Name Branding

Since Mercer nor Georgia College nor Macon State has seen fit yet to offer to let me teach a course in campaigns and elections, you people will have to continue being subjected to my pontificating. Today’s subject is branding.

This is perhaps the most amateur of all amateur campaign mistakes, but I’ve seen so much of it lately in local races, it’s time to call the newbies on the carpet.

In Macon, for example, we’ve got this lady running for Chief Magistrate. She has the most artistically beautiful yard signs I’ve seen in a long time. I’ll get a picture tomorrow, though the signs fall in the “never do this category.


  1. kevin35 says:

    My signs are blue back ground and yellow letters and do not offend any college football team. I skipped the regular blue and red with white letters and did the blue and gold scheme and the font is clear and campaign material is the same scheme.

  2. efstration says:

    Any thoughts about teaching an election law class? I think there would be a lot of interest here at the law school.

  3. GAWire says:

    Brand Strategy is one that campaign politics has missed forever (except perhaps at the highest levels).

    This is the purest of marketing psychology, and it goes very very very deep. The blue/gold combo is the tip of the iceberg on this kind of thinking, but it is the right track.

    In politics, there is even an additional twist, b/c you aren’t just marketing a product … you are marketing a person to a very limited market and a very fickle one at that, which is ultimately dominated and influenced by an unwanted third party (the media).

  4. mercergirl says:

    I think teachings campaigns and elections would be great- however the professor who handles it now does a great job as well. I’m sure you know him- perhaps he would let you come talk to the class.

  5. Tommy_a2b says:

    There is Superior Court Judge running for re-election in North GA’s Enotah District who has used 3 different yard sign designs and color schemes over the past couple of months. He was originally appointed and has never had a challenger until this year. I have been told by some locals that they thought he was a couple of different people for a while until they realized it was the same name. Sometimes you just gotta laugh at people.

  6. atlantaman says:

    I was down in South Georgia a few days ago and noticed Taylor is using a competely different signs then he is using in Georgia. I had to do a double tack to make sure it was the L.G. race.

    I left the area thinking a South GA supporter must have printed up some signs for free in a design that he or is wife must have decided was better looking then the campaign’s.

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