Hayes for Governor

The AJC has a profile.

In a Strategic Vision poll released Oct. 18, Hayes was polling at 5 percent.
Matt Towery, chief executive officer for polling firm InsiderAdvantage, said that over the weekend Hayes was polling at 9 percent. Not much, but better numbers than a Libertarian candidate has received in Georgia.

There is no way Hayes has 9% of the vote. None. I expect a high of 7% and a low of 4%. I think the trend will be on the high side, but I think the ceiling is 7%.


  1. IndyInjun says:


    You totally misunderstand the trembling furor of most conservatives who pay attention with the GOP.

    Hayes gives voters an alternative between two parties who have abandoned their core principles and stand for nothing more than the blind pursuit of raw power.

    Do not be surprised if Hayes draws enough votes to throw the race into a run-off.

    I saw Sonny last night and continue to support him, mainly because my county stands to benefit from his reelection.

    At some point, the stinking corruption from the national GOP will cause officials to leave the party to become independents.

  2. pvsys says:

    Weekend polling generally slants against the evangelical Christian conservatives who are obviously harder to find on Sundays and who (on average) are married with children so they are also harder to catch on Saturdays when they are doing family and/or sports activities. (again, these are averages with many exceptions to the rule!)

    This easily explains a few extra percentage points for Hayes as the Christian Right trends more Republican than Libertarian in comparison to other “economic conservatives” and other conservative-minded folks.

    Rob McEwen

  3. hankreardan says:

    Things are going great with the Hayes for Governor campaign.We are starting to have a proplem with our schedule we are getting so many request for interviews.We just had a great funraiser. We just bought 110 more ads in Atlanta area. we are looking forward to the debate Sunday.We will be have our election night party at the Three Bear Cafe in the Marietta square.

  4. Rick Day says:

    Believe it, oh surprised poster.

    One day the duopoly will regret shutting us libertarian lobbyists out of the system. Because conservatives-in-lobbyist-clothing have *not* followed their core values, we will mock them first and regularly.

    Yes, soon GA is going to be FORCED to recognize the legitimacy of the LP.

    If not this election, then the next one, but eventually the duopoly WILL regret it.

    Then we can ignore YOUR ‘wingnut’ phone calls bwhahahahhaaaa

  5. politicalpundit says:

    The most telling story behind the higher than average polling behind the Libertarian candidate Garrett Michael Hayes is as recent polls have shown, Lt. Governor Taylor is loosing ground to the Libertarian. This hints to the bitter primary between Cox and Taylor this summer. Taylor has failed to mend any broken fences from the primary and has therefore failed to secure the democratic base.

    With that said, Libertarian candidate’s polling numbers have traditionally be higher than their action numbers come election day. Expect Haye’s numbers to drop to a more realistic number of 4-5% come November 7. That means for Taylor to win or push a runoff, he will need upward of 45% of the vote. This will mean good news for the Governor and the state of Georgia.

  6. pvsys says:


    I’m all for keeping Republicans accountable. But what I don’t understand is, why not work hard to elect fiscal conservatives in the primaries? And why not work hard to find more good Republican candidates who are fiscally responsible?

    If all the money spent by Libertarians had been focused on those goals instead, they’d actually have achievable goals with tangible results.

    But, instead, all they are going to possibly get in return for their efforts are more “Ross Perots” who will then generate more “Bill Clintons” as the conservative vote gets more and more split while the liberal voters unite behind the Democrat candidate.

    If every fiscally responsible Libertarian started sending their money to the Club for Growth instead of the Libertarian party, they’d actually get MUCH worthwhile accomplished within mere months or years without having to wait decades to accomplish not nearly as much!

    –Rob McEwen

  7. hankreardan says:

    Rob ,that is only half of the equation. You can not be half free . Republicans still want to watch what I do in my own home. You guys just want to let me have all my money but then decide what I can do with it as long as it fits YOUR moral standard.

  8. John Konop says:


    I think most agree with your goal. Yet may feel frustrated by the results in Washington. Also it is not like the Party has their arms open for Goldwater Republicans.

  9. leftrightcombo says:

    Hopefully this is the cleansing election. I think the GOP needs to be scared straight. Hopefully almost losing will cure what ails us!

  10. liberty21 says:

    Garrett Hayes is polling 9% and that is not impossible. Minnesota 1998 Reform Party Candidate and ex-wwe wrestler Jessie Ventura was polled around 10% before he went on to beat his two opponents Republican Norm Coleman( Currently US Senator from Minnesota) and DFL nominnee Hubert Humphrey III with 36% of the popular vote. It is not impossible

  11. Demonbeck says:

    Seriously, though, if the Libertarians had more common sense, they would start whisper campaigns at every college campus in the nation reminding tomorrow’s leaders that a vote for Libertarians is a vote for the legalization of marijuana.

  12. pvsys says:


    I know… that old saying that the Democrats want to get a piece of your wallet and the Republicans (at least the social conservatives) want to tell you what you can and can’t do in your bedroom. But in reality, the government takes a lot of money out of my wallet… EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! and very, very little regulation occurs over what happens in the privacy of people’s bedrooms.

    Just because we evangelical Christian conservatives don’t want “Heather Has Two Mommies” as manditory reading for our 2nd graders doesn’t mean that care all that much about how much sodomy is happening in our neighborhoods (behind closed doors between consenting adults, that is). There is a BIG difference between these two… and please don’t confuse them as you obviously are!


    Actually, Club for Growth had given many establishment RINO republicans some big spankings recently and replaced them with fiscally conservative Republicans who are as fiscally responsible as any libertarian ever could be.

    But your “burning down the house” solution is only going to get us another 1993 tax incease and a repeal of the Bush tax cuts.

    But I doubt any of these matters to Rick Day because, judging from his web site, I think he is mostly a Libertarian to legalize pot.

    –Rob McEwen

  13. Chris says:

    Rob, I think what Hank was referring to was the gop-based legislation granting law enforcement unparalleled access to our behavior in the home, in the form of data mining across multiple disciplines, the war on drugs, sneak-a-peek provisions and electronic surveillance, and relaxing warrant requirements that open us all up to unprecedented scrutiny based on everything from our politics to the handling of our finances, to the products we buy and whether they fit any patterns of pre-suspicious activities.

    It has become common for everyone to make jokes about how our purchases of a couple gas cans or a specially-graduated measuring cup or a bunch of threaded pipes will set off flags in the FBI or DHS or DEA or any other federal agency who claims the right to come question our every move. They joke about it, because in the back of everyone’s mind, they know every move we make is being watched, and they know that there is no definitive set of flags that trigger a swat-type home invasion where law enforcement treats you as if you’re guilty, pose an imminent threat, and it’s up to you to prove you’re innocent, from inside a jail cell.

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