Casey Back At Bat

He’s got two new ads up. Next to Mark Taylor, I think Cagle has the best ads of any of the statewide guys. But what’s with being the field? Dude, you’re a banker. Come on now, you should be balancing a checkbook, not plowing a field. Oh, and you have the best looking wife outside of Taylor, but yours is obviously not the same age as your child — which is a plus.

By the way, is this the first election where every single candidate’s ads have been in widescreen? That’s one small touch I like in Cagle’s ads. He added some graphics to the black bars at the top and bottom.


  1. MountainDawg says:

    Casey Cagle is a breath of fresh air. Martin is also a genuine person, but Casey’s ideology is more close to Georgia voters. It’s refreshing to have this type of race compared to what we have seen the last several years out of most statewide candidates.

  2. Mad Dog says:

    As I posted earlier, I don’t find any charm in Cagle.

    If we view system of campaign disclosures as a chain of legal documents, signed by the candidate and notarized. Through these documents, the candidate discloses his support base, his expenditures, and his contributions of cash and in kind.

    The ‘most recent’ disclosure, complete with the candidates oath, is an accounting very similiar to corporate SEC filings on earnings etc.

    Cagle states on his 49th Senate District disclosure dated 1-03-2006 that his running total of contributions are $151,062.15.

    However, if you have the time and patience, Add up his contributions one at a time and compare THAT total to the public figure Cagle uses.

    Small discrepancy of $56,094.

    The errors are many. Some are as small as 3 or 5 cents. Some are quite large.

    Unless I have made a huge ERROR, Mr Cagle was given over $200,000 for his campaigns in the 49th Senate District.

    His ‘most current’ accounting only shows $151,062. with cash on hand, after expenditures of only $8,654 after expenditures of $142,408.11

    Our ‘future Lt. Governor’ needs to do some explaining.

    Show me the money

  3. defnotrep says:

    They are really good ads. I almost believe him.

    Unfortunately, I don’t trust Repubs to take care of working families.

    Mad Dog, You should give your info on discrepancies to Jay Bookman @ the AJC.

  4. Mad Dog says:

    Do you think the Directors are worried about Casey taking the bank down with them?

    (That’s just speculation)

    $56,000 reasons to worry.

  5. Bull Moose says:

    Amen, Casey’s indeed a breath of fresh air in the politics of today where people twist words around and play too many backroom games…

    He’s honest, sincere, and personable and will do Georgia well in the position of Lt. Governor.

    I’m proud he’s our nominee and I hope that this is only the first of victories that Casey will have as he is a new and promising leader for Georgia.

  6. defnotrep says:

    I’d still send to AJC I think.

    Busdriver, Typical repub spin…ignore the facts and label someone a liberal.

  7. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t trust Repubs to take care of working families.

    Nor do I. There’s your fundamental Liberal/conservative difference: conservatives don’t think government’s job it to”take care of” the vast majority of the citizenry. Liberals, by and large, do.

  8. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Casey and his team have been absolute class from start to finish. They’re well organized and address the issues effectively.

    I’m looking forward to casting my vote for him, along with Karen Handel, Sonny Perdue, Perry McGuire, Gary Black and Brent Brown. Republicans have the best qualified and competent ticket that either party has ever fielded.

  9. Decaturguy says:

    These are good, positive campaign ads. Based on his track record, I don’t believe a word of it, but I give him props for running a slick campaign.

  10. Philly says:

    The undecideds will swing to Martin. I hope Martin starts pounding Cagle on Cagle’s lack of ethics.

    Remember the Primary? There were a large number of undecideds and that did not bode well for the polling frontrunner, which was Reed.

    Also, if I am not mistaken, the latest polls show Cagle’s numbers did drop from previous polls.

    I will vote Republican except for Lt. Governor. There are many others like me.

  11. Mad Dog says:

    I’m wondering out loud this morning. I just can’t help it. What does Phillip Wilheit at GB&T think about Cagle? What about Richard Hunt?

    Both of them endorsed and welcomed Cagle to the Board of Directors at GB&T.

    Now that the press release dated September 1, 2004 has been pulled off the GB&T website, are they still as happy to have Mr. Cagle on the Board?

    I’m saying … there is more bad news coming for Cagle. And, the previously anonymous businessmen who fronted him.

    “I have nothing to hide”

    “You will never have to question my ethics!”

  12. Mad Dog says:

    Oh, I forgot my favorite ‘I’m not a crook’ a la Nixon line from Cagle.

    Character, from his web site:

    “It has been said that character is who we are when no one is looking.”

    Show me the MONEY!

  13. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Philly, logic doesn’t follow your assessment. Cagle has been the only candidate to work all angles of this election. The issues in the primary were/are legitimate issues. They were the facts, overwhelming and well documented. That race is over and it’s time to move on.

    Martin may be a great guy, but like Buckner, where are they?

  14. Philly says:

    Maurice, the fact is Cagle lied to win the primary. He knew damn good and well Reed would not be indicted nor did Reed support forced abortions, slave labor and many other things mentioned in Cagle’s ads.

    The fact is Cagle did use his postion to enrich himself. It may not have been illegal, but that does not make it right.

    The Lt. Governor has no real power.

    It seems we have a choice between a liberal and a crook for Lt. Governor. I am voting for neither. I am voting for Buckley.

  15. Bill Simon says:

    First off, I like Casey and will vote for him…

    HOWEVER, what is it about Republican Lt. Governor candidates who LOVE to slam Atlanta?

    First it was Ralph Reed’s good buddy and candidate Mitch Skandalakis back in 1998 who said he was gonna “kick Atlanta’s ass”, and now it’s Casey with his comments about “Georgia not starting and stopping in Atlanta…”

    If it wasn’t for Atlanta-metro area public schools bringing-up the average SAT scores of the rural folks, we’d still be DEAD LAST in SATs.

    AND, if it weren’t for Atlanta-metro consumers buying a bunch of good ‘ole Georgia agricultural products, those farmers wouldn’t have much income. And, if it weren’t for Atlanta-Metro consumers buying stuff and paying beaucoup in taxes on all kinds of stuff, the “outside-Atlanta” folks wouldn’t have access to the TAX dollars that are paid in all sorts of ways to the state from the Atlanta area…tax money that is used to fund roads and other public-works projects in the “outside-Atlanta” cities.

    Okay…I’m done with my ranting. Time to go watch Grey’s Anatomy.

  16. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Well, there is life outside of Atlanta, but most statewide candidate don’t know it until 2 weeks before an election. Maybe thats a good thing.

  17. Mad Dog says:


    I think you’re a smart guy. You like Cagle. Go for it, Man!

    However, I think Cagle is a liar. His banker buddies have lied for him, saying he graduated from two colleges. You know and I know, Cagle never graduated from any college.

    He has stated three times on the record, as reported in the AJC that he sold his Bridal Shop/Tuxedo Rental Shop in 1994 or 1996 or about the same time as he first won electred office. He doesn’t even know what year he sold the dang place! Yet, he files with the SEC and the FDIC that he was still the owner/operator 1997 to 2001.

    It was a requirement, as disclosed in the Southern Heritage prospectus, that the directors have a five year employment history in the same or similiar occupations.

    So which was it?

    Did he sell it as it has said in public three times? (He said the sale of the Bridal Dress shop provided the capital to start his real estate investments)

    Or did he continue to own and operate it as he stated in the filings and applications? (The filings and applications being legal documents and sworn statements)

    Which lie is the real lie?

    Maybe there is a reason the “republican party” didn’t let him be the President Pro Tem in the Senate?

    The “party” is what I want put on trial. “They” know this man. They have known him for 12 years. They found him unfit to be a leader.

    I find him unfit to be a banker.

    Want more?

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