Changes to our Taxes?

Ariel Hart in the AJC has an article on possible changes to the gas tax in 2007.

Transportation analysts say current methods of raising money for transportation projects with gas tax revenues have come up short nationwide. But few in the Gold Dome would touch the subject. In 2007, however, once the election is over, advocates for transportation funding including lobbyists, Department of Transportation officials, legislators and business leaders say that they expect the Legislature to take up the question.

If Georgia is going to make any changes whatsoever to its tax structure, it is going to have to do it next year in order to give voters roughly two years to get adjusted before the next election. And getting used to the changes is going to take time for some people.

But, I think Georgia is overdue for legislation restructuring our tax schemes.


  1. Dorabill says:

    They may be able to phase in an increase in the gas consumption tax. But if any of these bright-eyed “business leaders” want to “outsource” our roads, bridges, or rest stops, and create toll roads they should go suck an egg. That’s one of the few things that belongs in Government hands. If this is on the lobbyist’s minds people will raise holy stinking hell if they get wind of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So who are the lobbyists?

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