Note to the Tipster

No, your tip won’t make the front page not because your tip is favorable to Mark Taylor, but because your tip is stupid.

Sure Sonny is below 50% and sure Mark Taylor could get every single undecided vote under the sun, but undecideds will never go 100% in one direction. So your pipe dream won’t make it to the front page.

Oh, and we’re very happy to put up tips from Democrats. Heck, Bobby Kahn has front page access and is welcome to use it whenever he wants. Likewise, we love putting up juicy tips even if they are against the GOP — it gets us more readers!


  1. ugavi says:

    You are correct. If you assume Sonny takes the same number of undecideds as he currently is polling, he wins with about 53% of the vote. I think that would be a fair assumption. Even if he only took 30% of the undecideds he’s still at 50.3

  2. defnotrep says:

    I’ve always heard 90% of the undecided goes to the challenger not the incumbent. Anyone else ever hear this?

  3. atlantaman says:

    “I’ve always heard 90% of the undecided goes to the challenger not the incumbent. ”

    I’ve never heard that, but I have to believe the level of profile of the race would come into play. I can’t believe 90% of the undecideds in a Labor Commissioner race would just automatically go to the challenger.

  4. ikarma says:

    It is statistically proven that 80% of undecideds break for the challenger(s). I believe the University of Texas has done the most publishing on this topic.

  5. Fogle says:

    Haha… I love the PP approach of keeping it simple and just “calling out” whomever pisses you off. Keep up the good work Erick, and as usual… we’re not on the blogroll. (Actually, I’m going to be kind of disappointed when we ACTUALLY DO make the blogroll b/c then I’ll lose my customary closing line.)

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