Another Perdue Land Deal – when does he have time to be Governor?

The AJC exposes yet another land deal — this one in Georgia.  We all remember he said he bought in Florida to avoid — well, the kind of problems outlined in the latest AJC story, linked below.

 When does he have time to be Governor?




  1. Jeff says:

    Before anyone says anything about this being an October suprise…just shut up. This story was supposed to hit back in August. Unfortunately for Georgia it is probably too late to get Perdue indicted before the election. This is why officials should put their assets in a blind trust, like Mark Taylor plans to do. When will the Republican party, and their kool-aid drinking followers realize that they do have a culture of corruption, or that most all of their leaders are corrupt. That is alot of bad apples. From my personal experience working for the State, from the Capitol to the classroom, Sonny Perdue does not care about you. He never has. Sonny Perdue has governed only for himself. How much more has to happen before the Republicans of Georgia figure this out,…hopefully not another “Watergate.” Listen people, Mark Taylor is a conservative American, he is a Georgia Democrat for god sakes, not one of those whinig liberals you see out west or in D.C. he believes in cutting taxes, toting guns, reducing classroom sizes, putting money in classrooms not administration. Do yourselves a favor, do not listen to Neal Boortz, or Hannity, or Limbaugh and take what they say about government or politics as truth. Look it up. Go to even (the AARP site that cuts all the BS out of politics). A vote for Perdue is a vote that condones government corruption, a vote for Taylor is a vote for change. Forget the parties and the ideological spectrum, we Georgians deserve better, our children deserve better.

  2. rightofcenter says:

    Why would anyone say this is an October surprise? What’s the surprise? This was revealed back in September, wasn’t it? And exactly what is he going to be indicted for, Jeff? I look forward to the sinister ad that the Big Boy puts out that neatly summarizes why this is evil in 30 seconds.

    You guys are the most bitter and anger-filled bunch I have ever seen. The nutjobs that thought Hillary had Foster killed have nothing on you.

  3. Brian from Ellijay says:

    This land is adjacent to current Perdue properties. Was also discussed in the last debate where the Governor mentioned buying property adjacent to his in Bonaire. Sorry Bobby, can’t make this smell.

  4. Brian,

    Perdue grew up near a multi-thousand acre nature preserve. It was always one of the most cherished places for average people in the state (who couldn’t afford their own land) to hunt at.

    When the owner (Weyerhauser) needed to sell because of a financial crunch, Perdue did everything in his power to kill the deal, even though the state would have only needed to come up with $6 million (the nature conservancy would pony up the other $26) to keep it as private land for eternity.

    And as soon as that deal closed and the state was not a buyer, Perdue started selling land that had been in his family for 30 years. And guess what, all of a sudden that land was worth double, triple even quadruple what it was worth before.

    If you don’t think this deal stinks, consider this one fact: Instead of just buying land as “Sonny Perdue” that is adjacent to both his house and Oaky Woods, he incorporated an LLC called Maryson to purchase it. Then, the Oaky Woods deal closed and a year later, Perdue’s LLC sold the land to Perdue for only $2,000 more than the LLC paid, even though the land was now worth more than $300,000 more. And he never disclosed his ownership of the land or the LLC, in fact this article’s facts and testimony are the only admission from anyone that Perdue actually owned Maryson. Before it was just very good speculation.

    Now I ask you this: Why would you incorporate an LLC to purchase land adjacent to your house and to a major tract that nearly everyone in state government (Except it seems, the governor) wanted to buy, hide the existence of the LLC and then a year after the Oaky Woods deal falls through disolve the LLC and sell the land to yourself. And not disclose any of this?

    And doesn’t anyone think it is at least somewhat suspicious that the land sold to buy the Disney land was sold within a month of news that Oaky Woods would be sold to developers instead of the state — at two times ($2,000,000 more) than it had ever been appraised for.

    If they develop this Oaky Woods land, the population of Houston County will nearly double. Sonny will make a fortune selling the rest of his family land, as it is adjacent to Oaky Woods, and the state will have lost one of the most pristine public hunting grounds in the nation. That’s what Sonny did.

    Point of interest, is this petiton:

    It’s called Save Oaky Woods and was started back in 2003. Read the signers. Lots of sad tales about family hunting traditions. Even one signer says:
    If the state of ga can fund a 99 acre lake in perry. I think they can come up with something like increasing hunting fees or fishing fees to get the money for oaky woods.It was all about money from the start.How much money from these developers was donated to sonny perdues campain for governor.

    Or how about this gem:
    Houston is Gov. Perdue home county then why does he not help?

    Gee, I wonder. Sonny brags about a record surplus. He couldn’t come up with $6 million to preserve thousands of acres of pristine wildlife in his own back yard?

  5. defnotrep says:

    I think Sonny should be questioned about his original statement when he said he couldn’t buy land in Georgia because of conflict of interest.

    When he made this statement he had already bought land in Georgia….so I guess this proves he’s willing to not tell the truth.

    If he wanted to do the right and ethical thing, he should have put his business in a blind trust.

    I’ve not liked Sonny because he’s had a basic dishonesty about his cuts to education and the cuts to Katie Beckett. That said, I always thought that was just typical politics. I never thought he was actually corrupt.

    The tax deal, the original statement and the land deals start to add up to a significant pattern of less than truthful disclosures and up to a pattern of lying and corruption.

    The sale of Oaky Woods should be investigated but this won’t happen. Politicians never police their own. Look at BrianfromElijay…he won’t even let himself look in an objective manner.

    The loss of Oaky Woods to private developers is unforgiveable. Perdue could have easily saved that land if he had wanted to do so. He could have been a leader and reached out to the public and enviromental groups.

    We aren’t going to have a country left if we continue to let our leaders get away with these type of actions. Repubs, Dems, Independents, and Libertarians need to send a unified message when something is clearly wrong.

  6. RandyMiller says:

    I guess this is to deflect attention away from Jesse Jackson’s visit to and endorsement of Taylor? Or Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Georgia and meeting with Sasha? Or this weeks Nick Ayers episode?
    Yeah, this is old news and has been known for sometime.

  7. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Jeff, “”””like Mark Taylor plans to do”””” har har, the man is the Lt. Gov. . Hasn’t gotten around to it yet?

  8. GaChick says:

    I guess ole Boss Hawg Perdue is up to his old tricks. Corruption seems to be his only reason to be Governor. He’s obviously using the office to enrich himself instead of doing the people’s business. Time for a change!!

  9. landman says:

    Booby,this is pretty weak,no story here and yes SONNY will be the Gov for another Four years and then it will be another Republican for 8 more years and so on and on.

    The Dems are a shell of themselves and will not hold any of the upper statewide offices for a lonnnnng time,thank god!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ikarma says:

    Nobody has to make this smell. To a normal, logical, reasonable, honest person it smells bad enough by itself. Will people turn a blind eye to a Governor who works a second job, buys and sells property on the sly and lies about it all just because he likes “W”? Crazy.

  11. Jeff says:

    Maurice, as anyone should know the Republicans stripped the Lt. Gov. of any real power. Indict him on what? Well Perdue owns all of the land adjacent to the Oaky Woods, and all of that land is butted up against a road. Check out the GRTA records, mysteriously the little road is going to become a four lane highway. When the Oaky woods is flattened and houses start popping up whose land is going to be bought by the state to provide roads for public access? These practices were outlawed at the end of the 19th century when rich business men got “appointed” to zoning boards. They would buy acres of land and zone it for various uses. By forcing the government to pay for roads with taxpayer money the land owners/zoning board members were gaurenteed all of the money back, not to mention the land purchased for development made them a pretty penny. Why was none of this stuff disclosed either? Why was MarySon LLC the original purchaser, setting up a Limited Liability Co. was not necessary,…the land was just transferred to Perdue after the company was closed down…right after the land deal. Face the facts people. Taylor’ campaign didn’t even mention this first. Just like the Florida land scandal, that was the DPG that brought it up. Rightofcenter…you are an idiot. There are dozens of corruption and collusion charges that apply, and you have obviously never sat on a grand jury. You sir need to stop drinking the kool aid.

  12. politicalpundit says:

    This story that the AJC ran today this morning is not new news. Anyone following the campaign knows that this story hit in September. The Governor has spoken candidly several times about this land purchase in Houston County to extend his the property surrounding his personal home. This story is nothing more than the liberal AJC making baseless acusations.

  13. defnotrep says:

    I respectfully disagree with all that think there is nothing to this.

    This one is gonna cost Sonny. He isn’t going to win.

  14. RandyMiller says:

    Really, the negativity from the Taylor camp is growing old. Case in point; I was at my parish helping out at the Halloween festival. I was talking to a mom that told me she’s not a rep but would be voting for Perdue. Why, well one she’s tired of all the negative advertising coming from Taylor. Two, the 100,000 tax break’s not near as bad as in her opinion, Taylor has used his positions in government to only further his family’s state leases, making them the richer.

  15. defnotrep says:


    I agree with you that Taylor’s family should not have leases with the State. If you are going to be in public office, you should do everything possible to avoid anything that construes as beneficial from one’s position.

    I would say to Taylor should he win that he should terminate these leases if possible and put his dealings in a blind trust.

    By the same token, I hold Perdue accountable for his misdeeds.

  16. krobar says:

    Do I have this right? Sonny said that the only place he could purchase property in the State without people calling it into question was next door to his house. He did so…almost four years ago…right after an election when everyone was still watching him. No one noticed a conflict of interest then. If the State had purchased The Woods, people would have complained that Sonny was using his position to protect the area around his home and keep it in a pristine condition. Instead, a developer buys it. Sonny is going to end up with a 35,000 home nightmare next door. The state will not be able to add a single sewage line or road improvement within twenty miles of the place without people questioning Sonny about it and calling it a conflict of interest. He can’t win either way.

    If Sonny is going to be blamed for letting a developer buy The Woods, causing his property value (as well as his property taxes, which no one seems to mention) to go way up, do you think that the same people throwing blame will give him credit for doubling the tax base of the county? Will they praise him for the thousands of jobs that will be created in the construction of 35,000 homes and multiple “town centers, commercial space and industrial sites” and the ongoing employment of those that work there?

    Sonny is either responsible or not. He is either causing these things, or being effected by them just like everyone else in the area. If you are going to give him all the blame, at least have the honesty to give him the credit as well.

  17. Jeff says:

    Who went negative first? Perdue. Who has aired mored attack ads? Perdue. Go to and check it out for yourself.

  18. Hey Randy,

    Give me a break. The state would have only needed to come up with $6 million to combine with the nature conservancy to purchase Oaky Woods. Perdue slashed $30 million of greenspace funding from the budget that year.

    Senate Republicans found a way to restore half of that, and he line itemed vetoed it. And then as soon as Wayerhauser announced that bidding had ended and the state wasn’t a bidder, he began selling adjacent land that had been in the family for 40 years at a fast clip for double, triple and quadruple what it had been worth just two years earlier.

    OK, so Mark Taylor’s father has collected an average of $70K/year in rent from the state over the last 40 years. Perdue is working to turn his $3K/acre land into $35K/acre. He’s lying about whether he owns LLC’s, not disclosing land, and then pushing as hard as he can for a Constitutional Amendment that would personally profit himself.

    Just think about that. Even though they could build about 20,000 houses on Oaky Woods right now, part of it is protected by state and county regulations. So he pushes the private cities constitutional amendment which if passed would allow the developers to arbitrarily set aside state and county regulations and do whatever they want. And who owns substantial amounts of land abutting Oaky Woods, including on the roads leading out of it? Oh, Sonny does.

    Honestly, this is probably great news for Casey Cagle. He will soon by the de-facto leader of the Republican party.

  19. RandyMiller says:

    This numbers thing, come on. Like Perdues land in Florida worth $40,000,000??? Please give me the break. And as for 70k a year for the Taylor state leases… in Taylor’s own words via 11 alives website; “Taylor also found himself on the defensive, saying there’s nothing wrong with his family earning millions from leases with state government over the past 30 years. “

  20. defnotrep says:


    You have a double standard. One for Sonny that justifies everything that he’s done is ok and another for everyone else.

  21. Jeff says:

    You are absolutely right. I am certain that Randy Miller is on Mark Foley’s side, and probably supported Nixon on the Watergate scandal, remember it is because the Republican party is the morality and virtue party…Pat Robertson said so.

  22. Mad Dog says:


    Tell it like it is!

    The state of Georgia can never replace, as Perdue put it years ago, “the majestic beauty” of that tract of land.

    Perdue is rotten. If the GOP Party can’t smell it, they’re rotten, too.

  23. ikarma says:

    The AP once again simplifies the land deal for the great unwashed:

    Perdue’s 101 acres in Houston County were
    transferred to his name in May 2004. But he
    apparently bought the property 10 months earlier
    using a limited liability company named Maryson.
    Perdue paid the tax bill on the land in 2003
    after it was acquired by Maryson, according to
    Houston County tax records.

    Perdue did not disclose the land or any interest
    in Maryson on his financial disclosure forms in
    2003 and 2004 as required by state law. The
    101-acre tract of land Perdue purchased in
    Houston County is next to his longtime home there.

    The in-state purchase came seven months before
    Perdue spent $2 million to purchase about 20
    acres of land in Florida just miles from Disney
    World in Osceola County.

    Perdue bought the Florida property in December
    2004 from Stanley Thomas, a wealthy Republican
    developer from Newnan who Perdue appointed to the
    powerful state Board of Economic Development.

    Democrats and a former federal prosecutor have
    called for an investigation of the land deal as
    well as legislation Perdue signed just months
    later that effectively saved him about $100,000
    in state capital gains taxes on the sale of 318
    acres he inherited in Houston County.

    Perdue defended the Florida purchase saying in
    August that he went out of state to avoid any
    charges of conflict of interest that could arise
    if he bought in the state he governs. But then
    the newspaper reported last month that Perdue had
    bought the 100 acres of Houston County land. His
    officials defended the purchase, saying that the
    governor and his wife “added on the property of
    their home.”

    What is the definition of an untruth?

  24. fulldawg says:

    IMHO Perdue appears to have not been upfront concerning his personal dealings.

    I am disgusted. I truely thought he would be a breath of fresh air after King Roy. Nope, not anymore.

  25. rightofcenter says:

    You are not just an idiot. You are a frothing at the mouth idiot. I believe you got with B. K. and drank HIS koolaid, which means you will be again on the outside looking in after the 7th. So you’re glad so many agree with you? Yeah, it’s the Amen Chorus of liberal dems – Chris, you, defnotrep….and Bill Simon, who i’ll just say never met an incumbent he liked. Chris, you’re info is almost laughable. If this is such a cut and dried case of corruption, blah, blah, blah, why hasn’t your stellar attorney general done something about it?

    What’s pitiful is the once proud Democratic Party has nothing to run on but this conspiracy corruption crap (CCC).

    And another thing, Jeff – if you can’t have a civil discussion on this board without frothing at the mouth, why don’t you run back to one of the dem boards.

  26. defnotrep says:

    rightofcenter, nothing civil about your discussion….you weak knee, name-caller.

    you just try to bully and spin. You made good, valid points jeff.

    I’m thinking I may leave this blog b/c of people like rightofcenter.

    tks gachick for the info

  27. Jeff says:

    Thankyou defnotrep. Rightofcenter has nothing left but to call people names. It seems as if all of his heroes used him for his vote, and now he is all butt hurt over it. Quick question rightofcenter…is what Sonny Perdue, the Governor of Georiga, did o.k.? Do you approve of what the Governor did? Of topic, but do you approve of what Nixon did? I think I might know who is with me, but on the 7th of November in this year of our lord 2006 I will be celebrating with friends and family because the people of our great state and nation voted to save America from the GOP, or I will be flying the Georgian and perhaps the American flag upside down in distress… It is time for a regime change in Atlanta.

  28. IndyInjun says:

    Until the special tax break for Sonny, I was firmly in his camp. That jarred me a little.

    I THOUGHT that at the state level, the GOP was a little more principled than the corrupt hogs in DC.

    I was wrong.

    Here is one vote now to Hayes, or possibly Taylor even.

    Sonny has such a lead that its probably too late, but I hope that we have a run-off and can give this liar the boot too.

  29. landman says:

    Give me a break ,this is weak.The fact is the Dems ran this state in the ground in every area possible and now are being sent to the wilderness,for what I hope is more than 40 years.

    The” big guy” is done and so is Cathy,and those that are not leaving public service are changing parties( which are welcomed more by some than others) so who is left to run this group? The answer is noone who can win on a state-wide level.The Dems ARE DONE.

  30. defnotrep says:


    You think truthfulness in our elected officials is weak? I think not.

    Issues come and go and change. Basic ethics, character, and honesty should not come and go.

    Sonny has become arrogant and corrupt from being Governor. Ronald Reagan would have never done these things.

    I guess maybe I’m becoming outdated. I grew up in the generation where truth mattered and that if you gave your word it meant something.

    If you will recall, Sonny gave his word when he was running against King Roy. He’s just become another politician that became drunk with his power and went back on his word.

  31. rightofcenter says:

    Defnotrep, before you jump on my case for throwing out a few insults, please go back through the thread and see where Jeff called me an idiot first. It was in response to seeing him refer to me in that way that I reached out and blogged in anger. My apologies.

    You and your like-minded cronies can express your opinions that Sonny is a crook, corrupt, blah-blah-blah, and I won’t say a word. We’ll disagree.

  32. defnotrep says:

    Yep rightofcenter I see it now. Jeff was wrong to say this.

    It’s wrong for any of us to do it. I’m not above doing it myself.

    You are right. I used strong words referring to the Governor this last time. I should have stuck with what we know for sure.

    He hasn’t told the truth. That’s not really debatable I think. The other actions add up to a pattern that’s not becoming for Sonny.

    Sorry I jumped you rightofcenter.

  33. rightofcenter says:

    But before I stop blogging on this topic, I will answer one question Jeff asked of me – do what I think Sonny did was wrong? Well, it depends on what he did. Was not correctly filling out his financial wrong? Yes, but apparently it is pretty common – just ask Harry Reid. As for anything else that he did, I would just say that I don’t see anything wrong with anything else that has been documented. Now, if some of the stuff that has been alledged by you guys and the Bobby Kahn crowd actually happened, then I would agree that it was wrong. However, I don’t buy it for a second until there is more than fanciful theory by blind partisans.

    Now a question for you: if all of this stuff was done by the governor, surely our democratic attorney general would investigate and file charges. Is he, and if not, why not?

  34. defnotrep says:

    Good question. I will call the AG on Monday and ask him. Not sure I’ll get an answer but I’ll try.

    This is off topic….Erick, maybe you could do a post….the Atlanta Press Club is having a gathering, I think, this Tuesday at Manuel’s. It’s bi-partisan, repubs, dems and libertarians.

    Thought a lot of folks on here might enjoy. Usually a lot of candidates come.

  35. defnotrep says:


    another thought…ethics and moral values not the same as criminal charges.

    manuel’s event is on Thursday.

  36. rightofcenter says:

    I agree about morals and ethics being different from criminal charges. I was mainly directing my comments to Jeff who was throwing around terms like collusion, corruption, and grand jury.

  37. Jeff says:

    There is this thing in the real world called legitimacy. If a democrat attorney general where to file charges, the GOP would say this is some political witch hunt. Harry Reid has nothing to do with this, one, and did not use his position and contacts with state legislatures to personally benefit. Of course you see nothing wrong with what has been documented, nothing was documented. In a democratic government we have this concept called accountability. Many laws are created to ensure Americans that their officials can be held accountable, say for instance disclosing land purchases and other capital gains, we also require these measures for election contributions. Defnotrep is absolutely correct about the morals and ethics comment as well. Technically Foley did not break any laws, the age of consent is 16 in D.C., but what he did is wrong. I am sure your blind GOP perceptual set will block out the application of ethical or moral standards to your own party and you along with Hannity and O”Reilly surely only see that Foley did not break the law. We know he is guilty of the event, whether criminal charges will be brought up is still questionable. At the same time you GOP loonies play the ethics and morality card at anybody in the Democratic party who may have at one time thought about doing something one day, and create elaborate conspiracies framing H. Clinton with the murder of V. Foster. Limbaugh brings this soap opera garbage all the time for you whackos. As for Perdue, though…to get back on track…, read the AJC article slowly, look at the sequence of events, statements made by the governor, and the actions. Ethics and morals.

  38. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Other Jeff:

    (a) despite what you keep saying, we’re not — nor have we ever been — a “democracy.” Sorry to burst that bubble.

    (b) seriously — if you’re going to use my name, PLEASE spell correctly, use complete sentences, construct an actual argument, and don’t call names. It doesn’t become your screen name.

  39. Mad Dog says:


    Does Sonnny Perdue have Perry J. McGuire for his real estate attorney?

    I just saw the new ad on Perry J. McGuire and his tax penalty of $17,995.

    Nice penalty for lying.

  40. Bill Simon says:

    ROC asked “Why isn’t the attorney general investigating this if Sonny did something wrong?”

    Answer: Because unethical actions by elected officials are handled through the Ethics Commission first, not the AG’s office.

    It’s called jurisdiction.

  41. rightofcenter says:

    No, I’m not a lawyer (thank God). However,
    Jeff (the fake one), the one who likes to throw out insults like “loony”, was using terms like “indict” and “grand jury”. That implies criminal charges, not ethical ones.

  42. Bill Simon says:


    You should forgive Jeff for using such extreme terms as “indict” and “grand jury” as you probably use extreme terms like “murder” when describing first-trimester abortions on fetuses.

  43. Bill Arp says:


    You are really quite pitiful. Everyone knows how you sought to extort money from people through the Barnes election (that people should give you personal credit for losing). Furthermore, you trying to hammer Perdue for this land deal is pretty much like you making all the money off political advertising when you ran the campaign.

    You must realize that if there has been one person that has corrupted and crushed the Democratic party it is YOU!

    When the Democratic Party lost the Georgia house – you claimed it was becasue of the public support of Bush. Well the support for Bush is waning and you cannot even gbet your candidate for Governor above 40%.

    I am glad that you are leaving your current post. I like competitive elections . You have not given us a good statewide election to watch since you got beat by Zell.

    I am not sure how you can try and attack anyone about having time to be governor when you were the person who took a leave of abscence from the Governors Chief of Staff position to run a Governors campaign.

    Lets face it you were a lackluster Chief of Staff and even a worse Campaign Manager. Since you have stepped foot into politics you have personally been involved in losing the Governors office, the state senate, and the House of Representatives, this year you will lose the Secretary of States office and the Lt. Governors office.

    Any Republican would praise you for your efforts helping them. Bobby lets face it – there is no trend going against you anymore you just do not know how to run a campaign….and this year you are gonna get beat by a 24 year old that got a DUI on the same street that the governor lives on.

    I am not sure what you think about your political future but if your October suprise is this land deal – you are beat again….

    Bobby – you need to get any chip that you have on your shoulder off. You have killed the Democratic party and made a laughing stock out of the party. I am not sure what you are going to do now but I bet the Democrats are hoping that you get hired by the republician party.


  44. Jeff says:

    Jeff, the unAmerican one…since when have we not been a democracy? We are the Democratic Republic of the United States of America. We elected Representatives (republic) and the people of the united states govern themselves(democracy). So tell me Mr.Jeff Emanuel, I have a PhD in American Government just like that Jeff who thinks America doesn’t have a democracy, why do we not have a democracy? Obviously you, like the rest of the GOPers, have not read the Constitution or any of the political philosophy that constructed our government. Sorry for my spelling, I drink occasionally when I write on this blog, I try to drown my sorrows when I read what america is becoming. As the incomplete sentences…it is called conversational writing. Words like indict, though they seem harsh to rightofcenter, are not hard to get. Have you not heard the saying, “you can indict a ham sandwich.” It is not hard, there is no defense council, and it can really hurt reelection attempts. Unfortunately the Perdue/Bush Republican Mafia (I have been waiting almost a week to say that) will not allow legitimacy in such actions. If Baker presses charges it will look like a political witch hunt, I have said this before…and all of you can see why this would happen.

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