Early voting open thread.

Any reports? Anyone voted early this morning? What were the crowds like?

Update: Noon. I just spoke with two people who voted early at the Elections HQ in Lawrenceville. They described the crowd while they were there as ‘heavy.’


  1. uga_alum_93 says:

    Buzz: I was surprised. The voting traffic @ the Grayson Highway location in Lawrenceville was pretty steady. I went by about 10:30 am and saw about 45 people in there.

  2. Mike Hauncho says:

    I just left the North Fulton annex and there were a good 50 people there and 450 had been in so far by the time I left at 2:30. Mostly 55+ in age. A lot of Republican support but I guess that is to be expected considering the location.

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