1. Got to give it to this media firm. That is two knock out blows in a row in Georgia Supreme Court cases. You may remember the ad from last cycle that had video footage (which I shot!) of Grant Brantley lying about being appointed to the federal courts.

  2. Decaturguy says:

    He never had much of a chance in the first place, but that will do it. Hunstein gets like 70% of the vote is my prediction.

  3. Mad Dog says:

    I can’t see the ad. I assume its the one about Wiggins and his family values?

    Ops. I meant restraining orders from his sister?

    It doesn’t mean he’s toast in the election at all.

    The Republican candidate for Attorney General doesn’t know what RICO stands for and has never been in a court of law as an attorney.

    The Republican candidate for re-election as Governor is the only governor ever to have an Ethic conviction, just wrote himself a $100,000 tax refund, and turned a developer lose in Alpharetta with a State Checkbook.

    The Republican Candidate for Lt. Governor can’t add or subtract. His campaign disclosures for this Senate races understate ‘on hand’ amounts by as much as $50,000 or more. He finance disclosures are not filed for the right years and he’s missing one. And, he or the bank holding company has lied about his college degrees.

    Gary Black wants to make the Agriculture Commissioner into an international marketing agency, but we don’t know which product or company he wants to sell.

    I think Wiggins fits in with the Clowns of 2006, very well.

  4. rightofcenter says:

    how about giving it a rest? must everything be attack, attack, attack? i enjoy reading insightful, thought-out comments by dems on here, but the over-the-top gratuituous insults are getting stale.

  5. dogface says:


    Atlanta , GA — In the most cruel, false and personal attack ad aired in Georgia this campaign cycle, Carol Hunstein attacks the deceased mother of Supreme Court Candidate Mike Wiggins.

    The attack is based on a motion in a guardianship lawsuit Wiggins filed to prevent the removal of life support from his mother and to preserve her modest financial assets which were needed to support her medical care. In response, Wiggins released the following statement:

    “My mom was in a coma, and couldn’t stand up for herself. It was my duty as her son to preserve her life and her life savings which she needed to pay for her intensive medical care. Now she has passed on and again she can’t stand up for herself. Justice Hunstein is turning the promise I made to my mom into a political attack. It’s very sad. It is pathetic. It is clear Justice Hunstein is attacking my mother to deflect attention from her own record.”

    “Carol Hunstein takes money from trial lawyers one day, and rules in their favor the next. The reason she stoops to this level of attack is that she wants Georgians to forget about her liberal judicial activism on the court, including her decisions to put criminals back on the street to murder and rape again. Those are the issues in this race, this is her record in office, and no amount of personal smears are going to make them go away.”

    Following is a line-by-line factual refutation of the Hunstein ad from the Wiggins campaign:

    FACT: Mike has been through at least three detailed FBI background checks. He held some of the highest security clearances in the federal government. Those background checks concluded there was absolutely zero reason to question Mike’s personal integrity.

    HUNSTEIN SAYS: “We expect only experienced judges to serve on Georgia ’s Supreme Court. But Mike Wiggins has never tried a case.”

    FALSE: Mike Wiggins has tried cases in court. In fact, he has won a ruling from the Georgia Court of Appeals as well as several federal courts. And, Mike has controlled appellate litigation on the most complex constitutional issues at the top courts in the country including several that went to the United States Supreme Court.

    HUNSTEIN SAYS: “We expect our Supreme Court to uphold Georgia Values. But Mike Wiggins was sued by his own mother for taking her money.”

    FALSE: Mike and his mother agreed together upon a lawsuit on a promissory note as a way of recovering money that was stolen by a third party. Mike recovered the money taken, returned it to his mother, and the lawsuit was dismissed.

    HUNSTEIN SAYS: “He sued his only sister, she said he threatened to kill her while she was 8 months pregnant.”

    FALSE: Mike has never threatened his sister, and any charge that he did is utterly false. Mike did file a motion in a guardianship case to prevent the removal of life sustaining care from his Mother while she was in a coma. Years earlier, at his Mother’s request, Mike made a promise to her that he would protect her life and her life savings. The Order entered by the Court completely vindicated Mike’s position in the case. It gave him sole control over his mother’s finances and healthcare, and ordered that personal property be returned to the estate and that over $12,000 be repaid to the estate.

    HUNSTEIN SAYS: “A Judge ordered Wiggins never to have contact with her again.”
    FALSE: FALSE: At Mike’s own request, in the very same Order discussed above, the judge ordered that Mike “not initiate any direct personal contact with [her] and that [she] shall not initiate any direct personal contact with [him] in perpetuity.

  6. skbarton13 says:

    I’m voting for Wiggins to send a message to sitting judges and in opposition to Carol Hunstein’s support from the tort bar.

    Hoo, hoo, though! This ad is a heckuva punch and I agree it is a knock-out. I’m glad I didn’t get around to button-holing my neighbors on behalf of Wiggins.

    And I think this ad is a great refutation of the folks (established lawyers) who say vigorous election campaigns for judges are unseemly. I’m glad to see it.

  7. dogface says:

    If Wiggins’ response is even half true, Hunstein’s ad is the most despicable, contemptuous thing I’ve ever seen. Wow, who knew a sitting judge could play so fast and loose with the truth.

  8. rightofcenter says:

    After looking at Wiggins’ response, I have to say that the use of this ad goes way overboard, in a judicial election no less. I really don’t care who wins this race, but this ad is despiscable if what Wiggins says is true. For those who don’t agree, it would be the equivalent of Sonny digging up the trial testimony from Mark Taylor’s court cases and dedicating an ad to dredge up the cocaine use issue.

    No class.

  9. JRM2016 says:

    I really had not gotten very involved in this race, although I had the chance to meet Mr. Wiggins at a fundraiser a few months ago. He seems like a good conservative who understands we are sick and tired of judges inventing law (see N.J. Supreme Court decision for most recent example of this). Still, I haven’t found the appellate courts in Georgia to be tort hell for defendants and would even go so far as to say a lot of the time they are fair.

    However, this ad makes it easy for me to vote for Wiggins on Monday. Lawyers owe a duty of civility to one another that goes beyond the normal respect we expect in a civil society. To carry on like this with this advertisement is just shameful. Where are the people who were upset about the ad attacking Harold Ford. This is much worse and incredibly misleading.

    For a sitting justice on our Supreme Court to do something like this…particularly when she was already widely expected to be re-elected will be a stain on judicial races in Georgia for years to come and of course I am sure the next time the GOP recruits a candidate, scorched-earth ads will be the norm now that the tort bar favorite has broken through any taboo that might have existed.

    Way to go Carol.

  10. John Konop says:


    Before you call the N.J. Supreme Court decision ruling “activist” you might read what Scalia said.

    Scalia Rips Judges on Abortion, Suicide

    WASHINGTON — Deeply controversial issues like abortion and suicide rights have nothing to do with the Constitution, and unelected judges too often choose to find new rights at the expense of the democratic process, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said Saturday.

    Scalia, a leading conservative voice after 20 years on the court, said people naturally get upset with the growing number of cases in which a federal court intrudes on social issues better handled by the political process.

    “Take the abortion issue,

  11. Mad Dog says:


    It’s a good article.

    I believe that the Constitution is a limit on government invented by people, not a limit on people invented by government.

    Sorry, Judge S., but every decision before a judge has a social impact on the loser and the winner.


  12. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Seems to me the Democrats are simply playing fast and loose with the facts. Apparently, those polling numbers may not be as strong as they once were….

    I received a campaign flier in the mail from Jim Marshall bashing Mac Collins for supporting private accounts. If Marshall is the conservative he is attempting to spin himself as, what pray tell is wrong with a private account? What is wrong with being able to leave your heirs money that YOU worked for?

    Looking more like a liberal all the time…

  13. RuralDem says:

    I’ll wait and comment more on the ad itself when more info is avaliable regarding Wiggins’ response. I do however want mention two things.

    “HUNSTEIN SAYS: “We expect only experienced judges to serve on Georgia ’s Supreme Court. But Mike Wiggins has never tried a case.

  14. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Not allowing an individual to control his/her own destiny by the simple act of investing, to me, is very much a liberal mindset. Liberals seem to believe GOVERNMENT knows best. Jim Marshall apparently does.

  15. RuralDem says:

    “I never knew that you had to be a conservative on EVERY issue to be considered conservative. Thanks for the heads up, I guess that makes 99% of us liberal?”

    Care to take a shot at that?

  16. RuralDem says:

    “I never knew that you had to be a conservative on EVERY issue to be considered conservative. Thanks for the heads up, I guess that makes 99% of us liberal?”

    Care to take a shot at that? With your arguement you’re telling me you are pro-choice and for gay marriage? Oh, wait the goverment can regulate that. Correct?

    Make up your mind.

  17. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Not everyone is out seeking an abortion, everyone doesn’t a gay lover and seeking marriage. Everyone, except exempted employees pay into the Social Security system their entire working lives and if they die prematurely, they’re heirs get a whole $255. Uh, only a liberal would say that is right…. Government Knows Best…. That’s either a liberal or an idiot. I don’t think he is an idiot.

  18. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Yes, amazing he makes this a pinnacle issue that he believes Americans are not intelligent enough to invest THEIR OWN money and that THEIR FAMILIES are not worthy to receive what their loved one worked for. AMAZING

  19. Maurice Atkinson says:

    This week you should have received your earnings statement from the Social Security system. That alone should give any person a red flag that all is not right.

    Additionally, Marshall is bashing Collins for not supporting an increase in the minimum wage. So now, Marshall is attacking virtually every small business start up who is under capitalized simply trying to make it in the marketplace.

    Looking more like a liberal all the time…..

  20. RuralDem says:


    Since you’ve now agreed that a person is a liberal if they are not conservative on EVERY issue, please tell me, who in your mind is a conservative?

    I would venture to say 99% of the population is not.

  21. dingleberry says:


    Let ME break it down for you.

    All Democrats are liberal, but not all liberals are Democrats. Liberal equals socialist. Therefore all Democrats are socialists, but not all socialists are Democrats.

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