1. Mad Dog says:

    This was old news yesterday when Georgia Politics Unfiltered wouldn’t post it.

    However, as Andre reports today, the Perdue campaign pulled a Hastert. When called. they denied knowing anything.

    Typical Republican response to wrong doing.

    “I don’t think it is relevant to the campaign or the issues.”

    As I recall, Perry J. McGuire wrote a long article in one of the Douglas County newspapers about this.

    He wanted to use eminent domains powers to take away your car for a DUI.

    So whose SUV was Nickie driving?

  2. mercergirl says:

    I doubt they would ask him to resign given that Nick is married to Perdue’s niece, or something like that.

    What an idiot, I have zero sympathy- especially right before the election. I mean it’s stupid no matter what, but this just draws even more attention given the time of year.

  3. Mad Dog says:

    My advise to the entire Republican party?

    Don’t run a character based campaign. Unless you have some character.

    Republicans are not better than Bleeding Heart Liberals. Not on character. Not on policy. Not on running a government.

  4. debbie0040 says:

    Demonbeck, I have to hand it to you, you are very entertaining today.

    Made me laugh on such a miserable, dreary day.

    Man! That was funny.

  5. RandyMiller says:

    Damn, how stupid!
    But seriously folks, a good reminder for designated drivers and/or taking cabs for those of us that partake.

  6. I posted this on BFD, thought it would be appropriate here:

    The Perdue camp had a lot of class when Taylor went through something similar. I urge Democrats to join me in expressing our concerns for this young man, giving thanks that no one was hurt, and praying for him to be able to get his life back on track as soon as possible.

  7. GAWire says:

    Typical UGA guys drinking jack. No class at all. 🙂

    This sucks for Nick – he’ll get past it though. Might give him a chance to move on from politics. Won’t do anything to the campaign though.

    I’m glad chris mentioned what he did. If the Taylor camp does want to throw some punches on this, they better be ready for a sh*&storm!

    On a lighter note, I say we all take a second to email donkeydonkey and remind him that he is a moron.

  8. RandyMiller says:

    Yes, HardcoreChris has class himself to post what he did. And I know some of us are kinda snikering under the belt but really folks , no matter what our political stripes, like I posted before, if and when we plan on having too much fun always also plan on other means of getting home. DUI is no fun, and hell, it’s dangerous!

  9. CobbGOPer says:

    Actually, Nick didn’t go to UGA, he went to KSU…

    Feel bad for him, but damn, you don’t swerve in Buckhead on a Wednesday night. I mean, with two weeks before the election, why was he out drinking in the first place? Every campaign I worked, I was in the office til after midnight every day for at least the last two months of the campaign…

  10. jsm says:

    Mad Dog,

    Ayers is not running for office, so what does this have to do with a “character based campaign?” The campaign is correct in saying this incident isn’t relevent to the election. I’m willing to bet this happens to young, stupid campaign workers and consultants on all sides.

    What Ayers did was irresponsible and foolish. I hope he faces harsh consequences. Gov. Perdue didn’t commit the crime, and he shouldn’t be judged for it. Judge the governor’s character based on his own actions.

  11. GAWire says:

    I would agree … we always sent out a volunteer to pick us up a case of beer, or just broke into the candidate’s stash of Mount Gay.

    Has he resigned? It is indeed a personal matter, but there’s hardly such a concept in politics. I would expect for him to go ahead and officially resign … even if he continues to work behind the scenes or something.

  12. GAWire says:

    >>”””I’m willing to bet this happens to young, stupid campaign workers and consultants on all sides.”””

    Not to mention candidates and family members.

  13. Mad Dog says:


    You and Chris do have some class.

    We should be thankful that he was pulled over. Hopefully, it’s not a drinking problem. Just a problem with drinking one night.

    Kudos to Demonbeck for having a sense of humor.

    Well Done, the Dag!

  14. Fogle says:


    When you’re out this weekend, whatever you do, be safe, don’t drink and drive… and make sure to pour one out for your homie Nick.

  15. Mad Dog says:


    The long running values debate has been Conservative character vs. Liberals character.

    Call it like it is. Nick has proven that conservative character isn’t better than liberal character.

    Perdue and everyone in his campaign should be judged within the confines of that debate. They denied knowing anything about the incident, as Georgia Unfiltered reports.

    If young Nick had hit and killed someone, and if the SUV was linked to the campaign, if an underage campaign worker were in the SUV with Nick, if they were coming from Perdue event, if the Perdue event served Nick…

    The campaign should have come clean. They had three days to deal with the story before the AJC published it.

    “I don’t know” is too often the GOP answer to every debacle on their watch.

    As for Nick, I’d suggest first offender deferment. If you want to lynch him, you’re on your own, jsm.

    I do judge Perdue on his secret deals and I don’t know nothing about any tax break actions.

    That. And, nothing else is all you need to know about Perdue.

  16. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Be easy on Nick. I am sure there is a lot of pressure involved with the campaign right now. And how many of those of us posting have not had a drink or two and decided that we were sober enough to drive home after a fundraiser.

    Do not cast stones…

  17. Fogle says:


    Did you just admit that you have a Y-chromosome AND you drink Mike’s Hard Lemonade?

    I mean, at least it’s not Smirnoff… but… damn…

    Keep that crap to yourself.

  18. conservativecore says:

    I have fought the urge all day and can no longer resist. This is relevant if you ask say Joel or Rick Dent or others who have decided that staff is a fair target. The fact is this like some many other choices made by the campaign was immature and this was actually dangerous. Nick should resign for embarassing his boss. Period. That is what you do but I doubt he will. And for Derrick to suggest this has no relevance to the campaign show he needs some more seasoning too.

  19. Bull Moose says:

    This will not affect the campaign what so ever, and it shouldn’t.

    Leave the guy alone, the only reason this is news is because of the position that he holds.

    We all make mistakes, none of us are above sometimes exercising bad judgement, be that forgetting to pay a bill or getting a DUI…

  20. GAWire says:

    >>”””Perdue and everyone in his campaign should be judged within the confines of that debate … If young Nick had hit and killed someone … “””

    Yeah, you might want to stick with your boy, Chris, and stay away from this one. This conversation is starting to sound very familiar, and for that matter it is starting to sound a little threatening … for you, that is.

  21. Romegaguy says:

    If Nick was a UGA alum he would be doing his drinking this weekend in Jacksonville at the World’s Largest… uhhm…uhh… Picnic?

  22. Decaturguy says:

    I can honestly say that I’ve never had a drink and gone out driving.

    Is that because you don’t own a car, Andre?

  23. Rpolitic says:

    Your senior (and I use that term loosely) campaign staff is a reflection of your judgement in hiring. It is relevant and if Nick has any pride or honor he will publicly apologize to the governor and all of his supporters and resign. I think that the campaign, and that mean the Governor himself, should make a move if Nick chooses not to do the honorable thing.

  24. Bill Simon says:

    Anyone else scrathcing their heads wondering why it happened to be a Georgia State Patrol unit that was cruising through Buckhead and pulled him over?

    Could just be a happenstance, but…given some past shenanigans from the Governor’s office to the State Partol (i.e., 2 years ago), there just might be some connection here between Perdue’s acts and a Georgia State Patrol officer pulling over Nick Ayers.

    NOT that I’m a conspiracy nut…but, I just find it strange that it wasn’t a Fulton or Atlanta city cop…

  25. Rpolitic says:

    Here is the real question how long did young nick sit in the Atlanta city jail. That will tell you what strings if any were pulled. That is not the most effecient place.

  26. Bill Arp says:

    I hear there is more to come….no one has asked the good questions like…..
    1. where was he comming from
    2. what was the name of the girl in the car with him? Oh, was it a staffer…..I wonder how old?, was she drinking?, is Nick married?

  27. RandyMiller says:


    I wondered about that too, all the nights i’ve been out in b’head you usually see APD or if any other Fulton sheriffs cars, not that i’m looking for GaStPa mind you but still. And wasn’t this on E. Paces?? Then again, I try not to figure conspiracy into stuff.

  28. Romegaguy says:

    Was Sonny’s son-in-law (the one that was on the security detail until Sonny’s daughter got a divorce so she could marry him) the one to pull over Nick? Oh, that’s right. He is living in Habersham County with his wife that is threatening the local county commissioners….

  29. GaChick says:

    I love it when Republicans say that behavior is “personal”. I agree…

    And so are things like the choice to have an abortion.

    Wow, you say. How did this get to a discussion of abortion?

    People’s personal lives, including staffers and pregnant women, should NOT be political fodder.

    Just remember…glass houses and all.

  30. Fogle says:


    You’re an idiot. The only link between abortion and DUI is that they could both lead to murder.

    Don’t even pull that “personal decision” bullshit unless you want to justify all murder in that same class.

    If so, then it could be my “personal decision” to euthanize anyone that terminates a pregnancy – sans the obvious rape, incest, etc.

    You pro-abortionists really piss me off when you turn everything into a bully pulpit for pipe dreams of legalized murder.

  31. GaChick says:

    Gee Fogle. Sounds like you’d like people messing in your personal life. Me thinks you protesteth too much.

    Bottom line is that I don’t want to mess with your personal life, I don’t want to mess with Nick’s personal life…and I don’t want either of you dudes to mess with my life or the lives of other women.

  32. one big D says:

    Andre still rides a bike which is why he never ” had a drink and gone out driving.”

    Sucks for Nick. Man can you imagine the lashing that he gets from Uncle Perdue and Bossman Perdue.

  33. GaChick says:

    Fogle. I’m sure you think that and therefore I’m declaring that you should never, ever have an abortion. Other people don’t agree with you. Get about the business of minding your own business.

    BTW…you missed my point while you were fuming and calling me names. Just take a chill pill and enjoy the rest of your Friday night knowing that you’ll never ever have to have an abortion.

  34. debbie0040 says:

    Nick made a youthful mistake and I am sure he regrets that choice.

    All of us have made mistakes. It is not like he killed someone. How many elected officials have had a DUI?

    I have a question for you lawyers. Since Nick refused to take a breathalyzer, doesn’t that mean his driver’s license will be automatically suspended pending the outcome of his case? Even it takes his case a year to be heard? With all the plea bargains that take place, wouldn’t it have been better if he had just taken the breathalyzer and kept his license until his hearing/plea bargain?

  35. defnotrep says:

    First….I definitely think is a non-issue with regards to the campaign.

    Second….I do hope the young man learns from this and doesn’t drive again when drinking.

    Third….DonkeyDonkey you’re a tool. Lighten up on Erick.

  36. Bill Simon says:


    The womb is not the place for clueless boobs like you or any other pro-life nutcase looney-toon to venture in determining when a fetus becomes a human being.

    “Unborn human” is the same thing as a “non-existent human” and how can anyone kill something that doesn’t exist.

    By the way, if you launch into some idiotic rant and call me a liberal, I’ll stack-up my Republican voting history with yours any day of the week.

  37. Fogle says:


    You’re a liberal. Go back to your liberal “Political Vine” rag before I abort you. In my mind, you are a liberal and don’t exist. Thus, by your logic, I can abort you. You liberal.

    Liberal, liberal, liberal.

  38. defnotrep says:

    Bill Simon….Well said.

    Fogle, We now all know your opinion on Choice.
    And just because I disagree with you, I will not resort to calling you names.

    I would like to know what you think of the Katie Beckett waiver. Do you support it or not???

  39. Fogle says:


    I think we need to do more to assist people with
    disabilities. Much more. The more severe the disability, the more likely that costs increase.

    Offsetting as many of those costs as possible and establishing other resources to assist in accommodating those who are physical and mentally challenged should be a top priority of government.

  40. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Bill Simon,

    Apparently you mistake your terms. Just because you vote Republican does not mean you are not a liberal. Just as all Republicans, hell less and less these days, are conservative.

    Yes Bill, you are a liberal.

  41. Mad Dog says:

    It would seem the Republican Party has lost its unity over a DUI.

    I don’t know Nick and I don’t care if I ever know Nick.

    I wouldn’t fire him or accept a resignation at this point. A sanction is needed, very needed. But, it should fit the situation and not be a mob or a posse.

    If all he did wass get caught drunk while behind the wheel, suspend him from his duties and ban him from the campaign. Pending the outcome of any legal proceedings.

    Not that anyone cares what a real liberal says. 🙂

    Kicks fuzz balls on Bill’s carefully stacked up Republican voting record.

  42. defnotrep says:

    Well bravo Fogle. I agree with you. To me there’s nothing conservative or liberal about caring for physically or mentally challenged people, especially children.

    I do think though you were harsh with your words to GA Chick. I really think people that are anti-choice would accomplish more through deeds and prayer than through harsh words. Just an opinion though.

  43. Fogle says:

    I was harsh because she came in and hijacked a thread that had NOTHING to do with abortion and turned it into a “choice-fest.” Abortion is about the only “social” issue that I won’t budge on (I’m honestly not even all that socially conservative – if at all) and so if she couples those two premises together, the conclusion is gonna be a whole lot of reminding her what an idiot she was for doing something so ridiculous.

    She had no place bringing that garbage into a thread about DUI and hopefully she’ll learn that lesson.

    Usually I ignore that kind of junk, but it had to be done. Stupid baby killers.

  44. Fogle says:

    Bill Simon,

    That’s always a possibility. I wasn’t there, but a lot of conceptions result from drunkenness.

    And since 1973, some of those have resulted in… you guessed it… ABORTION!

    So congratulations, you have found another link between DUI and abortion.

    But either way, I’m glad I survived the “right to choose.”

  45. LiveFreeOrDie says:


    In a weird way, I see the correlation with abortion and I have to say, I agree with you, but that’s mostly because I abhor children and don’t think most people should be allowed to procreate. Especially people that drink and drive.

  46. “Andre still rides a bike…”

    Is that a crime now?

    I can’t ride my bicycle for recreational purposes.

    Yeah, I still ride a bike…one big D, here’s what I think you should do…why don’t you call the CIA [ (703) 482-0623], GBI [ (404) 244-2600], and FBI [(404) 679-9000], and ask them to launch an investigation into my bike riding habits?

  47. GaChick says:

    The link is clear:
    Republicans always try to excuse their bad behavior by saying: “It’s a personal matter”. This implies that it’s out of bounds. That THEIR personal life is their personal life. Well, I agree. Personal life is important and I think it should extend to the personal decision to have an abortion, or to be gay, or to marry whomever you want.

    I was just trying to expose the hypocrisy of saying one thing and doing another. I wasn’t trying to “hijack” this issue and turn it into a discussion of abortion.

    If you’re going to excuse every anti-abortion Republican for doing things in their personal life that some may see as wrong (see: Foley, Hastert, Abramoff, Lay, etc. etc.), then you’ve got to be consistent and allow others to have a personal private life as well.

    “Be not too hasty to trust or to admire the teachers of morality: they discourse like angels, but they live like men”
    … Samuel Johnson, Rasselas (1759), 18.

  48. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Andre, on riding a bike — sounds like you’re the one who’s not just paying lip service to environmental consciousness. Guess One Big D just wants to regulate the rest of us — and then ridicule folks who willingly do what pro-environs want us all to do.

    And for the record, I still ride my bike, too — and I agree with you on DUI.

  49. Bill Arp says:

    If I was Taylor I would come out against any “anti nick” sentiment and be above the situation by acting like they are not in support of the sensationalization drunk youngster. Hell most people drink when they are his age…..but most people are not the campaign manager of a bible beater…..On the other hand I bet Taylor drove drunk the same route home last night…

  50. Fogle says:

    “If you’re going to excuse every anti-abortion Republican for doing things in their personal life that some may see as wrong (see: Foley, Hastert, Abramoff, Lay, etc. etc.), then you’ve got to be consistent and allow others to have a personal private life as well.”

    Who the hell ever said I, or any or all Republicans, have “excused” what these guys have done?

    And by the way, even if I did, you’re arguing ad hominem which makes your argument fallacious anyway.

    Hear that? That’s the sound of your crappy premise breaking in half to the winds of logic and thus, yet again, you have no real conclusion.

  51. Donkey Kong says:

    Wait…isn’t Jack bourbon? So how can Nick graduate from bourbon to bourbon?

    I am in many respects a libertarian, and I believe in keeping the government out of our personal lives. The role of the government is protection, not to force us to make moral choices but to stop us from infringing on another person’s rights. Unborn humans are humans, and have rights, and therefore a ban on abortion is a perfectly legitimate exercise of protecting an individual’s rights. The courts think so when it comes to the murder of a pregnant woman.

    How Bill Simon can claim an unborn human “doesn’t exist” is beyond me. “Wow, honey, you are getting so FAT!! Look at that huge belly! I know the doctor says it’s a baby, but I know it doesn’t exist, so lose some wait, will ya?” Bill, a baby doesn’t become human simply by exiting the womb, and that is a completely illogical position. What exactly is it about a baby in the womb that causes it to become human after leaving it? I know it’s not dependence on another for life, because infants cannot live on their own just like unborn babies can’t, yet (correct me if I am wrong) I’m sure you would consider infanticide as immoral.

  52. Fogle says:

    “Wait…isn’t Jack bourbon?”


    How dare you insult Jack Daniel’s like that!

    How have you survived more than 10 years of life on this planet without knowing that Jack is beautiful Tennessee Whiskey?

  53. Donkey Kong says:


    I knew I should have looked that up before I posted it. Hey, I just drink the dang stuff, not study the label. But I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s unashamed of enjoying Jack (besides Ayers, of course).

  54. mercergirl says:


    I can’t believe you are blaming this on stress before an election! That is outrageous and I’m also surprised noone else hasn’t jumped on you for that statement.

  55. Bill Simon says:


    It ceases to be a FISH and becomes an air-breathing human when it exists the womb. That’s what makes it a human being on this side of the womb and a fetus on the inside of the womb.

  56. Mad Dog says:

    Bill Simon,

    Man, I had something intelligent to say and then I read about the fish. I just don’t think I can ever think, or type, intelligently again.

    It’s a fish! I thought it was a bicycle.

    Now that I’ve slammed Bill, … its a parasite until it turns about 18.

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