1. SpaceyG says:

    As I said over at that totally fake AJC blog, the Taylor land deal ad is very good and very effective. Hats off to the writer/producer who did it. When Taylor is elected, there will be a nice fat contract waiting with the GA Dept. of Economic Development for his/her production company. Wish I was that clever!

  2. Eddie T says:

    This is trouble for Perdue. John Kerry got 42% in Georgia in ’04, and you’d be lying to yourself if you really believed there was a chance that Kerry is going to out-perform Taylor. Those voters that haven’t committed to Taylor (many of them are Black voters who always threaten to leave the Democratic Party, but don’t) are going to come back home. This race is functionally 48-42-10 right now.

  3. JRM2016 says:

    As I predicted about two weeks ago when some were pondering how Taylor could go on without any money, this race is tightening up. As long as all of us who are with the Gov do our job and turn out our vote as we are supposed to, the re-election will be assured. We must not be complacent. Begin to stock up on your no-doz, your Diet Mountain Dew Code Red, and prepare for a final 96 hour GOTV free-for-all.

  4. JRM2016,

    As I said after the primary, I look forward to a very worthy campaign between us Democrats and y’all Republicans.

    You bring your A-game, we’ll bring ours, and we’ll see who’s still standing when the clock hits 0:00.

  5. atlantaman says:

    I don’t think this last poll, or maybe since it’s Insider Advantage we’ll call it a guess, indicates the race is tightening up since Perdue is still leading Taylor by 20 points.

  6. rightofcenter says:

    A 20 point lead? Tightening up? Functionally 48-42-10?

    This may end up being a horse-race, but there is no evidence to that effect now, particularly based on this poll.

  7. atlantaman says:

    “This race is functionally 48-42-10 right now.”

    I think it’s a little disingenuous to just give Taylor all of Kerry’s voters, but not take into account the Bush voters for Sonny.

    There is no evidence to believe Taylor will automaitcally do as well as Kerry. Taylor has run an awful General campaign so far. Yes Taylor will get the majority of black votes, but that is still only 1/2 of the Democrat primary voters.

  8. Eddie T says:

    Do you guys seriously believe that John Kerry and Denise Majette are going to outperform Taylor?

    Because if you think this is really a 20-pt. game at this point, that’s your contention. The most important number in this poll is the Governor’s standing.

  9. Eddie T says:


    Taylor has run a multi-million dollar race in Georgia. That alone is going to be enough to put him over Kerry.

    No way a significant number (if any at all) of John Kerry voters are going to support Perdue. And Bush in ’04 in Georgia was way more popular than Perdue could ever hope to be.

  10. defnotrep says:

    This is definitely a horserace. The Gov dropping to 48% shows that his support is soft at best.

    The Katie Beckett deal is going to be the Governor’s undoing. That’s not going to go away. This will bring women to Taylor.

  11. atlantaman says:

    That’s one way to look at a poll: if you don’t like the results just arbitrarily add voters to your candidate’s numbers.

    “Taylor has run a multi-million dollar race in Georgia.” I think Sonny has spent a few dollars as well.

    I don’t know whether Sonny will perform better then Bush in ’04 or not. The only objective thing we have to look at (until the election) is the polls, everything else is just a matter of opinion. I could just as easily make the statement that Georgia is still trending Republican so the Democrat numbers of ’04 could have eroded further while the Republican numbers might be better. I do know population / demographicw of the state is “netting” more Republicans each year – about 3 out of 5 new Georgians I believe. The growth in Cherokee, Hall, Forsyth etc.. is more then offsetting the growth in Rockdale and Clayton.

  12. TBone says:

    The reality is, if Sonny is held below 50%, that means a runoff where a majority of voters are thinking they want someone else as Governor.

  13. hankreardan says:

    Over here in the Libertarian world we are excited.Fox Tv justed Interviewed Garrett Hayes and they told him he was over 9%.With Taylor dropping.This is the best race a lbertarian is running across America.

  14. TBone says:

    If you think Hayes has a prayer of a chance, you’re dreaming. All he’s doing is playing a spoiler, forcing a runoff in December, and subjecting the people of Georgia to four more weeks of negative ads while kids are sitting on Santa’s lap.

    If this is the best Libertarian showing in the country, that says a lot about the relevance of the Libertarian party.

  15. hankreardan says:

    Why T-boner if your guy did a little better ,than this would not be an issue.And we are polling at 9-10 % with 1% of the money. Also relize the demoncrats and republicans have passed laws in Georgia and across the nation to keep us off the ballot. If we were allowed to run state house candidates and US house candidates we would be doing even better.But if you are scared I guess you can use the power of the government to keep us off the ballot.

  16. Jason Pye says:

    If you think Hayes has a prayer of a chance, you’re dreaming. All he’s doing is playing a spoiler, forcing a runoff in December, and subjecting the people of Georgia to four more weeks of negative ads while kids are sitting on Santa’s lap.
    Forgive us for offering choice.

  17. TBone says:

    Sorry, Hank, but you’re still not relevant. In fact, you’re helping elect Taylor because forcing an incumbent into a run-off shows the incumbent is weak with momentum building against them.

    So go ahead and congratulate yourself for a single-digit showing with 1 percent of the money. That argument is as relevant as your party.

    And no, “scared” is not the right word. “Annoyed” is.

  18. TPSoCal says:

    Thank you TBone! It is about time someone said it. Look how the dems freak out over the greens, yet we reps have had to put up with the gnat party. I too am annoyed by the lib party. Go Sonny!

  19. Jace Walden says:

    TBone & TPSoCal,

    I’m going to have to jump in here and defend my Libertarian friends.

    It’s going to be people like the two of you that ruin the GOP. Sorry. If the GOP (including Perdue) had catered to libertarian minded voters HALF as much as they catered to the Social Authoritarians, this wouldn’t be an issue.

    Instead, the GOP at all levels, has basically ditched its small-government principles in favor of persuing completely worthless endeavors like raising taxes on Cigarettes, banning Gay marriage, and banning online gambling.

    Think of it this way. Every time a so-called “Conservative” abandons the people who put him in by doing stupid ass stuff (see above), he is basically ASKING for fiscal conservatives to vote against him.

    What I’m trying to say, is if Mark Taylor gets elected, don’t try to blame the Libertarians for the abject failure of the GOP.

    It’s time for us to start taking the blame for the horrible big-government loving policies of our “conservative” elected officials. No amount of blaming Libertarians, blaming Mark Foley, or blaming [insert stupid scapegoat here] can make up for the fact that it is the GOP which has been its own worst enemy.

    We only have ourselves to blame, gentlemen. And everytime you spout dumbass stuff like “you guys aren’t relevant” or “we reps have had to put up with the gnat party”, you’re only making the case that the GOP deserves to lose.

    Stop creating patsies, and start taking personal responsibility. Afterall, isn’t personal responsibility supposed to be a trademark of our party?

  20. TBone says:

    Jace didn’t “own” me. Not in the slightest. I’m supporting Taylor.

    I’m happy to see the GOP caught up in its own hypocrisy. I’m for fiscally responsible government that understands that there is a safety net role for government to play. And an equalization of opportunity role to play. Both of those are antithetical to the ideals of the Republican and Libertarian parties.

    And yes the Libertarian party is, for all practical purposes, irrelevant. An annoyance. But if they ever actually gained power, their beliefs are much farther afield from the mainstream than most voters realize.

  21. Jace Walden says:

    there is a safety net role for government to play. And an equalization of opportunity role to play. Both of those are antithetical to the ideals of the Republican and Libertarian parties

    They are also antithetical to the Constitution of the United States.

  22. atlantaman says:

    Great comments Jace. While I don’t agree with all the Libertarian platform and have always felt being a Libertarian is an all or nothing proposition (you can’t be for legalized drugs, but then expect the Government to pay your medical tab when you O.D.)

    There are times the Libertarians make me remember why I consider myself a Conservative and ashamed of what some so-called Conservatives have supported..

  23. TBone says:

    Whatever happens to Taylor, my party will hardly be irrelevant this year.

    And helping disabled children get the education and training so they can be self-sufficient is hardly “propping” up.

    And who said anything about equalizing wealth? I said equalizing opportunity, meaning opening doors so everyone has a chance to succeed.

    No wonder the libertarians are so irrelevant. And no wonder the GOP is going to go down in flames across the country this year. With the logic you guys are showing, it’s no wonder.

  24. I think Perdue’s strong showing in the polls right now can be mainly attributed to one thing – he is a do nothing governor that hasn’t really offended anyone, because no one pays attention.

    Of course, on one side you have conservatives that are upset that the “movement” arrived but left all the ideals that were promised all along at the door. Those could be the libertarian leaners who don’t have much to cheer about. On the other side, you’ve got a solid (though small) base of left-leaners who are already on board with Taylor, because Perdue has “done nothing” for them either.

    In the vast middle, you’ve got a 30% or so block that Perdue currently dominates but is probably beginning to have second thoughts about him due to the land deal. I wonder what they’ll think if they find out the whole truth about him and his record? Probably not good thoughts, but we’ll see.

    If this race is 48-28 with a massive Democratic wave building, then there is some land in Florida that may be developed way before schedule come January.

  25. Chris says:

    TBone those are very good, idealistic goals that everyone should have. The difference between you and me, a former Democratic voter, is that those goals can be achieved much more efficiently by other means than the government.

  26. TBone says:

    I am not some starry eyed idealist who thinks government can solve everything. I prefaced my remarks by noting the need for fiscal responsibility. But the Democratic party sure as hell stands up for working people, the disabled, the elderly, and the young far more than the GOP or the Libertarians.

  27. Chris says:

    I guess that explains the sorry state of public education we have today, which began declining rapidly sometime in the mid 80s and hasn’t looked back.

    Also explains why so many of our youth are completely out of control today. If we could just get back our Democratic congress, kids would magically learn to behave themselves and gain some respect for their elders and their neighbors.

    I think government’s done enough intrusions into family matters as it is, now it’s time to let families retake control over themselves, without the heavy hand of the government reaching into their homes to tell them how they can and can’t do it.

    And when these caring, concerned politicians push public financing of healthcare on all of us, you better believe the government will own and control you like never before. Not in this lifetime, not if my vote has any influence.

  28. defnotrep says:


    The Repubs legislate wealth all the time. They just do it for the corporations mostly and consequently wealthy individuals and through their policies they hurt lower and middle class folks all the time.

    This National Repub admistration is most egregious.

  29. defnotrep says:


    Keep voting Repub. This is the party that doesn’t believe in birth control. Instead of actually trying to educate teenagers they promote a policy of abstinence. Get real.

    These so-called conservatives reach into our lives all the time to please the Christian evangelical base. How you guys just overlook this is beyond me.

  30. atlantaman says:

    “I said equalizing opportunity, meaning opening doors so everyone has a chance to succeed.

    No wonder the libertarians are so irrelevant. And no wonder the GOP is going to go down in flames across the country this year. With the logic you guys are showing, it’s no wonder.”

    One of the reasons the national GOP is going to go down in flames this year is because the’ve become more Democrat then the Democrats. If you are into social programs that help to “equalize opportunity” then you should vote for the national GOP since their support of these programs has been unparalled by any political party.

  31. atlantaman says:

    “But the Democratic party sure as hell stands up for working people, the disabled, the elderly, and the young far more than the GOP or the Libertarians.”

    Simply not true, if you go back and look at Congressional spending over the last 6 years, you’d have to consider Republicans the bleeding hearts. It’s written in black and white right on the budget.

  32. Jace Walden says:


    The Democratic Party doesn’t care about the elderly or the disabled or the “working” Americans any more or less than the GOP. They simply pander to those groups with money that doesn’t belong to them. It’s pretty easy to say, “I support disabled Children” when you’re giving them other people’s money.

    Donation from taxation is not Charity. It’s robbery. True sympathy for the groups you listed comes from private voluntary donations to charity. Plain and simple.

    As for the GOP and it’s “partnership” with the “evil” corporations. I agree with you. I don’t think government should be in the business of subsidizing business anymore than it should be in the business of subsidizing people. Corporate welfare is still welfare.

    Now, tax breaks for all businesses, be they small or large are a good thing. As are tax breaks for people, be they rich or poor.

    In order to generate the capital needed to jump start an economy, you need to provide the incentives to those most likely to invest the greatest amount of capital (i.e. the “rich”).

    Although, even that can be misleading. It’s commonly accepted that only rich people benefit from such tax breaks like cuts in the capital gains tax. When in reality, over 70% of American citizens have at least some wealth tied up in the stock market.

    I belive in my heart of hearts that the government is the cause of 90% of the problems in America today. Think to yourself, how many times have you bitched about the government (under all administrations). There is so much stupidity in government, from both parties and at all levels that trusting in the government to provide ANYTHING meaningful is a fruitless endeavor.

    People are infinitely more capapble of handling themselves than the government is.

  33. defnotrep says:


    You have a lot of good points. The main exception being disabled children. If the family is unable to do and charity does not do enough then the government has to be the safety net. That being said you are right about government.

    Our government is failing us and there is enough blame to go around. The repubs welfare is corporate America. I do think Clinton made good first steps in welfare programs.

    The main groups consistently screwed are the middle class folks and small business.

    I like you am for a lower capital gains rate. This would help the middle class and small businesses.

    Bush, Cheney, and Rove have really hurt our country. Instead of dealing with real issues, they consistently create wedge issues to inflame their Christian right base. And the Iraq war, let’s not even go there….

  34. Jace Walden says:


    I think Private Charity is far more efficient than the government “safety net”. The problem is, most people don’t have enough money to spare to donate to private charity because they’re giving away over 25% of their income in taxes.

    As long as the government is raping us for tax dollars, then you’re right, Charity won’t be as efficient. That’s why the government needs to undergo a 25% downsizing along with a 25% cut in spending and a HUGE cut in taxes.

    You’re right, both parties have their own “Welfare Queens”. Subsidies to individuals and corporations through individual welfare, social security, corporate welfare, are milking the American middle class and hindering overall prosperity.

  35. Chris says:

    Here’s an article by a 65 year old man who reports that the hospital bill for his birth was under $75 (he published the bill to prove it). And that’s with an 11-day hospital stay for him and his mother. He then goes on to speculate with good reasoning why in today’s money, a 2-day hospital visit to give birth normally costs up to $11k.

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