Jackets – Tigers open thread

#12 Clemson plays #13 Georgia Tech tonight in Death Valley, on ESPN.

In other news, Georgia is hosting Mississippi State right now, in a game that’s not on TV anywhere. Four more points for Mississippi State is the only way that UGA could’ve had a more disappointing performance/result today. 27-24, the Dawgs held on, despite five turnovers — including three interceptions thrown by freshman QB Matt Stafford.


With that, open thread.


  1. kevin35 says:

    I guess, I would rather have been at the UGA game then with Nancy on Sat. Both had more fumbles and bad passes then a little league game. Heck even my team FSU can not get a break, one would think FSU may play UGA in the Peach Bowl.

  2. DoubleDawg3 says:

    I won’t say too much, since we got beat by freaking Vandy….But, man o man did GA Tech get its butt handed to it tonight. Miami is going to take care of business next week (at least I think they will…but Miami is BAD, really BAD…I just think they’ll avenge the loss to GT from last year) and Tech will have no hope of going to the ACC Championship (but, to be fair – UGA has no hope of being in the SEC Champ either…heck, I just hope we beat Kentucky!)

  3. jsm says:

    Sheesh. My Jackets got molested. I hope Reggie enjoys the last 6 football games he’ll ever play. Maybe Tech will finally realize they need to punt that sorry joke they call a football coach.

  4. kevin35 says:

    People spend all year bickering who is better the SEC or ACC. I would have to say after this month the Little League football team down the road is better but there is always the big games next week and last week of Nov.

  5. mercergirl says:

    I liked the purple on purple personally.

    Aside from that… Brian I will not give you the same kind of hell that you gave me, just this right here: 🙂

  6. dingleberry says:

    Clemson is real. They deserve to be ahead of GT. Probably every team in the SEC as well.

    Yeah…they did REALly good against Virginia Tech, didn’t they?

  7. RuralDem says:

    How about Southern Cal losing to Oregon State. Since UGA is basically out of any major bowl game now, I’ll just pull for upsets! Maybe my 2nd fav team, the UNC Tar Heels, can win at least one more game this year thereby doubling their wins! 🙁

  8. dingleberry says:

    the UNC Tar Heels, can win at least one more game this year

    First, you promote communism…then you say something like this. RuralDem, you’re hopeless.

  9. RuralDem says:

    Reading is obviously your enemy. Notice the word “Maybe”?

    Anyway, they’re playing winless Duke in their final game of the year. I take it you’re not a football fan, just simply just trolling around the board again.

  10. dingleberry says:


    I’m a HUGE football fan. Ever heard of a little team known as THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES???

    If you like UNC Football then you are obviously not a fan of winning…go back to reading your daily dose of Chomsky. No one is buying your brand you LIBERAL DEMOCRAT COMMUNIST.

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