Jackson & Taylor.

Andre made a brief mention in this post about how Rev. Jesse Jackson dropped in on a Taylor fundraiser.

Thanks to a tip from a reader I found this story about the event:

ATLANTA The Reverend Jesse Jackson dropped in unexpectedly on a fundraiser for Lieutenant Governor Mark Taylor, touting the Democrat’s health care program for children as well as his new proposal to boost Georgia’s minimum wage.

Taylor spokesman Rick Dent says last night’s visit was a surprise. He says the fundraisers are open for anyone to attend.

Jackson is in Atlanta for a “Creating Opportunity” conference which is promoting voting rights and economic development in minority communities.

About 100 people were at the Taylor fundraiser, including former U-S Senator Max Cleland.

Rev. Jackson’s appearance put’s Taylor in a bind. He can’t disavow the Rev. and yet he can’t embrace him. Dent’s comments are probably about the best thing they can say.


  1. RandyMiller says:

    Rick Dent sounds like he was embarassed that Jackson dropped by and is trying to make an excuse for hosting the world’s greatest extortionist. Most people now see the “reverend” for what he really is. This is a person who’s used the race card to pad his wallet through the manipulative work of crooked trial attorneys. His endorsement of Taylor should be
    front page news here in Georgia, and should come as little to no surprise to the rest of us.

  2. Jeff says:

    You think Rev. Jackson’s endorsement of Taylor should be front page news…why? I think the front page news story should be Perdue being endorsed by NAMBLA. That is news.

  3. gatormathis says:

    Well, well, the bug-eyed buffoon made his was to Georgia and “surprised” the faithful at the taylor fundraiser. I would be surprised to think that they were “surprised” in the least. It would be more surprising to think this wasn’t a carefully orchestrated event, timed well to maximize effect by Jesse Jackson’s visit.

    They all love Jesse, and hope he will bring out the voters for the dems. Jesse probably knows marky mark well. Jesse showed up in Albany back in 1994 after the big flood to insinuate that the “white folks” had flooded all the “black folks” to insure their financial demise. And if ole Jesse could receive the proper amount in donations, he would straighten it all out. He mighta even spent the night in marky mark’s old room.

    Jesse’s chin music fell on deaf ears at the time, as all the “white folks” and “black folks” were busy sandbagging and trying to get the mud and filth out of their properties.

    The people in Albany had suffered a great catastrophe and were working side by side, the same as they do when working their regular jobs all during the year. Jackson was stupid enough to think he could come down, do a little pandering and pick up a few hats full of cash to take back home with him. Albanians looked at him like he was crazy and told him he best move on, minus the cash he was seeking. They knew they would need their money to fix their problems, and Jesse probably had plenty.

    So, what were the talking points at this fundraiser. Maybe marky and jesse were comparing notes on how to keep from paying support to their children. Or how to manage to keep wives and girlfriends out of the same circles and off the TV. It sure is funny how people who don’t do a good job of managing their family are always telling you what they “wanna” do for you and yours.

    Already now we’ve had Jesse Jackson, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and several other dem name droppers come through Georgia.

    I wonder who’s going to come by next.

  4. RandyMiller says:

    This was also billed as “The Big Guys Big Bash!!”
    It cost as little as 25.00 at the door. Seems like only yesterday that Taylor could demand 250.00 for an invite to his birthday party. So was this a fire sale? Also only “about 100 people” showed up, out of all Atlanta?? A city of 4 mil in the metro area? And it was downtown too! Maybe this was to rearange the deck chairs on the…..oh well, you get the rest!

  5. gatormathis says:

    In politics, you begin by having lavish fundraisers, charging well to clear into the money used campaignly. A few show up, but not enough to eat all the food.

    As time wears on you have functions to take up money, meet the people and eat a few snacks. Some more people show up, you have fun, meet some new people, and figure out what to do with the leftover food.

    So by the near end of the election, you’re thinking, hell, let’s just feed ’em (drop money if ya wanna type event) , maybe they’ll like either us or the food, and we might get some votes.

    And then jesse jackson walks in………..damn…

    Jesse do list:
    1) Look around before I leave, see if I missed anything.
    2) remember to come back, women in Georgia are fine!

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