My Apologies to Mac Collins

In a moment of pessimism yesterday, I called the race for Jim Marshall.

I’ve received a lot of flack for that, and I still trend that way. However, in trying to help a friend get some substantive polling numbers, I have discovered that this race is way too damn close to call. So close, in fact, that some polls have Mac a point ahead of Jim and others have Jim a point ahead of Mac. That close. Unfortunately, all the polls are internal polls and are not publicly released.

This race is so close, in fact, that George Bush is going to make a return visit — that close. Same with Max Burns. The President will be all over Georgia at the end of the month as a result of late breaking poll numbers.


  1. gatormathis says:

    Apologize to Mac as well you should. And as hard as it may seem, never “call” a race for anyone this early. No one knows what whims or reasons will affect the ballot box on election day. The people and people alone will make that call. More especially, anyone “calling” a race for themselves surely better watch out. Races are won, not “claimed”.

    People are wanting to “call” races all up and down the ballot, and that in itself may help or hurt a candidate, depending on public sentiment to that particular “call”.

    As far as Mac, he is a great down to earth guy, who just happens to know his way around Washington very well. He is not a newcomer to all this fracas and will meet each challenge headon.
    He is known to voters in the district, and is only a google away from those who want additional information.

    And he is as graceful in winning as he can be in losing. When he ran for Senate, he placed a sign in our yard. A little while after the race was over, a red pickup pulled into the yard and three guys got out. It was a Saturday morning, and my wife and sons were at my shop talking about somewhere they were going that morning.

    I looked up and noticed that it was Mac along with his son and a freind. I told my wife to wait for a few minutes to leave and walked up to speak to him and give my condolences. He smiled and said, Son, this one just wasn’t in the cards, and kinda shrugged it off like it was a bad pitch in a ball game.

    I stood there in awe thinking, what class this guy has. He didn’t bemoan the issue, and dealt with in a business like manner. We walked down to the shop, where he greeted my family, signed the big sign for me, and took a picture with us, holding the sign. We talked for a few more minutes and they were off.

    His son had GPS locations on the signs he had put out for his dad, and they were simply picking them up. Mac Collins, former U.S. Congressman, and U.S. Senate candidate, was right there with them picking signs up, all in a timely manner after the election. And I live about 100 miles or more from Jackson, his home.

    As he drove off, I thought about how many times people complain about candidates who won’t pick up their signs after an election, especially losers who don’t give a rip after election day.

    I told my young boys after he left, you’ll read about that guy being a Georgia Congressman in school, and that was him in person. He is a helluva man and a dang good fella, and to be doing what he is doing today proves it.

    Good luck Mac Collins, I sure hope you win.

  2. RandyMiller says:

    What a cool story, and yes, that’s what I call class! A very rare commodity today amongst some politicians.

  3. atlantaman says:

    Gator, that was a great story about Mac although it’s not a surprise. He’s a man of integrity who should make anyone proud to have him as a Representative in Congress.

  4. pvsys says:

    I believe that Mac Collins stands a decent chance to win.

    But if Jim Marshall wins, I predict that he will veer sharply left this next term for two reasons:

    (1) He’d be emboldened by Democrat gains and might see that as a “mandate”… the shackels of pleasing a conservative electorate will be (or seem!) broken.

    (2) When the majority and minority party split is VERY close to 50/50, then more votes on bill and amendments end up depending on EVERY congressman. Therefore, there will be fewer votes where the Democrat leadership will be able to give Jim and other Democrats from conservative districts a “pass” on and we’ll then see Jim voting more and more like a Massachusetts Liberal (and being more true to his own convictions!) and less in line with Middle Georgia conservative values.

    Which is all the more reason why electing Mac Collins is expecially important.

    –Rob McEwen

  5. Maurice Atkinson says:

    gator, a great story about a great man. Mac and his team have been diligent in working. My hat is off to them. I also look forward to voting for him.

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