Perdue doing well with the ladies.

According to the AJC:

Polls suggest Taylor must do something to sway women. Perdue led Taylor 49 percent to 38 percent among women statewide with 13 percent undecided in a poll conducted last month for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution by Mason-Dixon Polling and Research. Libertarian Garrett Hayes had 1 percent of the female vote.

Among white women, Perdue had a 62-24 advantage. Among black women, Taylor topped the governor 73-11. Among all voters, Perdue led Taylor 53 percent to 34 percent.

A poll released this week by InsiderAdvantage had Perdue leading Taylor 38-26 with women. That poll did not break the vote down by race.

Clearly the attacks launched yesterday, as well as the upcoming rally are meant to draw women to Taylor. Will it work?


  1. I did participate in the Zogby poll and when asked which candidate I supported, I replied that I supported Bugs Bunny over Mickey Mouse because Bugs is strong on defense and doesn’t coddle terrorists.

  2. RandyMiller says:

    From the ajc:

    “Mark Taylor engaged in the most disgusting form of politics imaginable by asking Katie Beckett families to write checks to his campaign that could be written to therapist.”

    Buzz, with antics like this, no, it won’t work.

  3. GaChick says:

    Randy dahling. You are like the bully in the playground. Where in the ajc did you find that quote? On a blog with no attribution?

  4. GaChick says:

    Gee, Buzzmeister:

    I read that. The quote just says that they got an E-Mail with a solicitation in it.

    Every campaign asks for money in every E-Mail. I don’t see that as anything out of the ordidnary. Many families with problems of all sorts are solicited by all candidates. I’m sure Perdue asked some of these families for campaign contributions too.

  5. GaChick says:

    and that quote was direct from the mouth of:

    drum roll please:

    “Perdue campaign spokesman Derrick Dickey”

  6. defnotrep says:


    Pitch that one out there….that will get Sonny a lot of votes. I hope you go for it. lol

  7. RandyMiller says:


    Why are you being so defensive? I was implying Mark’s driving around drinking (by his own admission) with his then infant son in the car.
    Why are you being so defensive?

  8. RandyMiller says:

    Yes you are, like there’s something very wrong about something? What is it? Talk to me, I can help you.

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