1. Fogle says:

    … oh, and since when has Billy McKinney ever AVOIDED confrontation? If anything, he would use this to hunt down the (as he so eloquently spelled out as the reason for his daughter’s defeat) “J-E-W-S.”

  2. Mad Dog says:


    Your comment, “My apologies if you lack a sense of humor.”… should have been … My sympathies if you don’t have a sense of humor.

    The NASCAR alert should be standard in every pickup truck with a gun rack. Well, as a homing signal.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    OKAY! Now I get it! I thought the message was “You must update your Adobe Flash Reader to 8.0 in order to view it.”…but, no, that was an error message to ME to upgrade my software.

    Okay…I’ve upgraded to Version 9.0…and I think it’s funny as heck!

  4. dingleberry says:

    I wish there was a meter on my GMC Yukon Denali that told me how to avoid liberal democrats riding in Subarus.

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