Kidd’s Campaign Manager Walks All Over Sonny

I’m told that this guy (the one on the right) is Jane Kidd’s campaign manager. If you look down you’ll notice he’s standing on a Sonny Perdue sign.

Here’s a better shot.

Has the Kidd campaign been taking down Sonny signs?


  1. Have you guys ever been to a gameday in Athens? There are so many campaign signs, buttons, stickers, t-shirts etc floating around. I can’t tell if it is desperation or just a general lack of direction that is causing the Cowsert camp to put this out.

  2. Well Buzz, I’ll plead the fifth in that regard, however there is a time honored difference in placing a sign in a supporters yard and placing a million signs on the right of way of a major road. I’m guessing this sign ended up on the ground where they were at some way or another and they decided to have some fun.

    I highly doubt they “stole” it from some supporters yard.

  3. RandyMiller says:

    Now Chris, come on, I’ve seen Taylor signs in front of empty homes, empty lots, on right of ways, in ditches, places anywhere someone doesn’t reside.

  4. Demonbeck says:

    No offense GetReal, but someone in charge of a campaign shouldn’t give anyone the opportunity to take and/or post a picture of them in the act of doing anything remotely offensive or that can be construed by anyone as being illegal. These pictures will only hurt his candidate.

    Dumb move on Vampiro’s part.

  5. jsm says:

    What a sharp looking fella. I’m sure Jane is so proud to have him sporting her logo.

    I understand the urge to take a shot at a candidate you differ with and have a laugh about it, but showing such abrasive public disrespect is really despicable. Most undecided voters would be turned off by seeing something like that.

  6. GaChick says:

    You guys are talking about this supposed “insult” while Boss Hawg Perdue has stomped all over disabled kids’ healthcare.

    Get a grip.

  7. LaurenUGA says:

    The guy’s name is Michael Cantone. He’s actually not GT-he is St. Louis ’05. He is on facebook and even has these 2 photos with the captions, “Ted & Mike!” and “Bwahaha!” In the same photo album is a picture of Michael and Mark Taylor (taken the same day, same event-the UGA/Tennessee Game). You’d think that if someone was “Running the top-targeted state senate campaign in Georgia!” they’d be a little more responsible…I guess not. Way to go.

  8. Mike says:

    Disabled kids really tick me off. If they want health care so bad, they should get a freakin job like the rest of us!

  9. defnotrep says:

    It’s good to see we have such serious business to discuss today

    By the way, on a footnote, did anyone notice the Anti-American Shite militia led by al-Sadr captured the city of Amarah today.

    They stormed 3 police stations and flattened them to the ground. Wonder what George thinks about this….Stay the Course I guess.

  10. Know Nothing says:


    I just checked out his facebook too and, no wonder why Jane Kidd is paying him to run her campaign. Belonging to groups like “We love boobs,

  11. jsm says:

    Yep. You’re right, def. President Bush (aka “George”) believes we should stay the course. We’ll kick the crap out of these guys, take the city back, and stay the course. One little group of bandits shouldn’t change anyone’s mind, unless he happens to be Democrat or a wuss.

  12. RandyMiller says:

    You can google up his name with Jeff Smith 2006, some dem for a st senate seat out in Mo.,
    they must’ve told ’em to get lost. Bad publicity maybe? Glad he’s here and stumping for Kidd.

  13. Jen says:

    I bet Jane saw this picture of him..
    What a dumbass. A campaign manager should know better than to leave his candidate exposed like that..

  14. Danny says:

    We learn most often by what we do. He acted as an immature young man standing on the sign. It was a mistake in judgement, we’ve all made them.

    The pic with the girl? Hell, if half of us guys could put a pic of ourselves next to that girl in her bikini top, wouldn’t we too?

  15. Know Nothing says:


    I disagree, he is not an immature young man. He has worked for ultra-liberal Hillary Clinton and he has worked for Jeff Smith of Missouri who is trying to create a form of Hillary Care. The pictures properly illustrate the bitter partisanship in the Kidd organization. Cantone is not even running against Sonny, so why did he feel it was necessary to make a statement by standing on his sign? The only conclusion is bitter partisanship.

    Jane Kidd has voted in favor of illegal immigration, she has voted against protection of the HOPE Scholarship, and she has voted against legislation which protects Georgians from idenity theft. She even voted against a measure that would require at least 65% of all education funds from going right into the classroom (this vote got her the endorsement of the anti-student organization, the Georgia Association of Educators).

    If there were any doubts before, rest assured these pictures eliminate any doubt that Jane Kidd and her campaign managr, Michael Cantone, are bitterly partisan members of the angry-left.

    …and Jane’s worst nightmare? A little website called

    Jane should appologize for Cantone’s actions, and she should pay for the Sonny sign.

  16. defnotrep says:

    lol jsm…I guess that makes our Generals Casey and Abazid wusses too. Only your leaders Bush and Cheney don’t get it.

    Opps maybe Bush is becoming a wuss too….because he NOW wants to review tactics.

    Stay the same lame course jsm!

  17. GaChick says:

    You guys equate standing on a Boss Hawg Perdue campaign sign with:
    Fondling pages?
    Taking illegal campaign contributions from Abramoff?
    Getting a sweetheart land deal worth $40,000,000?
    Passing a bill to give yourself, the Governor, a $100,000 tax break?

    Get a life.

  18. gatormathis says:

    That ole boy’s got a set of teeth like he could bite a hole in a brick wall.

    But he looks like marky mark has been pushing him away from the table.

    marky mark, share the wealth, share the power, but most of all, share the food.

  19. Mad Dog says:

    GA Chick,

    The dinks on here do think that’s worse than biscuits without gravy.

    They’re lucky it wasn’t me. I wouldn’t wipe my feet with a Sonny did it sign.


  20. Jeff Emanuel says:

    MD, it wasn’t a Republican who did that — it was a Democrat who served six more terms, with full endorsement of the Party, afterward.

    Are you really trying to say that IMs + resigning is worse than actual sex with an underage male page, followed by staying in Congress for 12 more years?

  21. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Sorry, DNR, completely missed that — Studds is the Democrat congressman who was censured for actually having sex with one of his underage male pages. Did he resign in disgrace like Foley, whose transgressions were limited to innuendo? Nope — after turning his back on the reading of the censure resolution, he served six more terms in Congress, retiring in the ’90s when he was tired of being in government.

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