 blocks in a parade, criss-crossing the street shaking hands, and hardly get winded, even in 100 degree heat.

    Hog breath marky mark, he gets tired just wolfing down a chicken breast.

    So the best he can do is whine about something, and hope it is enough to keep him from having to go home to Albany.

    You know, he’s really got to be in pain thinking about having to stay in Albany instead of Atlanta. Not as many sights and big lights, plus not near as many folks want to kiss his big ole butt down there when his “power” is gone.

    Kinda makes one wonder, how long will Sacha’s attention be held if the prominence of power can no longer be presented by the “hunka hunka burnin luv”. Take in consideration the “grouchy” factor, and give it some serious thought.

    We might want to start an “office pool” on this one.

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