There Seems To Be Only One Conclusion

Below is a campaign disclosure chart for a member of the Georgia House. You’ll notice that with few exceptions, the Representative has pretty much has been careful to spend no more than the Representative raised. That is, in fact, how most of them do it.


For the past two election cycles, the Representative in question has been in a dogfight for re-election. Yet, despite having a war chest of over $160,000.00, the Representative has not in the past two cycles dipped into that war chest. In fact, as you can see, despite this being the toughest campaign in a long time that the Representative has faced, the amount raised and amount spent is tracking perfectly.

More telling, despite supposedly having $160,000.00 in the bank, the Representative solicited other individuals to pay for recent advertising, instead of the campaign paying for that advertising.

Picking up on rumors and innuendo that the $160,000.00 is long gone from the campaign account, the Representative’s challenger issued a press release which called for a new ethics law. The law would require that for the first campaign disclosure of each year, the campaign should also provide the coverpage of the most recent bank statement for the campaign. While the amounts would probably deviate, that deviation should not be too extreme. A reasonable person should be able to clearly extrapolate that the amount in the campaign contribution disclosure report does not deviate dramatically from the year end bank statement. The challenger went so far as to include his bank statement along with the press release to show that he had roughly the same amount of money in his campaign bank account as he had in his disclosure report.

After doing that, a funny thing happened. He started getting threats. The threats went beyond the usual campaign threats to threats on his employment. In fact, his employer was encouraged to fire him and the challenger himself was told that if he didn’t drop this issue, he would lose his job.

All Bill Quarterman did was suggest, through a press release, that maybe the rumors were true. Maybe, just maybe, Jeanette Jamieson does not have $160,000.00 in her campaign bank account. And with that, for the first time in this campaign, he received threats. Peach Pundit called Ms. Jamieson on Monday and we were told she’d call us on Wednesday. We followed up when we did not hear from her, but as of yet she has not responded to our inquiries.

In 2002, Mark Taylor’s spokesman, Rick Dent, pointed out the numerous tax liens against Ms. Jamieson’s property. While the tax liens were stacking up on her from 1996 to 2001, she tried to pass legislation making it more difficult to place tax liens on property. When hospitals put hospital liens on her property, Ms. Jamieson drafted legislation to hinder the collection of hospital liens. Neither effort was successful.

Given the facts that Ms. Jamieson has had to use outside parties to pay for campaign advertising, has not spent more than she raised, has had numerous tax and hospital liens on her property that she has had to pay off, and has failed even in tough races to tap into the $160,000.00 combined with the fact that Mr. Quarterman had his livelihood threatened once he raised this issue, one could reasonably speculate that the money Ms. Jamieson claims to have in her campaign account does not really exist.

Sure, we could speculate that Ms. Jamieson just does not feel threatened enough to dip into her war chest. Maybe Mr. Quarterman isn’t a serious challenger. That’s fair. But anyone knowledgeable of the district and current polling would probably be hesitant to come to that conclusion.

And Mr. Quarterman’s idea? It’s time has probably come.


  1. Great Idea!

    Our campaign this year proposed a similar solution and I received threats.

    Our ethics disclosure system, designed by the Democrats, needs BPR (Business Process ReEngineering) and it’s a simple fix the Republicans should persue. We need to pay an independent, objective auditor to simply watch for cash flow errors on disclosures. And, to reconcile disclosure statements to bank statements. If they dont flow or match, give the politician a chance to explain it. This needs to be processed each month. Technology could allow this to be processed within a few days after filing. Thus, elected officials and candidates who are misrepresenting their financial position will be exposed timely.

    Some other problems:
    *It currently takes Approximately 18 months for the Ethics Commission to address complaints.
    *The current process allows politicians to have multiple accounts and move money around between politicians and lobbyist, which could be interpreted as questionable business practices.
    * The Democrats used the current system to intimidate their opponents and we have some on our side that may be going down the same path.
    * I’m for a simple BPR because I think if we keep the current process, good Republicans will end up with black eyes.
    * Currently, we rely on Georgia citzens to watch politicians campaign accounts to hold them accountable. Powerful politicians intimidate ordinary citzens.
    *Complaints (Audits) should be initiated internally and objectively by an expert that understands the ethics laws and the process.

    By the way, there are other (huge)holes in our system and we (Conservative Republicans) need to fix them with BPR. I’d explain further but I need to get back to work.

  2. conservativecore says:

    Todd I never heard of your idea like stated above and I live in the district. But what ever.

    I have run a race against Jeanette and can tell you from experience the following things happened.

    1) Dead chickens were dumped on the front lawn of a volunteer

    2) I lost 3 tires- they had nice clean slices from the special rocks they have in Stephens county

    3) I drove with a 9 mm on my front seat for the last 8 weeks of the campaign.

    Oh and here opponent at the time a retired trooper and his head volunteer a retired navy seal.

  3. Mad Dog says:

    Laughing my anoids off!

    Isn’t that the same Senate district as the Mother of all Christians, Nancy Schaefer?

    Maybe Tom Cruise did it to protect Nancy. I think Scientologists do a ritual with chicken blood and baby seals that requires 3 tires be slashed.

    OH, you said NAVY Seal. Sorry. I thought it was baby seal.

  4. conservativecore,

    We had worse attacks than that and we decided to not let it intimidate us or give it any attention. God will take care of us.

    The PR is on our website and was covered by local media, except the FC News. This is the link to the press release:

    We started campaigning on this issue on February 13 of this year. The legislature was in session and I put it forth as an idea they should consider during the last session / sometimes it takes 2 years to get fresh ideas and new legislation going. The bottom line is we need proactive leaders who will stand up to the principle of good government and fix the gaping holes the Democrats left in the current Disclosure / Ethics system.

    Todd For Georgia, Inc. will be working on this after this election cycle completes and I will continue to encourage the Governor and our leaders to address these problems.

    As a response to your comment: “Todd I never heard of your idea like stated above and I live in the district. But what ever.” What a silly, childish comment. Maybe you’re still in High School. You should have paid more attention to the race.

    God Bless you and I hope everything is going well in Stephens County.

  5. smltwncop says:

    After reading this article it seems that “you” who wrote it should check your facts. Hmmmmm….if I were Jamieson I wouldn’t spend all of my campain money on a race againest someone like Quarterman either.

  6. MountainDawg says:

    It appears like someone did check the facts. Jamieson is a minority within a minority party, and is no longer effective for the people in Stephens, Banks, and Franklin Counties. The days of Jamieson getting anything done are over. Half of the people who joined her Rural Caucus to help protect some of the old-line Democrats have already switched to the GOP, and the ones that didn’t have already been beat or are on their way to retirement. Jamieson is a good politician, but we need public servants.

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