Flip Flop Alert! And no, she isn’t taking a bath…

Liberal Democrat Gail Buckner is flip flopping all over the state talking about Voter Id.  To most Georgians, it’s a matter of Gail who?   

She claims she’s for Voter ID.  But guess what, in the state legislature, she voted AGAINST Voter ID, not once, but FOUR times. 

According to Voter GA, Buckner  

– Voted against Rep. Karla Drenner’s SB500 amendment to restore statewide audit trails that were stripped from the pilot bill by author, Bill Stephens.
– Voted against the SB500 House committee substitute bill that provided election night audit procedures for the audit trail pilot.
– Opposed the bi-partisan HB790 vote count verification act in committee.
– Ridiculed the bi-partisan SB591 precinct vote count bill during the debates.

Let’s leave the flip flopping politicians where they belong – OUT OF OFFICE! 


  1. Bull Moose says:

    Jason, it needed to be said twice… This hypocrisy is depressing to American and our state, we must reveal these flip floppers and KEEP them where they belong – OUT OF OFFICE.

  2. I know you guys love to pile on Buckner, but she isn’t on that committee. How can she oppose it or vote against it in committee if she’s not on that committee??

    Will Handel’s campaign say anything and ally with radical left wing anti-Diebold groups in order to win?

  3. ugavi says:

    I haven’t seen anything from Handel’s campaign on this. Buckner did flip on VoterId. She voted against both VoterID bills. That has nothing to do with SB500 or another bill related to paper audit trials on the voting machines.

  4. Bull Moose says:

    Um, okay, I’ll call her a pancake cook — she flipped for the issue!

    She has a voting record against VOTING ID and now she’s out and about around Georgia (mysteriously I might ad) saying she’s for it.

    When you’re against something and then you say you’re for it, that’s a FLIP FLOP…

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