“A Fresh Crop of Ideas”

From Today’s Savannah Morning News… 

“IN TODAY’S technological age, tractors can be directed via satellite. The grade or pitch of a field can be measured with lasers. Computers are an integral part of agribusiness.

And agribusiness is more and more a global endeavor, with international trade deals and foreign government subsidies affecting even the smallest family farmer in Georgia.

In this environment, the state needs an energetic leader with vision, commitment and political savvy to handle farming issues as the next agriculture commissioner.

Gary Black is the man for the job.”

Read the entire endorsement here…



  1. Mad Dog says:

    I don’t have a lot of background in farming, just a little.

    Just enough to know that technology can’t fix what isn’t broken.

    For example: Farmer Brown sent his son to a very huge university to learn all the latest on farming. The son came home with all kinds of ideas, and no money to make the ideas work. His favorite idea was buying modern equipment, a four wheel drive tractor that could plow, plant, and harvest in one pass through a field.

    Farmer Brown died and left the family farm to his son. He spent all his money on the four wheel drive monster, plus a mortgage on the farm.

    He made one pass the length of his field and learned something new.

    It takes a huge amount of space to turn around.

    He lost the family farm paying for his worthless technology.

    Now, that technology works really well in some states. And, on some farms. But, massive machinery is a burden to a small family farm.

    But, I’m sure Gary Black knows from experience what works and what doesn’t work on Georgia’s familiy farms.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    And, was it the responsibility of the state’s agricultural commissioner that the son spent the money on the technology without investigating whether or not it would actually help his farm?

    Sounds like the son was a moron. And, it sounds like YOU think the Ag-Commish should be responsible for all decisions made by private farem owners.

  3. Mad Dog says:


    I don’t think a share croppers son can answer those questions. I think you misspelled private harem owners.

    But, I’m not sure about the harem owners.

  4. waterboy says:

    Gary Black has endorsements from several papers across the state. That is grassroots campaigning and a solid candidate at work. Congratulations Gary!

  5. gatormathis says:

    Farmers in this state know who the current Commissioner of Agriculture is. Some will vote for him.

    Farmers in this state know who the candidates in the Commissioner of Agriculture race are, most will vote for one.

    Farmers in this state have watched and voted in the COA race before. The difference in this one is that Gary Black has credentials that other candidates before haven’t had.

    He already had a lot of connections across the state that are very helpful in a race of this type. We recognize Gary Black as the most promising candidate to replace our current Ag. Comm with, in years past or to come.

    When you go to the Ag Comm ofice now, you usually get told who “they” want you to help get back in the Representive or Senate Houses. And whatever else “they” want you to know. Then you get down to what you were there for anyway.

    The time for all that is in the past. We don’t need a lecture on which Democrat needs the vote.

    It is time to get ongoing with the rest of Georgia’s history, that all is yet to be made.

  6. Dorabill says:

    don’t know alot about it but I grew some ‘maters before. I tend to lean toward agrarianism as a philosophy though when you’re talking small farmer vs. agribusiness.

  7. waterboy says:

    Dora –
    There is no such thing as farmer vs. agribusiness….that’s Tommy Irvin brainwashing. Agribusiness supports farmers, and farm production means a healthy agribusiness environment and a strong Georgia economy. It’s the Department of Agriculture, not the Department of Farming.

  8. Mad Dog says:

    Weyerhouser was a ‘mater farmer?

    Used lasers to plow?

    Needed a level to know which way the rain ran off the fields?

    Couldn’t count the rows when plowing without Microsoft and a laptop?

    Sounds like agricultural-less business.

    Does Black own stock in computer chips and lasers? Must be one of them new age fellas with the little rocks in his head.

  9. Dorabill says:

    Thanks for clearing it up for me. I’m voting for Tommy Irvin. Don’t even know who’s the Dem and who’s the Republican. But I’ve read alot about Monsanto and terminator seeds, GM crops, patented pigs, and cloned cows. Thanks again.

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