This is good stuff.

Georgia Secretary of State Cathy Cox will be joining the University of Georgia School of Law as the Carl E. Sanders Political Leadership Scholar in the 2007 spring semester. During her appointment, she will teach courses in Election Law and Law and Politics.

The Sanders Political Leadership Scholar position, named for Georgia’s 74th Governor and Georgia Law alumnus, allows students to learn from individuals who have distinguished themselves as leaders in public service, according to School of Law Dean Rebecca H. White.

I want to teach election law or campaign stuff.

By the way, Cathy Cox helped give me my start in election law. She gave me an internship in the elections division to help revise printed material to conform with election law changes.


  1. Bill Simon says:


    Cox got elected as a legislator and a Secretary of State…for two terms. Had she stayed in that position, she would have been unbeatable for as long as she stayed there.

  2. GAWire says:

    Erick is going to be the only attorney in history to re-enroll in law school just b/c he thinks one of the professors is hot!

  3. RandyMiller says:

    I would like to wish Ms. Cox well in her new path.
    I look back, as I’m sure most of us do, and am thankful for the good professors I had.
    Now, if the tables were turned, and Taylor was gonna be teaching a class what would that be?
    How to go through 3 trophy wifes before 50 and still get your Dad to pay for everything?

  4. Mad Dog says:


    At least Newt isn’t teaching anymore.

    What would you have learned from him? Marry your grammar teacher and divorce the biotch when she gets cancer?

    Disfunctional family values.

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