Perdue hits back re: “Katie Beckett”

The Perdue campaign sent out an email with two documents attached. The first document says:

Katie Beckett Fact Sheet

A family’s income is not considered in Katie Beckett eligibility, if the child meets the clinical criteria they are eligibility for the Katie Beckett.

Most families on Katie Beckett have private insurance and Katie Beckett only pays after they have exhausted their private coverage.

State fund expenditures for Katie Beckett under Governor Perdue have nearly doubled — from $7,044,935 in 2003 to $13,183,330 in 2005.

When Federal Medicare rules caused some recipients to be ineligible for the program, the Governor and the General Assembly created a specific safety net for these children and funded it with $7.2 million.

The rumor that therapists will stop taking Medicaid patients is false. The reality is the Department of Community Health has seen more therapists enroll to accept Medicare patients, not less.

The second document backs up their claim (as reported in this article in the Gwinnett Daily Post) that Taylor is using the issue to try to raise money.

Here’s the email in pdf.


  1. mikeK says:

    Buzz how do you reach the conclusion that the email backs up Dickey’s claim that Taylor is taking money from the families that we’re kicked off Katie Beckett?

    Now that the Perdue camp has posted it whole, they way it reads is like a general fundraising letter that all camps put out. It’s pretty clear that this email was not meant “to take money that families should be given to therapists.”

    Dickey’s comment doesn’t pass the smell test.

  2. Lorie says:

    I was a parent there yesterday. I have never been emailed or asked for a dime or a vote. Nor have any family that I know of.

  3. df says:

    Where can I get a copy of Perdue’s Katie Beckett statement. I’m on the email list but didn’t receive it.

  4. Lorie says:

    In response to Sonny’s message, yes, therapists aren’t stopping from taking Medicaid patients. They are quitting because they aren’t getting paid. The time to actually do a PA is enormous and takes up the time they could be seeing a child.

  5. atlantaman says:

    “You hear their stories – wipe the tears from your eyes”

    I want to wipe the tears from my eyes at one of the most pathetic attempts at pandering I’ve ever scene. If Taylor and company are driven to the point of tears everytime someone comes in with a story of hardship, then they should take all that money he and Daddy make off of the State are start a charity.

    It seems like Sonny and the Legislature starting a special fund to work around the new Federal rules.

    I don’t want to sound callous, because some of the storys are gut-wrenching, but if Mark Taylor is going to break down crying everytime he hears a tough story, in a state with over 9 million people, he better get a Costco card for all the Kleenex he’s going to need.

  6. RandyMiller says:

    Here’s the point I’ve been trying to make all along: Where was Taylor when all this came down 2 years ago? Why didn’t he make alot of noise then? I guess now is just the “right” time to bring it to light, 3 weeks prior to the election.
    And to send out that email requesting $$$ is probably the most insulting use of physically challenged children I’ve seen to date.

  7. mikeK says:

    How ironic is it that Perdue will respond to his obvious cuts to healthcare for kids with special needs but he doesn’t say anything about his personal tax cut! Clearly the Perdue campaign has heard from the many concerned families whom his cuts have affected…and he should be sensitive to the issue. What he has done is wrong. He tried to cut the program for four years. He tried to increase premiums. He tried to remove it entirely. He has set up a new managed care plan that rivals the insurance company in the movie Rainmaker. Remember that? Remember their policy of automatically denying claims the first time they received them. That’s how Georgia’s insurance companies are increasing their profits and making sure sonny has a surplus to brag about to his GOP base that has questioned his tax raising actions and his fiscal responsibility lip service. There is plenty of documented evidence that refutes Perdue’s specious claims, but I think everyone should just ask nurse Rene Unterman, Chair of the Ethics Committee. Not only is she one of the few Committee Chairs who didn’t have to contribute 50-70k to retain her chairmanship, but she also now reports on her financial disclosure that she is an Executive with one of the Healthcare Companies (Amerigroup).

    Now, in about 15 seconds on google you’ll see it’s not the first time Mark Taylor has ever said anything about the Deeming Waiver issue. Claim what you want, but he asked Sen. Regina Thomas to sponsor the budget amendment that put the funding for the program in the budget last session.,2086,2199618_2199664_50117914,00.html

  8. Ask the families. Every year these programs are removed from the initial budgets, and every year Taylor and the legislative Democrats fight to get as much restored as possible. Republicans have the gall to strip all power from the LG office for the last four years, and then when something goes wrong they ask “where was Taylor?”

    I’m sorry but trying to blame a guy for a problem when you won’t give him any authority to solve it is a pretty sorry argument.

  9. RandyMiller says:


    Chris, I don’t know if you read my post earlier re: medicaid. In it I spelled out seeing patients we helped get on it back in late 90’s and early part of this century. My point was I saw people dropped back then. They signed up, got dropped, would have to get sick again and sign back up. So dropping patients from medicaid is nothing new to the Perdue admin as I witnessed it done under Barnes-Taylor. What was kinda curious though, was if the family had some $ they could pay an attorney to go to bat for them and then it was never dropped.

  10. GaChick says:

    atlantaman & buzz

    You are two of the most callous jerks I’ve ever read.

    These families are in distress because of Sonny Perdue and his budget cutting ways with kids while he is getting tax cuts. They apparently came to Mark for help to expose their plight. They’d been trying to get Sonny to do something for over 2 years…to no avail. Sonny was too busy with multi-million dollar land deals.

    Medical problems like these can bankrupt families, even when these families have jobs and insurance. Until you two walk in these families’ shoes, you need to show some human empathy for those less fortunate than you.

    Or, are you trying to figure out your next $100,000 tax break as well?

  11. RandyMiller says:

    I’m sure someone who’s never had to buy their own home, pay a mortgage, never had to pound the pavement looking for a job, receives a $100k annual allowance, and most important had all their medical bills taken care of really, really knows those shoes? And GaChick, you really need to get over the name calling, it makes you look stupid.

  12. Randy,

    Sonny Perdue is worth at least $8 million dollars, almost all of it because of inheritance from his father. Can you spare us the class warfare in this instance please?

  13. Lorie says:


    Applied for my son in Oct 04. Received first denial in April. Fought for 2 months and found out that Medicaid lost important paperwork that wasn’t included in decision. Still denied under wrong regulations. Spent 10.5 hours ( one 15 minute break) in a fair hearing in October 05 w/ an atty who took it pro bono. Brought up the fact that Medicaid was not following fed reg and a retired general surgeon made the decisions. We had 3 experts who said my son qualified under fed regs. ALJ judge ruled in Jan 06 and we lost. Guess when the retired gen surg and regs were changed…..December….

    I have a house, pay a mortgage, have private insurance which excludes autism and all of its therapies, pounded a pavement but I’m having to quit my job so I can spend all my time “winging” my son’s therapy and trying to pull extra therapy from the school systems so my son won’t fall any further behind. And by the way, his adaptive age is 3.5 years which is one half his age. Please tell me a fiscally responsible tax paying American citizen why can’t some of my taxes go to provide my son medically necessary treatment and why have I spent the last 2 years just asking for a fair application review under fed regs and reviewed by qualified personnel. I have asked Sonny’s office last year.

  14. fulldawg says:

    Also ask the employees in the programs themselves statewide. What use to be healthy, good working, service programs for the state’s special needs citizens are mere shells of their former selves.

    Whoops I forgot, those employees “might” lose their jobs (or worse without the writ of Habeas Corpus now).

  15. David Freels says:

    Perdue claims the changes were mandated by “Federal requirements.” That’s not true, and anyone here can confirm it. The person at CMS who is in charge of Katie Beckett eligibility criteria in every state is Ginni Hain. Her phone number: 410-786-6036. Her email: [email protected] . Email her. Call her. Do both. Ask her to send you the documentation where CMS insisted Georgia Medicaid revise its Katie Beckett eligibility criteria. She will write you back or call you and tell you there is no such documentation because the request was never made by CMS. This is pure fiction from Perdue and Georgia Medicaid director Mark Trail.

    Some verification? Look at the quote at the top of this page from Perdue’s office entitled “Katie Beckett Fact Sheet.” Fourth paragraph: “When Federal Medicare rules caused some recipients to be ineligible for the program–”

    Federal “Medicare rules” have nothing to do with either Katie Beckett or Medicaid. Nothing. Zero. They are entirely separate programs.

    Conclusion. Evidently neither Perdue–nor any of his staff–know anything about Medicaid or Katie Beckett.

    They are making it up.

  16. atlantaman says:


    How much of your personal money do you contribute to these people through charity, if not much wouldn’t that make you callous. If someone pays a higher tax bill are they less callous then you? I have plenty of empathy for these folks, but before you pull the “walk in their shoes” argument you better be prepared to walk in a lot of folks’ shoes in a state of over 9 million people. And if Mark Taylor is going to break down crying everytime he hears one of their stories then we better send him some Visene.

    Maybe I want some money to go to families of police officers who’ve been killed in the line of duty, or people dying of cancer or some other worthy cause…does that make me callous because it might divert money from your cause. I’m not saying these families don’t deserve some help (and haven’t said that contrary to your knee-jerk reaction) and it takes a lot of audacity on your part to start deeming others callous before you’ve “walked in their shoes”. You don’t know anything about Buzz or me and have no idea how we spend our money.

    You seem pretty good at parroting the Mark Taylor campaign, please don’t tell me your some staffer and/or fresh out of college who hasn’t contributed one dime to all the causes you so self-righteously crow about.

    The only person who appears callous is Mark Taylor for using these folks as props in a fundraising letter. I’m surprised he doesn’t have a staffer pour saltwater droplets on each fundraising letter.

  17. rightofcenter says:

    I think you are on to something. All of a sudden this site has been inundated with a group of Sonny/Republican bashing know-it-alls who parrot the Taylor talking points down to the last one. They should, I guess….they probably wrote them.

    On the subject of medicaid, I’d like to know what the Big Guy’s plan is to reign in the out-of-control increases that will break this state if left unchecked. Oh, that’s right. He’ll simply declare it a priority and it will vanish as a problem. What a wonderful way to govern. Name everything a priority and manna will fall from the sky.

    And Chris: saying Sonny inherited what he has from his father is an out-and-out lie.

  18. Lorie says:

    The parents who approached Taylor to address this issue have worked with and in the system. We know Medicaid is overburdened but it needlessly spends its money on the wrong things. We discussed w/ Perdue’s office on how to cut costs to keep the program. And ignored. One of the biggest cuts could be that we families do not have to apply every year. Our children are not going to wake up cured. The money spent to the contractors could be reduced. And there is a federal reg that states it doesn’t have to be done every year.

  19. Jacketgirl9 says:

    I am puzzled by this professed caring about children from the FatMan,Oops! I guess I should say Big Man. If he cares so much about children why did his first wife have to take him to court to get his to pay for his son’s milk, books, tuition, uiforms and doctor bills in a law suit that took 3 years and included bringing principals and teachers in from 3 schools?He lost, of course in Fulton County civil action #D-57854. Then he lost again in D97353 where he had to pay his son’s mother’s attorny’s fees. Of course, he likes being in court so much and thinks so much of himself that he appealed and lost again when he appealed in #S94D0932. Then again, this must be the child he forgot about when he told Sonny that he should run instead of Sonny because he, the Big Man, didn’t have a family and Sonny did.
    Charity begins at home. If I were you, believing that Taylor cares about any thing but himself, I’d think again. Check it out.

  20. gatormathis says:

    That blogger kind of reminds me of that joke tape where the caller keeps asking the guy at the junkyard,
    “You saying you ain’t gonna PAYYY???”

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