I Don’t Have A Lot of Sympathy

I’m usually sympathetic to people who get others angry by flying the American flag. But after years of dealing with stuff like this as a lawyer, I put the brakes on for this.

Let’s make it simple. You move into a subdivision. You are given a copy of the rules. One of the rules prohibits outdoor structures like 20 foot flag poles. You have NO EXCUSE to cry to the paper about your rights being infringed, etc. when you are asked to take it down.

Suck it up, Kowalski!


  1. Bill Simon says:

    His defense question should be: Is a flag pole a “structure” OR is it working as a lightening rod to direct lightening away from the house and he is just using it to hang a flag in during the off-times of rainstorms? 🙂

  2. Fogle, he hates America becaise he hates our freedom!

    Seriously though, Erick, I am with you 110%.

    Every couple of months it’s the same story . . . . back in July it was some American flag painted on the pavement (so everyone could, I suppose, drive on the flag) in some subdivision in Duluth.

    You would think the papers & radio would get sick of the same old tired story . . . Aren’t there shark attacks somewhere or missing white women for the media to worry about??

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