1. Mark’s no liberal.

    His wife was just showing respect by appearing at the home of John Lewis, the Dean of Georgia’s Congressional delegation; that’s all.

    Mark isn’t even getting any money from this fundraiser.

  2. defnotrep says:

    The irony is Mark’s not liberal enough for a lot of Democrats. He’s a gun-toting, pro-capital punishment kind of guy.

    Oh and he votes for tax cuts too.

  3. gatormathis says:

    from the AJC:

    “Pelosi, who stands to become speaker of the House if Democrats take over that chamber in November, told the crowd, “We’re ready to fight, we’re ready to govern and we’re determined to make you proud.”

    Among the big givers was Lewis, who has no opposition this fall. He committed $50,000, bringing the total he has donated to $250,000.

    Also among those in attendance were House Whip Steny Hoyer; former Gov. Roy Barnes; Reps. Sanford Bishop of Albany and David Scott of Atlanta; Sacha Taylor, wife of Lt. Gov. and gubernatorial candidate Mark Taylor; Stephanie Blank, wife of Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank; and Anne Cox Chambers of Cox Enterprises, owner of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.”

    Nice to have the neighbors getting together for a little pow wow. They could have did it at the West Paces Rodeo Drive addresses of the Chambers maid and marky mark’s hangout.

    I wonder if ole Tom Baxter did the “Driving Ms Daisey” thang and drove ACC on over to the party. I’m sure he swooned on the way back to write the story after being in the company of so many of his heroes.

    And in a few days maybe we’ll get to read Bill Shi**’s major supposing on what if this and that, and what all this meeting was about. After reading his last few columns, I’m almost sure he should be paying for advertising space for the Democratic Party to put all his drivel in a newspaper column.

    Looks like the Republican Congressional candidates were right about the danger of electing democrats to congress along the lines of Pelosi becoming speaker. Now even the AJC is touting it as if it is almost true already.

    I still bet the highlight of the night was seeing sweet debutante’ sasha sacha sachaying through the room, bouffant blonde hairdo waving in the breeze.

    Which reminds me of the story about two blondes out in Oklahoma sitting late one night eyeing the full moon up in the sky.

    One says to the other, “Which do you think is closer, the moon or Florida?”

    To which the other replies, “You stupid heifer, can you see Florida from here?”

  4. Bill Simon says:


    Sooooo, who your spouse hangs-out with defines who you are?

    Guess that means that Mary Mataline is really an ultra-liberal, and James Carville is really a conservative Republican.

  5. rightofcenter says:

    I was just wondering – when was the last time you turned your meanspirited, vindictive pen (or keyboard) against someone other than a Republican? It’s been so long I don’t remember.

    Perhaps when Pelosi is speaker you will remember who the real enemy is (and I mean enemy strictly in the political sense).

  6. ugadog says:

    So President Bush must be a pedophile since he was at a fundraiser that Mark Foley was at. Nice logic.

  7. fulldawg says:

    Thank you ugadog!

    President Bush must also be , since he hung around with Kenny Lay, be a corporate criminal.

  8. atlantaman says:

    “Among the big givers was Lewis, who has no opposition this fall. He committed $50,000, bringing the total he has donated to $250,000.”

    Gee that was really nice of John Lewis to take $50,000 out of his $162,000 salary and donate it to the cause where did he get the rest of the $250,000 from a second mortgage…or did his campaign actually make the donation, recycling contributions from limosine liberals who feel guilty about their wealth.

  9. atlantaman says:

    You would think that as bad as Mark Taylor is polling with the women that the campaign would change their strategy and start including Sacha. I know the idea was not to call attention to the whole third wife issue, but at this point they’ve got nothing left to lose. At least it would let women know he’s got a wife.

  10. RuralDem says:

    “start including Sacha”

    You do realize she’s been all across the state at events for him right? For instance, if he is at an event in North Georgia she’s more than likely at an event in Middle Georgia. She plays a very active role in the campaign.

  11. SkylerA says:

    I can’t even begin to explain how rediculous of an accusation this is. Nancy Pelosi is nothing close to Mark Taylor, give me a break. From everything to the death penalty to gay rights, they are NOTHING a like.
    Also, Sasha does play a very active role in Mark’s campaign, but I guess you wouldn’t know that unless you went to Democratic functions, as I have seen Sasha more than I have Mark.

  12. Bill Simon says:


    Unlike you, I actually employ logic in my view of things and events.

    That’s why I became a Republican back in 1990. Rush Limbaugh’s keen sense of logic and use of it in arguments against liberals opened my eyes.

    But…since we have the cluster-poop of idiotic/crooked Republicans at the federal level AND we have a Governor at the top here who gets a law changed just in time to save him from forking over $100,000 in cash, my keen sense of logic of knowing the difference between right and wrong tells me that as long as I KNOW Republicans act wrongly, I have nothing to criticize Dems over.

    With regards to the scare tactic of having Nancy Pelosi elected SOH, I can’t say that that actually terrifies me. But, you know who it does terrify? It terrifies W. Because he might just have to face an impeachment for the lies he and Cheney dreamed-up to take us to war against Iraq.

    I don’t care what political party people say they’re in…they should get no cover for when they do things wrong.

    And now, ROC, it’s time for YOU to answer a simple question: If Al Gore had won in 2000 and was president, and before he finished the job on getting Osama, he initiated a war with a country that was NOT involved in the attacks of 9/11, would you be defending him on that war like you wish for Bush to be defended?

  13. Brian from Ellijay says:

    So Bill, Did you really just attack every Republican from the Pres to the Gov on down the ticket. Man, I have seeen you do this to one or two at a time. But everyone at once, wowww.

    List of people Bill Simon hates:

    President Bush
    Sonny Perdue
    Tom Price
    Judson Hill
    Chip Rogers
    the Cobb GOP
    the Cherokee GOP
    Bill Stephens
    the State GOP
    …this list is way too long, and just so you do not feel left out, I am sure you are on this list also.

    Unless your Karen Handel, prob the only republican he is happy with right now.

  14. Decaturguy says:

    Kind of like saying Ralph Reed is a liberal because he was hanging out with Rudy Guiliani who expressed his support for civil unions at a Ralph Reed fundraiser.

    If this is your big issue, give me a break.

  15. atlantaman says:

    There is definitley a clear strategy to keep Sacha away from Mark (or place her way in the background) in official campaign ads, commercials, etc.. Just as there is a strategy to include Mary in most of Sonny’s stuff and if you think it’s just a coincidence then your being naive.

    Even after they changed Mark’s website for the General it’s now difficult to find a link to “Sacha’s page” (you’ve got to go through a small link on Mark’s bio to find-it). During the Primary (against Cox who married late in life) the “Sacha Page” link was prominently displayed on the home page.

    All that I’m saying is the Taylor campaign may want to change the Sacha strategy to catch some of the women voters, at this point they’ve got nothing to lose.

  16. Bill Simon says:


    You continuously display the fact that you are a dumb-ass…and, when you’re not busy being a dumb-ass, you’re being a liar.

    While I have, in the past, had problems with both Chip Rogers and Judson Hill, I have gotten to know them over the past year or so, and reconciled my differences with them. I think they are good people whom I’ve had the wrong impression of.

    You, I know personally from previous experience. I also know other people who have interacted with you on a personal level and they have remarked often of the fact that you are a frequent liar about so many things. Guess that’s why you’re now BFF with people like Bart Brannon and Robert Trim. And, I’m sure you’re pals with Anthony-Scott Hobbs as well. Liars of a feather stick together like glue…or, sh**, as your case may be.

  17. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Bills Response:


    Personal Attack, Personal Attack, Personal Attack

    Oh yeah, I dont really hate two of those guys anymore because they won, but the rest, yes shit.

    Personal Attack, Jab at Cherokee GOP and then jab at Cobb GOP. Personal Attack, Personal Attack.”

    Bill, while I discussed the issue at hand I did not attack you. Faceitous, yes, but no attack. I like you Bill. I have nothing against you personally. The comment was completely based on fact, not personal opinon or bias.

    Now face it. You are at odds with a lot of Republican Officials, Candidates, and groups. And because of rude personal attacks usually. Man, your what 50?, grow up. Research your facts and hit them with those. Not “your a dumbsh*t as#@hole who should rot in hell..” that gets you nowhere.

    BTW, I do not like ASH, nor do I support him. Working with the party to win is one thing, but using the party for personal monetary gain is another.

  18. Bill Simon says:


    Explain to the crowd why it is that you are pretty much banned from participating/working in any leadership role in the state’s Young Republicans, College Republicans, and any campaign of any noteworthy significance.

  19. defnotrep says:

    Bill Simon…you are vicious in your attacks. I know you are pretty smart. You should stick with the facts.

  20. atlantaman says:

    It’s interesting how a thread on Sacha Taylor could turn into a discussion as to why Brian has been banned from so many Republican groups.

  21. IndyInjun says:

    Count the arrow flinger in with Bill….

    Very well put on all points.

    I am THROUGH with the GOP at all levels unless the good folks at the local and state level reaffirm their devotion to GOP principles and DUMP GOP incumbents in the 2008 primary.

    First and foremost should be Saxby Chambliss who has cavorted about in the unseemly GOP excesses.

    Litmus Test for REAL CONSERVATIVES – how their congressman voted on the medicare drug bill. Anyone who voted for that $8 trillion obscenity is an IMPOSTER of a conservative and will not get my vote EVER in the future.

  22. Bill Simon says:


    Brian inserted himself into a conversation I was having/trying to have with Right of Center.

    Brian started-off his commentary with assailing me on how many Republicans I have disdain for.

    There would be no need for me to be attacking Brian had Brian not opened his uninformed, jackass of a mouth.

    But, Brian chose to do so for NO OTHER REASON than to try and beat me down.

    Well, he was wrong and stupid. He was wrong for sticking his nose in where it didn’t belong and he was stupid to think I’d let him get away with it.

    “Vicious?” You don’t know me very well. That rebuttal I gave him wasn’t anywhere near as vicious as I am capable of.

  23. tiredofitall says:

    I can not beleive mark would leave himself open to attack on this one. He needs to face the fact that he must disassociate with his liberal friends I.E. Cynthia, Young, Pelosi if he stands a chance in Georgia. It still defies logic how any self respecting democrat would vote for Mark Taylor.

  24. mercergirl says:


    You and I get along, however you should really tread lightly especially when you have been banned from certain events. Now is the time to be quiet and slowly build your rep back up. Just trying to offer some smart advise.

    Now, onto Pelosi- a professor of mine said something interesting the other day: that she is not as liberal as her constituency or as many think she is. Now, let it be noted here that this professor of mine is not liberal himself in fact I believe him to be Republican leaning (shocker- from a college professor especially in the Poli Sci department at Mercer). So I’m wondering what some thoughts on this are?

  25. Bill Simon says:


    I saw Pelosi on 60 Minutes last night. She may heself have liberal views on some matters, but I don’t think she’s a screaming liberal maniac like Karl Rove and others paint her as.

    She has a head on her shoulders, and she expressed herself pretty well.

  26. atlantaman says:

    “but I don’t think she’s a screaming liberal maniac like Karl Rove and others paint her as.”

    Well I don’t think she’s stupid. I’m not sure anyone who had a chance of becoming Speaker of the House would going into “wild eye liberal” mode on national television 2 weeks before the election. Save the tree hugging, save the wales, Gerry Studds memorial, raise taxes, NAMBLA stuff until after the election.

  27. Bill Simon says:


    Please tell us how a Speaker of The House will raise taxes when we have a GOP-controlled Senate and a GOP-controlled White House?

    Man! The right-knee jerks from hysterical Republicans is getting old very fast.

  28. atlantaman says:


    It was a joke, I don’t think she’s going to get any laws passed to make man/boy relationships legal either.

    But I do stand by my original comment that even if she is a screaming liberal maniac, she’s not about to show those stripes on national TV two weeks before an election. I didn’t see the segment, but my guess is she tried to act like she was from Mayberry not San Fransico.

    She and the Dems are in don’t “F” it up mode now.

  29. mercergirl says:

    That’s pretty much what my professor has said. I still haven’t looked at that interview, Bill, mainly cause I’m at work and my boss has his desk right behind mine :p But I will- thanks.

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