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A march is planned for Saturday November 4th at the Capitol in Atlanta. It’s being called the “Healthcare for Kid’s Rally.” This rally is organized by Heidi J. Moore who is the Advocacy Director for the Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta, and she is a mother of a Downs child.

An email has been sent out that states in part:

The time has come for us to unite our voices to be heard….HEALTHCARE must be a priority for our children! This rally is being put together for everyone that has been impacted or has a vested interest in the Medicaid system (which includes the following: parents, providers, and concerned tax paying, voting citizens of Georgia….Therefore, everyone is impacted by this issue in the State of GA!)

At the rally, we will be discussing the following issues:

+ Eligibility
+ Access to care and provider networks.
+ Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis & Treatment Federal Requirements.
+ Burdensome Application, Appeal and Claims Process.

We encourage children to attend and plan on having some entertainment for them as well. It is going to be a family friendly event! We need to put a face to the children being impacted by poor decisions.
Emphasis added – buzz

Incidently, Ms. Moore was on a Sub-Committee that looked into the Eligibility Requirement of Medicaid waivers. Now she’s planning a rally on the eve of the election that just happens to go hand in hand with a line of attack launched by Mark Taylor and the Democrats.

For the record: I’m not trying to cast aspersions on her motives here, because a mother will do anything to help her child, but I do think she’s allowing herself to be used for a partisan political purpose.


  1. GaChick says:

    People will gladly do anything to help out their children…and it has NOTHING to do with partisan political purposes. It’s only partisan because the divide is clear:

    Sonny CUT funding for these kids.
    Mark will RESTORE this funding.

    That clearcut difference is the reason Ms. Moore is making a statement. Good for her!!

  2. Mad Dog says:


    YOU rock!

    Ask the Governor for something on health care?

    What will he say?

    Move to a better market for healthcare…

    Just before he shows you the bottom of his shoe leather.

    Cuts for the Kids but bonus for business

  3. RandyMiller says:

    From the ajc:

    “Mark Taylor engaged in the most disgusting form of politics imaginable by asking Katie Beckett families to write checks to his campaign that could be written to therapist.”

    The big guy folks……really looking out for the little guy.

  4. Lorie says:


    I am one of those families. We have never been asked for a dime or a vote. We asked Mark to state publicly where he stood on the issue. We are still waiting for Sonny. It’s been 2 years…..still waiting. Oh I forgot he’s already addressed this issue….

  5. RandyMiller says:


    I read your post yesterday and wanted to tell you there’s no shame wahtsoever in accepting medicaid. I have seen many patients that are on medicaid and have treated them no different than I would someone with cash. You and your child have nothing but my deepest sympathy and empathy, and always will as I know your life has certainly had its moments. Did I agree that people should fall through the cracks when medicaid changed, absolutley not. Should there have been a better system in place to help prevent this, yes, ofcourse.

    That being said, please understand that my problem is and always has been with politicians that only trump out the afflicted when it’s an election year. I always question their motives and clever use of the indigent, especially when it comes to physically challenged children!

  6. Lorie says:


    Thank you very much. I quite agree with you. I only wish I could get my child needed therapy. If my son had medicaid, he would not use it for an ear infection. He would only use Medicaid for the therapies and doctors that are not covered by my private insurance. We are fiscally responsible tax paying working citizens but we cannot get medical coverage just for his disability.

    This has been going of for several years. I have approached Perdue’s office, legislators, etc with no success. I am not part of the above committee. Personally, I think it will not have much impact. Everytime we (aggressive parents) have brought up where GA is not following the Federal Regulations. They change them. After a 10.5 hour (1 15 minute break) fair hearing and three months later, the judge sided with Medicaid. Same month, they changed the GA regs to comply more with the fed regulations. Did they re-review our app with the most “update” criteria? No. Nor the 1000+ applications denied incorrectly. Also the gentleman making the decisions was a retired general surgeon who was never a pediatrician or worked in an institution or even saw a patient on a routine basis. Guess who was gone after our hearing?

    It was our choice to bring this to Taylor. We want this issue to be brought up. It is an issue that needs to be addressed.

  7. defnotrep says:


    I was not always a Mark Taylor supporter. However, I have learned a lot about him.

    As Ltn. Gov. a group of women approached him about having quarterly meetings, a roundtable discussion, to listen to what these women thought were important issues. He met with these women quarterly for 12 years.

    I am going to get a list of legislation that was passed based on these meetings.

    He is not a johnny come lately on women’s or children’s issues…12 years is a long time.

    I know he tried to get the funding put back in during the last session.

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