Where’s Hank?

Does anyone else find it strange that Hank Johnson has pretty much gone silent during this campaign season? It’s not like anything he says could jeopardize his chances of victory. Catherine Davis has absolutely zero chance against Hank so I don’t think he is concerned about the election.

You would think that he might want to do a little campaigning on behalf of other fellow Democrats but I think he has done very little of that.
So what gives? What’s up Hank?


  1. leftrightcombo says:

    Hank is just returning the favor. You did not see very many Democrats helping him run against Moon Bat!

  2. timcairl says:

    Funny cause I’ve been to three events with Democrats in Dekalb County over the last 3 weeks all with Hank as the special guest. Two fundraisers and one ra-ra-go-getem rally.

    But then again, i’m on a lot of dekalb mailing lists too.

  3. skbarton13 says:

    Will: Which Democrat candidates, for state-wide or congressional positions, could Hank help? What voters could Hank bring that the candidate doesn’t have already?

    I am glad to know from Tim Cairl that Hank is active and visible in the county. His attention, if sustained, would be a change from Cynthia.

  4. I am hearing that Hank will be doing some last week campaigning for himself and others, particularly in South DeKalb to make sure any and all bruises from the primary have been healed.

    Hanks’a great guy. I think the residents of the 4th district are pleased to have a quiet congressional election in November for once. I even think Will would agree with that sentiment!

  5. Loren says:

    I certainly would have preferred that the race had been a little less quiet. When there’s virtually no press about the race, it makes it rather hard to get your name out as a candidate.

    I’ve debated alongside Hank several times in the past couple of weeks, including this past Tuesday night at the Maloof Auditorium. Last night there was a candidate forum in Avondale Estates, but Hank left after his opening statement. I think he may have been headed to the VFW candidate event, which Ms. Davis also left for, but which I had to miss. Hank’s a nice guy, but rather reserved. And Catherine has been incredibly amicable to me.

    Meanwhile, I’m still trying to do what I can. My newest campaign ad was posted to YouTube this morning, and I have more in the works. And I’m still wrestling with the AJC over next week’s Voter’s Guide, which they’re refusing to even include my name in (much less my questionnaire answers).

    Write-In Loren Collins for Congress

  6. leftrightcombo says:

    Politics 101.

    Secure your district first. Hank is quietly securing his support and healing wounds in his own district. Thats just good politics.

  7. Fogle says:

    “Last night there was a candidate forum in Avondale Estates, but Hank left after his opening statement.”

    HAHAHAHA… damn! That violates more unwritten rules than Harry Ford’s Corker crashing bit. At any rate, that’s a pretty funny “screw you” to the race.

  8. Loren says:

    To be fair to Hank, it wasn’t merely a 4th District forum. There were seven races represented, and most of the questions went to the local school board candidates. Catherine and myself only got to answer two questions, and there were no closing statements.

    On the other hand, I’m not sure why he came 25 minutes late, only to turn around and leave.

    I do think Hank seriously dropped the ball on listing public engagements on his website. Catherine has an events page, and I finally put one up (once I had some events to plug), but Hank’s website hasn’t updated any public appearances since the runoff.


  9. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Loren Collins,

    I don’t know you…and I don’t live in your district (sorry)…but I laughed my tail off at your copyright YouTube ad…it was great! Good work and best of luck to you.

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