ICYMI: Karen Handel endorsed by the AJC

This past Monday, the AJC gave GOP nominee Karen Handel its blessing for the Secretary of State position, saying:

Republican candidate Karen Handel is the best choice for ensuring that the secretary of state’s office continues to operate smoothly and enhance its customer services. As chairman of the Fulton County Commission, Handel has honed her management and budget skills. She’s also proven she can work with one of the most cantankerous boards in the state, the Fulton County Commission, without losing her focus or her temper.

The editors bemoaned the conservative streak in Handel’s campaign, though, saying:

The only sour note in Handel’s campaign is her embarrassing Web site pandering to the GOP’s most conservative ranks. Although the secretary of state’s office has zero influence on legislative policies, Handel’s Web site features her opinions on abortion, domestic partnerships and gay adoptions, all of which she opposes. (She might as well have listed her Oscar picks for all the relevance they have to the actual job she’s asking voters to award her in November.)

The article concludes, ” Handel is levelheaded, straightforward and accomplished. Her opponent, Democrat Gail Buckner, offers many of those same traits, but she lacks Handel’s deep résumé in management.”


  1. ugavi says:

    In her email this week, she said she picked up the NRA and Marietta Daily Journal Endorsements. She also picked up one from one of the Cherokee papers.

  2. kevin35 says:

    I scored an A on the NRA website but Sean picked up the spot but I think that’s the first A I have had even in high school and college I was a B and C kid. I wish I picked up the NRA endorsement but I would have lost half of my Democrats. I just think Karen is the machine she was in the Fulton Commission race and I am happy my father supported her in the run off.

  3. Decaturguy says:

    All it shows is how weak the Democratic ticket is this year. Has it ever been weaker?

    But wait a minute, I thought Karen Handel was a liberal and possibly a lesbian? Where is Bill Stephens?

  4. Bill Simon says:

    I thought everything about the AJC was liberal…where is Governor Perdue’s rant about them this week when Handel got her endorsement?

    Oh yeah….he only attacks the AJC when they don’t put the Bulldogs on a pedestal…wow, what depth…

  5. ugavi says:

    Your dad is a great guy.

    Yeah, where is Bill Stephens? Then again who cares. Be honest, can you really for for Buckner?

  6. kevin35 says:


    My dad has taken more lickings then Timex and I think getting Karen elected will be the best thing for him and maybe he can look past my house race.

  7. GOPeach says:

    I just have to say what I heard at a fund raiser
    on Saturday from a staunch democrat man who has decided to be a REPUBLICAN now!

    “If you want to see good looking
    women, go to a GOP fund raiser – Wow!
    Karen Handel, Cindye Coates, Jan Jones,
    Debra Bernes…

    Any ugly democrat can not stand
    a chance against a pretty republican lady!”

    I have to agree – The GOP ladies
    have brains and beauty!

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