1. Mad Dog says:

    Carol Jackson dropped kicked Schaefer into the next level of Scientology.

    Schaefer ain’t going nowhere near Senator Carol Jackson if the press is around. Chicken is the word, just ask the cows from Chik-fil-a.

    Who took Schaefer with him for a photo op in AZ?

    Sonny Did!

    The Republicans like Eric Johnson have been pumping crazy money into the Schaefer campaign. I’m glad they put their money where their values are! What real FAMILY values…

  2. Mad Dog says:

    I’m just thinking out loud, no particular thesis, but it seems like the paper and this link stiffed Senator Carol Jackson.

    Where is her picture? Where is the one on one coverage they now owe Jackson?

    Why hasn’t the paper repeated the Schaefer family threats from the last election with Schaefer? The threat to run every business owner out of town that didn’t support NAN-cy?

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