1. Erick says:

    I don’t like the camera angles where he is looking straight ahead and the camera catches him at a different angle. That’s being too clever.

  2. blazer says:

    Those were the exact thoughts I had Erick… of course I didn’t like all of the shots through Sonny’s earliest ads when there was way to much motion. It was almost like they were shaking the cameras on purpose at times.

  3. waterboy says:

    Tommy Irvin is the only one that doesn’t like this add. Georgians are ready for change and this add gives a long list of reasons to elect Gary Black. The best part…Tommy Irvin with John Kerry! That is great!

  4. I agree that 37 years is a long time for anyone to hold any office. What does ag commissioner in our state actually do? I think they make sure that gas pumps are accurate, & I hope they are cheerleaders for our products, but this urban voter is kinda clueless about what these guys actually do. Black was talking about immigration . . . . Is that something he can even do anything about (probably not).

    I may vote for the libertarian in this election. Black seems like a good guy, though, & he would get my vote as I like alot of what he has to say . . . I’m a little nervous because he is/was a lobbyist, though. Will he put GA’s interest above his former clients’?

    Inquiring minds want to know. Anyone a whiz at agriculture?

  5. RuralDem says:

    Black’s going to lose my vote for 2010 (when Irvin retires) if he keeps showing ads like this. If your main focus is “he’s been in there 37 years! it’s time for a chance!” then you really need to rethink what your doing. Why not mention his 20 or so years as a lobbyist? Oh, that’s right, time means nothing unless it’s used to bash Irvin.

  6. waterboy says:

    candlerpark –
    The fertilizers that feed crops and lawns, the pesticides that are used to produce crops, kill weeds and other pests….they are supposed to be regulated for use, storage, composition and sale by the GDA. This is true for the chemicals used to keep termites from consuming your home too. Also, those that pass a licensing test for applying pesticides are monitored by GDA for continuing education credits – like an insurance license. Helping farmers access new markets, such as biodiesel for my truck, promoting the sale of our crops in other countries and around the US are critical jobs for this office.

    Too bad that you never hear of progress in these areas….probably because Tommy Irvin has let it stagnate.

    RuralDem –
    The agriculture community needs an advocate for creating a work program that does not include finding a way to use illegal aliens – as Tommy apparently wants to do. Gary Black can help us do that. Tommy Irvin doesn’t know a soul in DC other then John Lewis (now that Cynthia is leaving). As for lobbying – Gary Black lobbied for agriculture the past 20 years. Many of the tax breaks farms receive today is because Gary helped make it happen.

    I have had the good fortune to see Gary serve this industry. He will be a great Commissioner and I hope you will join me in supporting him.

  7. RuralDem says:

    Oh is that right? So Tommy Irvin does not know Jim Marshall, Sanford Bishop, or anyone else? Nice try. Take the partisanship out of the race for once.

    “He will be a great Commissioner and I hope you will join me in supporting him.”

    I will in 2010 when he actually wins. However, in 2010 the campaign will have to run on something other than “my opponent has been the AG Commissioner for years!”

  8. ikarma says:

    Waterboy carries the water for ………..Gary Black? Man was that a Jim Jones moment. Thanks for the invite to join you………….and no.

  9. waterboy says:

    Sorry to disappoint, but I don’t have to carry anything for Gary – he handles his issues his way.

    Rural Dem can’t handle the facts that were pointed out in my previous post. I thought you really wanted to know about Gary’s service to the industry, but you just wanted to be a Tommy Irvin lackey and use the same rhetoric that got Brian Kemp beat by 10 points last August. Fine by me, but it’s really too bad for y’all. You are missing out on supporting a great man with a real passion for serving Georgia. Nevertheless, Gary will still do what’s best for Georgia….even you two.

  10. Cotton Boll says:

    I gotta side with the waterboy on this one. Looks like he responded with good firm comments that some folks on this thread refuse to accept. Gary Black is well respected among farmers in SOWEGA and from all of his newspaper endorsements there appears to be widespread support for him. Great commercial by the way. I’m all about me some farm grown biodiesel!

  11. RuralDem says:

    “Looks like he responded with good firm comments that some folks on this thread refuse to accept.”

    Actually, I have already stated that I like Black and will support him in 2010 after Irvin retires. One week from now though I will be voting for Tommy Irvin. So yeah.

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