1. gatormathis says:

    Sounds like Mrs. Cox’s husband is a smart man. Maybe he read the following blog here on the Peach Pundit over the weekend. All you who’ve been letting marky mark kiss your babies should take note:

    Jacketgirl9 // Oct 21st 2006 at 8:13 pm

    I am puzzled by this professed caring about children from the FatMan,Oops! I guess I should say Big Man. If he cares so much about children why did his first wife have to take him to court to get his to pay for his son’s milk, books, tuition, uiforms and doctor bills in a law suit that took 3 years and included bringing principals and teachers in from 3 schools?He lost, of course in Fulton County civil action #D-57854. Then he lost again in D97353 where he had to pay his son’s mother’s attorny’s fees. Of course, he likes being in court so much and thinks so much of himself that he appealed and lost again when he appealed in #S94D0932. Then again, this must be the child he forgot about when he told Sonny that he should run instead of Sonny because he, the Big Man, didn’t have a family and Sonny did.
    Charity begins at home. If I were you, believing that Taylor cares about any thing but himself, I’d think again. Check it out.

  2. RandyMiller says:

    I saw another funny posting by someone re: this at political insider, it follows:

    Seems like Cathy Cox can not forgive Mark Taylor. I don’t blame her. Hey Cathy, you are the lucky one, other women in MT’s life have had to spend years in court trying to get over the damage done by the big guy.

  3. gatormathis says:

    Yep, he’s the real ladies’ man. Funny thing about the trash suit mentioned in CC ads during the primary. It called attention to prison labor being used at the trash facility to seperate the household garbage.

    The workers at the facility which were making about 10 bucks an hour were about 60 percent women.

    The prison labor that replaced them was 100 percent women, from Pulaski State Prison I think.

    These women prisoners mostly were trying to take advantage of an incentive given them that would shorten their prison stay somewhat, and get back to their children and families. So women that were gainfully employed were replaced by those that were in desperate need

    The Prison and Jail Project workers in Sumter County helped get all that rig-ga-ma-roll straight


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