More on Buckner

I received this from Garland Favorito this morning…it’s the response to what Gail Bucker recently said.

I hope that Buckner will start taking this seriously instead of brushing it off as “misguided patriotism.” People too often follow their party over what is right and for Gail Buckner to criticize someone for choosing their prinicples defines what is wrong with our current political system.

Here is the follow up letter to Buckner:

We would like to clarify a few misconceptions about our call for Chairman Kahn and Rep. Buckner to provide an alternative candidate for the office of Secretary of State. Some clarifications regarding her response and other things that have been published are:

– The personal decisions by 7 plaintiffs to expose consistent opposition of an SOS candidate to verifiable, auditable statewide voting were actually not sanctioned by VoterGa. Our personal efforts to distribute the truth were labeled by the response as “plain-old nonsense


  1. ugavi says:

    So what’s Buckner stand for? She
    voted on both sides on the verifiable, audit trail. She voted against both VoterID bills, now she’s stumping for VoterID. Maybe she can create another commission to tell her what she stands for.

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