1. mercergirl says:

    Just wondering, how are you able to be on the radio and post at the same time?

    Also wondering, what are your thoughts on this (totally off the subject) my inlaws are planning on voting for Ed Ennis because he is “a nice guy”- and I brought up the whole he hasn’t spent any of his money thing, etc. I don’t understand people who choose their vote based on someone “being nice” as if their opponent isn’t (and we all know that isn;t true).

  2. Erick says:

    On Ed Ennis, I’d say that he is a nice guy, but he has spent his 35 years of practice in federal court. Tripp is the only generalist, so to speak, in the race. You want a judge who is already familiar with the law of wills, divorce, crime, contracts, etc. as opposed to the specialist.

    If you don’t believe me, go have your dermatologist perform your next heart bypass.

    Tripp also has more support from the legal community and business community than all the other candidates combined because they know each of the candidates and know who has the right experience for judge.

  3. Mad Dog says:


    You are the Blog Master!

    If you see Stacey Cagle, tell him to … Show Me the Money!

    He’s missing a million dollars.

    Show me the money!

  4. Fogle says:

    Mad Dog,

    Max has said, countless times, that he likes the Fair Tax idea, but it needs some serious “tweaking.” Bottom line is that Max wants to eliminate as much unnecessary taxation as possible and work toward building a system that is as tax free as possible. (i.e. eliminate almost all other taxes such as income tax, death tax, etc.)

    But what Barrow has done is perverted that message through false advertisements and blatent lies.

    Spinning a story is one thing, but knowingly presenting voters with false information to support a bogus claim is damn near libelous.

    But thankfully, WSAV did a bang-up job of exposing ole Johnnie Athens.

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