Vote YES on Amendment 1

I have not discussed much about eminent domain recently and I just wanted to remind everyone of the Constitutional Amendment on the ballot.  Please vote YES for Amendment 1.  You can view all three of the Constitutional Amendments and all six of the statewide referendums HERE.

As many of you know I was a co-sponsor of both HB 1313 which changed Georgia’s Code  and HR 1306 the Amendment to the Georgia Constitution.  These 2 pieces of legislation are the most comprehensive eminent domain laws in the country.  This issue came close to home with the City of Stockbridge trying to flex it’s muscle with several property owners.  I vowed to do everything I could to help protect them and everyone in Georgia from these acts of tyranny.

Private property rights are the very backbone of our American society and government should never have the right to take your property for profit, tax base increases, or economic development.  And as I have said many times before, government should not be in the real estate broker business by taking property and selling it to developers.

This law and amendment limits the use of eminent domain, puts the burden of proof on the government to show need, and makes sure only elected officials that are accountable to the people can use this power.

Please Vote Yes on Amendment 1

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  1. heroV says:

    wait, I thought marriage was the backbone of our society? now it’s private property rights? now I’m confused.

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