Replacing Terry

Here’s a look at the candidates vying to replace Terry Coleman. The GOP feels good about this race.

Two political newcomers are battling to succeed one of the General Assembly’s longtime stalwarts.

Republican Jimmy Pruett and Democrat Dee Yearty are running for the state House District 144 seat held by former Speaker Terry Coleman, who retired this year.

The good news for Eastman is that regardless of the outcome, it will remain the home base of the district, which includes Dodge, Bleckley and Wilcox counties, plus parts of Pulaski and Ben Hill counties. Pruett, Yearty and Coleman all call Dodge County home.


  1. Heard Terry asked Pruett to run as a Democrat, Pruett said OK, Terry thought he had finalized the deal and then Pruett switched and ran as a Republican, but not before he gave Cathy Cox a big check and hosted a fundraiser for her.

    Rural Georgians, can y’all get your party identification sorted out. Too confusing for us up here in Atlanta to keep track of!

  2. Groseclose says:

    My parents live in this district, so I have followed this race somewhat. I had not heard that Speaker Coleman asked Mr. Pruett to run, but I was aware of the Cathy Cox contribution. Pruett’s Republican primary opponent, Wayne McGuinity of Rochelle, attacked Pruett hard on his Democrat connections. Pruett, nonetheless, beat Wayne by a 2:1 margin. So to Chris’ point, I think many traditionally Democrat, rural voters are very forgiving of those who have a new found affiliation with the Republican Party. Nonetheless, I am afraid this newfound affiliation is not completely solidified, in part because of the problems with Washington Republicans.

    Tommy, Yearty does look “dolled up

  3. RuralDem says:


    Rural Georgians focus more on the person not the party nowadays. Too bad the rest of the state cannot do that. We’d all be much better off.

  4. gatormathis says:

    Yep, we ain’t driving an hour to get to kroger for a bag of instant everything. We live slow down here remember, we probably don’t even breathe but every other breath.

    Pruitt has paid his dues I imagine. I saw him at an event Sonny was at in Wilcox a while back. I didn’t see any problems there, at all. Matter-of-fact, the cheeseburgers that day were simply mah-va-lous.

    I kept looking for Taylor to drop by for a few.

  5. dingleberry says:

    Rural Georgians focus more on the person not the party nowadays.

    There goes RuralDem again trying to play the “person not the party” card. Don’t be fooled people. RuralDem is a communist hack. He is a democratic operative through and through.

    Don’t buy his brand.

  6. dingleberry says:


    I do apologize. Sometimes when I get angry, the curses just flow. I am ashamed that I used those words.

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