Taylor looking for free advertising

Mark Taylor is apparently offering newspapers a series of op-eds describing his policy differences with Perdue and his vision for Georgia. He’s attempting to sell this project as a multipart series called “Running for Governor – The Series,


  1. GaChick says:

    Hey, Boss Hawg Perdue got alot of FREE advertising with:

    1. Closing of Hapeville Ford plant
    2. DUI of campaign manager
    3. Another questionable land deal
    4. Ribbon cutting at Kia plant
    5. Just by Governating

  2. politicalpundit says:

    Mark Taylor has spent he’s underfunded general campaign budget on negative ads falsely attacking Governor Perdue. Now, he is trying to “earn free media” by sending the op-eds out to newspapers across the state to try to “tell his story” to the people of Georgia. This is ridiculous. This poorly planned, poorly executed, and under-funded lack-luster campaign is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the hard-working members of the media across the state.

    My question is if Taylor truly has real, substantive issues upon which his campaign is based, why has he waited until 9 days before the election to let the public know of his ideas for pushing the state forward? If his ideas for the state are his true priority, wouldn’t he have been talking about his plan for months and spending his money with substantive TV advertisements?

    There is only one candidate in this race who has a record for moving Georgia Forward, and only one candidate has spent its money letting Georgian’s know of his plans for the state. That candidate is Governor Perdue. This last ditch effort by the Taylor camp is pathetic. Georgians want leadership not rhetoric. Perdue is the only choice for Governo.

  3. gatormathis says:

    The AJC and the bill shi** columns already give aplenty of free space to the dem’s candidates. bill shi** gets by with his one sided slants almost every week.

    Isn’t that enough?.

  4. truerblue says:

    See today’s endorsement of Taylor? In the last paragraph of their Taylor endorsement — they are disturbed that the political process doesn’t produce better candidates with vision! Duh!!?? They have overlooked and ignored all the crap about Taylor for years now, and throughout the campaign wrote nothing about the way he flipped off the Ethics laws. They regurgitated every press release the Taylor campaign put out. They endorsed him in the primary over a candidate with a lot of ideas for the future just because he had “experience” (or whatever their lame reasoning was) — you can go on and on but they sure as hell bear a lot of responsibility for the crappy candidates we now have to chose from.

  5. GaChick says:

    Mark Taylor had a great positive ad on education with the kids in high school. All of his initial ads were positive…talking about education, healthcare, etc.

    Perdue went negative first with a series of slimy mailings. If he’s such a good, positive Governor…why did he have to resort to desperate tactics to maintain power. It’s because the public is fed up with the greed and incompetence of George W. Bush and the Republicans in general. They are all cut from the same corrupt cloth of power, money, and greed…and hooey to the regular citizens.

    There’s a “Throw the Bums Out” fever ou there which translates to Boss Hawg Perdue is toast.

  6. atlantaman says:


    Have you ever had an original thought. You repeat the same mindless phrases in every single post. Your inane comments are starting to wear a little thin.

    There are many Democrats on this board I respect because their comments have substance – I don’t think the point of this blog is to pretend you are a human campaign commercial.

  7. rightofcenter says:

    so you noticed that too? I feel like I just got a copy of Rick Dent’s talking points everytime I read one of her posts.

  8. Fogle says:

    Atlantaman & Right of Center,


    We need donkeydonkey to come on here and call her a tool… because she is definitely a freaking tool.

  9. GaChick says:

    LOL guys. I’m not a “tool” of anybody.

    I’m a Georgia citizen who’s got a right to my opinion, just like you do. So, does “tool” apply to anyone who supports a certain candidate? What a stupid notion. You have your “talking points” of the kool-aid drinkers…and I have mine.

    What’s the problem? Talking to the choir getting a little boring?

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