Endorsements and the lack thereof…

…Alright, so today, the Marietta Daily Journal announced that it was endorsing Karen Handel, Kathy Cox, Thurbert Baker, Michael Thurmond, and Tommy Irvin in the November General Election.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution announced its endorsement of Thurbert Baker as well.

And last but certainly not least, Georgia for Democracy PAC announced that it was endorsing Jim Martin, Gail Buckner, and Guy Drexinger.  Noticeably missing from their list of endorsed candidates was Mark Taylor, Thurbert Baker, Denise Majette, Tommy Irvin, and Michael Thurmond [Source: 8/16/2006 GfD PAC press release “Georgia for Democracy PAC Announces 2006 Endorsements” ].

Now this marks the second time that a liberal, special interest group has snubbed a majority of the Democratic candidates for Georgia’s constitutional offices.  The first time was when the Sierra Club snubbed Mark Taylor, Thurbert Baker, Gail Buckner, Guy Drexinger, Denise Majette, Tommy Irvin, and Michael Thurmond. (Read the Georgia Unfiltered blog entry “Why didn’t the Sierra Club endorse Mark Taylor?”)

I don’t know if this is a trend or just a coincidence, but once again I’m wondering how one fits the mold of being a “progressive” in Georgia.  Oh I’m sure that the argument could be made that Mark Taylor isn’t a progressive Georgia Democrat, but apparently neither is Michael Thurmond.

How exactly is that possible?

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  1. BD Smith says:

    You are a sad and lonely boy. Every week you post words of hate and meanness against people who trusted you as a friend. People who befriended you when no one else in the Democratic Party did, people who spent their hard earned money on a blog so you could express your feelings, people who gave you rides to events for over a year, people who fed you, people who helped raise money so that you could attend events, and people who loved you as their democratic brother.

    Whatever your deep seated anger and feelings are needs to stay off the Internet. This is purely sad.

    I’m sure that when Erick asked you to join Peach Pundit he did not realize that you would attack, week after week, people who were once your friends. I’m sure that he didn’t know his blog would be used to spread venemous gossip and mistruths about only 1 group.

    Your priveleges until you learn how to behave in a community. Andre, I thought you had more love, common sense, and fairness in your heart and soul. I am truly disappointed in you.

  2. Bernita Smith,

    I’m not exactly sure how you can percieve a question as an attack, and I think the question at hand is a legitimate one.

    Why are liberal/progressive groups in Georgia snubbing a majority of the Democratic state-wide candidates by not endorsing them?

    You say that I’ve spread “venemous gossip and mistruths about only 1 group”, well if your reading was as good as your spelling (which I note isn’t that great), then you’d know that I brought light to the fact that the Sierra Club also didn’t endorse a majority of Democratic constitutional office candidates.

    Pointing out the facts that both the Sierra Club and Georgia for Democracy didn’t endorse Mark Taylor, Denise Majette, Michael Thurmond, and Tommy Irvin is hardly what I would call spreading “gossip” and “mistruth”.

  3. BD Smith says:

    I’m not going tofight with you..because it wuld be an unfair fight. But you know and I know and a whole lot of other people know what you are doing each week. It’s petty and childish. And I’m still disappointed in you. Let it go. One day you’ll understand what “community” really means.

  4. buzzbrockway says:

    Actually, I think Andre is on to something.

    Even if these groups are not all that fond of Taylor, one would think they would endorse him unless he’s openly hostile to their views.

    The fact that they haven’t speaks volumes about Taylor’s weakness and show why he’s not gaining ground on Perdue.

  5. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    I’m sorry but don’t you have to fill out applications and seek these endorsements? Isn’t that how they work?

    Do we know if these candidates did that? Andre, did you ask anyone at these PAC’s to comment?

    I’m again troubled by your behaviour. Although “blogging” isn’t technically journalism, you have been treated as press in the past. So are you just playing fast and loose with journalistic ethics?

    As far as Sierra Club, my understanding of staying out of some races was the vote on the buffer zone. Some incumbants were not “good” on that issue and so SC chose not to endorse anyone.

  6. It was just brought to my attention that there’s only one African-American candidate that was endorsed by Georgia for Democracy, and that was John Eaves.

    So there’s another question to be answered here…why is it that a state-wide organization only endorsed one African-American candidate for office?

    And furthermore, why is it that a state-wide organization called “Georgia for Democracy” (the key word there being “Georgia”) failed to endorse a single African-American candidate for state-wide or federal office?

    How can you not endorse John Lewis or Michael Thurmond? Thurbert Baker may not fit the “progressive” mold, but I would’ve thought that John Lewis and Michael Thurmond almost certainly were worthy enough to be called “progressive”.

  7. defnotrep says:


    It speaks volumes of the weaknesses of these organizations and their leadership…not Mark Taylor and others.

    GA for Democracy has very little money or organization. I believe the main person in this group was a CC supporter. What little credibility they had will be gone now.

    Altho I like the Sierra Club on some issues, they can be too doctranaire sometimes.

    The democratic base will come home to Mark Taylor. It’s going to be a horserace.

  8. Decaturguy says:

    Why are liberal/progressive groups in Georgia snubbing a majority of the Democratic state-wide candidates by not endorsing them?

    I think the question needs to be answered whether any of these “snubbed” candidates sought the endorsement of these groups? I know for a fact that many candidates do not seek the endorsement of so called liberal groups because they do not want to be painted as liberal themselves. So, if the candidates in question do not want an endorsement, then why should the group give one?

  9. BD Smith says:

    Andre, please tell us the selection process so we can be better informed if said groups actually did not endorse such candidates or as Decaturguy points outs “did these candidates seek the group’s endorsements”?

    Why are you trying to stir the pot by bringing up race?

  10. BD Smith says:

    defnotrep, why lighten up???

    He makes accusations that my friends, his former friends, are showing racial bias, aren’t Democratic enough, aren’t Progressive enough, and are cheating Fulton County Dems (see his posts for the last 3 Tuesdays), and I should lighten up. Hardly.

    No, Andre needs to stop being petty. If he’s going to throw charges and accusations around then I need him to provide further evidence that the decisions made by GfD were premeditated decisions.

    If he can’t provide us information about their selection process then his thoughts are empty and baseless. It’s just truly sad that he uses Peach Pundit as his venue to vent displeasure with his former friends. This pentup energy could be used more wisely if he WAS helping to get good candidates elected.

  11. Bernita,

    I think it’s important for you to understand that I have not accused any of your friends of anything.

    I simply asked two questions:

    A.) Why is it that both the Sierra Club and Georgia for Democracy declined to endorse Thurbert Baker, Denise Majette, Tommy Irvin, Thurmond, and the 13 Democratic nominees for Congress across Georgia?


    B.) Why is it that on the list of Georgia for Democracy endorsed candidates, there’s only one African-American candidate on that list?

    Nowhere did I mention the names of any of your friends nor did I accuse them of not being Democratic enough or “Progressive” enough; and I certainly didn’t accuse them of being racists.

    I simply asked a question.

    If you’re reading insults, accusations, and charges from my questions, then that’s all on you, and you’re just looking for some reason to disagree with me.

    The fact of the matter is that of the twenty GfD endorsed candidates, only one is African-American and only three come from districts outside of metro-Atlanta; those three being Dee Yearty (HD144), Doug McKillip (HD115), and Danita Knowles (HD169).

    So I ask again…

    Why is it that both the Sierra Club and Georgia for Democracy declined to endorse Thurbert Baker, Denise Majette, Tommy Irvin, Thurmond, and the 13 Democratic nominees for Congress across Georgia?


    Why is it that on the list of Georgia for Democracy endorsed candidates, there’s only one African-American candidate on that list?

    I ask those questions because A.) surely some of the other state-wide & federal candidates are “Democratic enough and Progressive enough”, and B.) surely there’s more than one African-American candidate in Georgia that’s “Democratic enough and Progressive enough”.

    Leave your friends out of this, because their names haven’t been dropped anywhere.

    Just answer the questions.

  12. By the way, my energy is being used elsewhere as well.

    Come on down to SC29 and county the Mark Taylor signs that are popping up down there.

    I’m making sure that my precinct comes out big time for the big guy.

  13. BD Smith says:

    and I ask YOU one more time – did every candidate apply to GfD and the Sierra Club for their endorsements?

    Are you also working YOUR district for the Fulton Conty Democratic candidate, John Eaves? Let me know if you need Eaves’ materials and/or signs.

  14. I usually resist commenting on any of the drivel from Mr Walker. After several years of supporting him as a friend, fellow Democrat, and fellow blogger, Mr Walker’s mean-spirited online communucation left me no reason to participate in his petty attention-seeking dramas.

    However, as a board member of Georgia for Democracy, I felt it was important to clarify some details here in this thread.

    1. The Georgia for Democracy PAC is a different entity than the Georgia for Democracy non-profit that holds film screenings, voter registration drives, and other civic engagement actitivities. The PAC has a separate board, separtate finances, and separate meetings, etc.

    2. The Georgia for Democracy PAC is a state PAC so it cannot endorse federal candidates . Much as the PAC would have liked to endorse Representative Lewis, we are unable to, legally.

    3. While, of course money is an integral part to every campaign, the fact that the GfD PAC does not have a lot of cash does not leave them useless. We have a vibrant and dynamic membership who are willing and capable of helping candidates in many ways, not just financial.

    4. While I am not on the GfD PAC board, I am familiar with the way in which the endorsements were decided. Questionaires were sent to all candidates running for State and local offices. Those who responded were then interviewed. The PAC selection committee then made the selections. I am not privy to who did or did not complete the questionaires or interviews.

    And, just FYI, the PAC selection committee was made up of 3 African Americans and two Caucasions.

    Now, Mr Walker, I would suggest that perhaps you might ask some of these candidates for whom you feel slighted, if they bothered to complete the process for endorsement. That seems to be the question that you missed.

    I hope this helps PeachPundit readers to understand the process by which these decisions were made and the entities which made them.

    Thank you.

    Catherine Smith
    Fundraising Director
    Georgia for Democracy

  15. Decaturguy says:

    Hey Andre, did you ever think about the fact that GFD didn’t endorse any candidates who dont have any serious Republican opposition in the General Election this year? How many African American Democratic nominees for the House or Senate even have Republican opposition at all this year?

    Your needless race baiting is disgusting and immature. But, wait, then again you are an immature Georgia State college student. That’s right.

    Answer some questions and do your research before you throw this stuff out there. Did Mark Taylor, et al seek the endorsement of these hyper liberal groups? If not, then why would then endorse them?

  16. timcairl says:

    Sorry it took me so long to comment, but yes, Catherine eloquently laid out the process. Candidates, all of them, were asked to fill out a questionnaire that was posted online and downloadable.

    Said questionnaires received were reviewed, evaluated by the PAC committee, and interviews conducted.

    We are very proud of the expansion from our 2004 endorsements – which you can view at http://www.georgiafordemocracypac.org – and are EXTREMELY proud of the candidates we’ve endorsed.

    From the questionnaires we reviewed, yes, we wish there had been more diversity, but we had no control over that. We can’t make candidates fill out the forms.

    That said, this crop is definitely unique, actively seeks coalitions, endorsements, and support from groups such as ours, and we’re proud to have them.

    Back to the campaign trail!

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