Savannah Morning News gives some love to PP

From Friday’s SMN:

The rumor mill is churning with reports that President Bush will be back in Georgia soon to campaign again for congressional hopeful Max Burns.Speculation also is rife that Bush will return for another turn at bat for congressional hopeful Mac Collins.

“We can now confirm that the event will be held on Monday, Oct. 30, in Statesboro,” said Bloggers for Max, a group supporting the Sylvania Republican.

The widely read Peach Pundit blog site also has indicated Bush will be in the state “at the end of the month” to help Collins and Burns.

(emphasis added)


  1. IndyInjun says:

    At this juncture Bush is not that much help to Burns or Collins.

    Both are IMPOSTERS as conservatives, having voted for the largest social program since LBJ. The medicare drug bill is (mid-range estimate) an $8 billion unfunded liability and represents a total abdication of GOP principles.

    My congressman, Charlie Norwood, voted against it citing the astronomical cost and his promise to vote against entitlements.

    Conservatives have seen the GOP totally abandon its principles for power and see the party become the party of insane spending, open borders, a war that now is longer than WWII with no end in sight, unprecedented government expansion, and corruption.

    Bush is the head of the party and is responsible for most of the excesses.

    I am very sorry to say that I voted for him, for he seems destined to go down as the worst US POTUS in history.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Good for PP…after the Political Vine has dominated Georgia for so long, I’m glad to see a site run by good fellas like Erick and Clayton build their traffic up.

  3. Fogle says:

    So ironic that we both got press from Larry Peterson, ey? Once again, Blogging for Max is still not on the blogroll. Ahem Ahem. Don’t you think we’ve earned it yet?

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