Jim Wooten on the House and Senate

I think he’s right.

• In the Georgia State Senate, the current lineup is 34 Republican, 22 Democrats. Republicans need four to pass constitutional amendments. Won’t happen now — or probably ever. The GOP’s about maxed out in the state Senate. Of the 22 Democrats, 18 are from districts won by John Kerry. Of the remaining four — Tim Golden of Valdosta, George Hooks of Americus, J.B. Powell of Blythe and Steve Thompson of Marietta — Hooks will retire at his pleasure; Golden shows the potential of being the Democrat who can survive among Republicans; and Thompson’s district is becoming more Democratic. Within four years he’s at risk from a challenger on his left, not his right. Powell’s district was won by President Bush and U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson in 2004, when Powell won by 405 votes. Prediction: Neither party gains more than one seat.

• In the Georgia state House, the current lineup is 104 Republicans, 74 Democrats, one independent and one vacancy — though it’s effectively 104-76. This will likely be the low-point election for Democrats, who could lose another three to five seats, including the one held by former House Speaker Terry Coleman of Eastman.

I also think he is right in saying that the GOP probably isn’t in as desperate shape as some would have us believe considering that in 16 of the 20 seats most likely to be won by the Democrats, President Bush won them by at least 60%.

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  1. RuralDem says:

    Sad to say, I agree with most of the article. However, I do think the Democrats will takeover the US House. It won’t be a huge margin and I think the Blue Dogs will make sure no tax raises are in place. The Blue Dog Coalition consists of over 30 members and by being in the majority they will have the ability to further flex their muscle.

    Georgia Congressmen Bishop, Marshall, Scott and Barrow are members of this wonderful group.

    The one shining spot though is the mention of Senator Hooks. As a proud citizen in his District, I have to say that Senator Hooks is one of the most down to earth people I have ever met. Both Democrats and Republicans in my area fully support him.

    Senator Hooks will be able to retire whenever he wants. Hopefully that will not be anytime soon.

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