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I was talking today to a pollster in Washington about GA-8 and GA-12. He, not a Republican mouthpiece, said that both Burns and Collins have very strong chances to pick off the incumbent Democrats. In fact, he said, with Sonny riding high in the polls and Bush just under 50% in popularity, Burns and Collins could very easily pull it out with an assist from the GOP’s GOTV effort.

Right now the GOP thinks that these two seats are probably their best hopes for pick ups, along with Julia Carson in Indiana. John McIntyre has some thoughts on this as well.


  1. Chris says:

    Bush just under 50% popularity? What’s this 36-37% I keep hearing on the news? And didn’t the polls have Perdue dropping down to “just near 50%” here? That’s not as strong a set of coattails as you imply.

  2. Erick says:

    Well Chris, the Insider Advantage/Zogby Interactive polling has Sonny at 48-48%. Rasmussen, Mason Dixon, and others have Sonny over 50%.

  3. Seth Millican says:

    I can tell you from the perspective of someone down here in the 8th that the Repbulican community is abuzz with the opportunity to pick up this Congressional seat. There’s definitely the pulse of a winning campaign down here, and Collins’ campaign team is working like galley slaves – if they get a win, it will be because they worked for it and deserve it.

  4. RuralDem says:

    Vote person over party. Congressman Marshall represents the disappearing middle ground that both sides ignore. Unlike most politicians, Congressman Marshall will vote based on how it affects his district, not the effect it will have on his party.

  5. Chris says:

    How’d Marshall vote on the military tribunal act, and that new law that lets the president take over the state’s guard troops and send them anywhere in the country at his will, without the approval of either state’s governors?

  6. jsm says:


    So you think Marshall will vote against Pelosi for the good of his district? Puhleese. If he votes for the good of his district, he’ll vote for Mac on Nov. 7th.

  7. RuralDem says:


    Mac will simply be another partisan in Congress. Unlike Mac, Congressman Marshall realizes that both sides are out of touch.

    It is NOT a given that Congressman Marshall will vote for Pelosi. He could do like Congressman Gene Taylor did and pick another dem or not vote at all.

    Like I said, Congressman Marshall will put the people of his district over his party. The same cannot be said for former Congressman Collins.

  8. jsm says:


    Prove your statements from Mac’s record. Spouting off empty talking points doesn’t make them true.

    Mac is a leader, and he will bring respect and esteem back to the 8th district. He will fight for the citizens, and he will stand strong for common sense as he has done in the past.

  9. Chris says:

    Jeff I realize that, but the law only applies to very strict circumstances. The defense bill included just enough language to expand those circumstances to include general law enforcement activities, essentially creating a national police force at his majesty’s whim.

  10. RuralDem says:


    Visit Mac’s website and blog. Nice try with the talking points comment but I do not believe many Democrats are touting the fact that Marshall does not vote with themon most issues. Want to try again?

  11. jsm says:


    You visit Mac’s website and blog, and prove what you’re saying. I’ll “try again” when you back up your statements.

  12. dingleberry says:


    Don’t waste your time with Rural Dem. He tries to fool us all into thinking that he’s some sort of “Mainstream” fellow.

    Don’t believe him. He’s a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT who will ALWAYS vote party over principle.

  13. CobbGOPer says:

    This is a little off topic, but did anyone happen to notice who else was at this fundraiser that John Lewis threw for Democratic House candidates that included the likes of former rapist-in-chief Clinton and Nancy “For the Common Good” Pelosi? Well, the “Big Guy” wasn’t there, but his lovely pre-school wife Sacha was…

    I guess Taylor is more liberal than he would like Georgia voters to know. I mean, at least Jim Marshall had the good sense not to show up…

  14. defnotrep says:

    CobbDOPer I mean GOPer…you are exactly the reason I can’t be a Republican.

    Bill Clinton left a huge surplus and reformed welfare. Your cheap labeling and name calling takes you out of legitimate debate of issues.

    Bush spends and spends, and creates a bigger government everyday. What’s conservative about Bush???

  15. gatormathis says:

    When you read the following article from today’s AJC, the Pelosi threat is real.

    Why take a chance on Marshall, when you can simply VOTE COLLINS?

    I just wonder how many times ole slick willy tried to put the moves on the females at this meeting…….lol

    (uh……bay bee Pelosi, did I tell ya about my passes……uh, by-passes I mean?)

    (hey sweet sasha sacha with the sachaying walk, wanna see my sexaphone………doh, I mean my saxaphone?)

    (whooh ole amicable older anne mae, you fine girl, and rich too!)

    from the AJC:

    Clinton, top Democrats raise funds at Lewis’ home

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Published on: 10/20/06
    National Democratic leaders staged a pep rally Friday in one of the most Republican-leaning states in the country: Georgia.

    Former President Clinton, Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi and an array of other leaders from Georgia and elsewhere gathered at the Cascade-area home of Rep. John Lewis for the lunchtime fund raiser, which generated close to $400,000 for Democratic House candidates.

    Clinton said the “wheels have come off” for Republicans in Washington, and urged Democrats to go on the offensive. Replying to those who would label Democrats extremists, he said it is the GOP-dominated White House and congressional leadership that in the past six year have come under the “control of the most right-wing, ideological sliver of the Republican Party.”

    He said Democratic candidates, by contrast, cover a wide array of political views.

    Pelosi, who stands to become speaker of the House if Democrats take over that chamber in November, told the crowd, “We’re ready to fight, we’re ready to govern and we’re determined to make you proud.”

    Among the big givers was Lewis, who has no opposition this fall. He committed $50,000, bringing the total he has donated to $250,000.

    Also among those in attendance were House Whip Steny Hoyer; former Gov. Roy Barnes; Reps. Sanford Bishop of Albany and David Scott of Atlanta; Sacha Taylor, wife of Lt. Gov. and gubernatorial candidate Mark Taylor; Stephanie Blank, wife of Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank; and Anne Cox Chambers of Cox Enterprises, owner of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

    Then again, maybe they were raising money for hillary……….

  16. rightofcenter says:

    This is a website visited with people with at least a general interest in government and politics. So don’t try to slip by that Clinton “reformed welfare”. The congressional repubs reformed welfare and Clinton didn’t veto it (miracle of miracles). Only a rabid partisan could even make such a claim.

  17. defnotrep says:

    Well rightofcenter you make a good point, but it couldn’t have happened without Bill Clinton too.

    But please address for me the other points:

    Surplus when Clinton left, huge deficits now,

    Tell me what’s conservative about Bush please.

    Bush is 46% approval rating in GA. Sonny is around 48% InsiderAdvantage.

  18. millie says:

    Mack Collins USED to be my so-called Representative. He simply rubber-stamps whatever the PARTY does and sends out form-letters totally ignoring the matter involved. Now I loved his local legislative aide, Fred Chitwood. But I would NEVER….make that NEVER, EVER vote for Mack Collins again.

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