Just a few random thoughts…

…Since ColinATL asked “Andre, seriously, where are you dude”, I thought I’d come out of the woodwork and post a few random thoughts.

I think that Peach Pundit is pretty fair and balanced for a Republican-leaning blog considering that the Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia has front-page posting privileges.  In fact (and here’s a self-acknowledged cheap shot), I’d even go so far as saying that Peach Pundit is more fair and balanced than Blog for Democracy.  I mean how often do you seen Republican viewpoints articulated there.  Oh sure, it’s a “Democratic” blog, but to quote a friend of mine, Blog for Democracy is the “Rainman” blog of the Democratic Party.  Shoot, at least Rainman was likeable.

But I digress.

I only post here on Tuesdays because I don’t want to “drown out other people’s voices”, and also because I spend a large portion of my time working on my blog, Georgia Politics Unfiltered (which I might add has managed to scoop Peach Pundit twice in the last week). 

But I think that maybe it might not be such a bad idea to get some more Democrats on here with front-page privileges.  I’ve got a few folks in mind (the members of the Georgia Democratic Party’s Complainer Caucus), however, they might resist because well, they wouldn’t want to be seen in cahoots (spelling?) with a bunch of Republicans.

Seriously though, how about the Democratic leaders in the General Assembly…DuBose Porter and Robert Brown.  I wouldn’t mind seeing them on Peach Pundit every once in awhile, and it would make for some very interesting debates in the comments area. 

And one more thing, Al Sharpton was not at Mark Taylor’s fundraiser last night, and from the Taylor staffers that I spoke to yesterday evening, they were completely surprised when Jesse Jackson showed up.



  1. griftdrift says:

    “Progressive” Democrats.

    I’ll give you that.

    But the fact is they are pretty up front with their mission. Carping that they aren’t different seems to be pissing in the wind.

  2. gatormathis says:

    “And one more thing, Al Sharpton was not at Mark Taylor’s fundraiser last night, and from the Taylor staffers that I spoke to yesterday evening, they were completely surprised when Jesse Jackson showed up”.

    It’s funny what people will lie about. They were “completely” suprised when Jackson showed up. The bug-eyed buffoon just happened to be in the neighborhood. I wonder what Jesse charges to “deliver” the AA vote these days. Most people see JJ and mt for what they are, oppurtunist elitest playboys who don’t work, and just wander around putting the squeeze and sleeze on women.

    Jesse, like the robust rotunda of a soon-to-be-former Lt. Gov, has had problems looking after his chillun in the past. The wives have to go to court to get them to correctly recognize their offspring, as well as leave them other women alone. Yet, they appear on TV kissing and holding other folks chillun, claiming to love them and wanting to help folks “look after” their chillun.

    Who needs all that chin (of which taylor has several) music?

  3. dingleberry says:

    “Replace Democrat with liberal and you’re right. “

    I don’t see the difference, they both mean the same thing: COMMUNIST

    You can split hairs all you want, but “progressive” means the same thing as “liberal”, which is synonomous with “Democrat”, which is an alternate word for “socialist”, which is the beginning of communism.

    There is no difference. The liberal democrats always try to hide their socialist philosophies, but it’s not working anymore.

  4. RuralDem says:


    Nice of you to come out from under the bridge for a bit.

    I take it you love Senator Lincoln Chafee yet cannot stand Senator Ben Nelson?

    I mean obviously Chafee is a true conservative and Nelson is simply a far left liberal. Well, according to your logic at least.

  5. dingleberry says:


    Nice of you to take your nose out of all the Noam Chomsky you’ve been reading to talk for a few minutes.

    Why don’t you address the issues, instead of asking dumbass question? Of course I DON’T support Lincoln Chafee. He’s really a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT just like Ben Nelson. The only difference is that Chafee is smart enough to be embarrased to call himself a democrat, so he tries to hide it by calling himself a Republican.

    Like I said, Liberals will do ANYTHING to hide their communist tendencies. Liberals just like YOU.

    You come on PP day in and day out talking this big talk about centrism and bipartisanship and “why is party affiliation so important?” crap. But the truth is that YOU are a partisan liberal hack. No one buys your brand. Get lost.

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