Money Matters

And don’t believe otherwise.

Eighth District congressional candidates Jim Marshall and Mac Collins spent more than $1.2 million between them in the past three months, burning through campaign cash in a blitz of television and radio advertising.

Incumbent Democrat Jim Marshall was entering the final stretch of the campaign with almost twice as much money in the bank as Republican challenger Mac Collins, in part because Collins was spending at a faster clip, according to federal campaign finance reports.

Marshall had $954,964 remaining, while Collins had $501,821, according to the reports, covering June 29 through Sept. 30.


  1. Dawgfan says:

    Not that I don’t think Mac can win this one, but I’ve always thought that this race was more about ’08. By that I mean that it is widely expected that Marshall would challenge Saxby for the seante seat. So that leave his seat open and Mac in the catbird seat to run for it. Just a theory.

  2. atlantaman says:

    “By that I mean that it is widely expected that Marshall would challenge Saxby for the seante seat.”

    I’ve got a feeling Marshall is going to take a hard look at the statewide numbers this November before he decides to run statewide for US Senate. He’s got a lot more to lose then say Taylor (if he doesn’t win Governor) or Cox.

    I don’t think Marshall would run just to be a sacrificial lamb, there would have to be a solid opening. The only opening I think he would have is if Sonny does poorly and Hillary seems like she’s going to kick-ass in Georgia against a weak Republican candidate.

  3. Dawgfan says:

    Maybe “widely expected” is an exageration, but there have certainly been rumors. Plus, he would be the best candidate the Democrats could offer, and I would be surprised if he was not being recruited.

    Yes, he would have a lot to give up, but nominations for Senate seats don’t happen every day,and congressional elections happen every two years. I’ll bet there isn’t Member of Congress that doesn’t covet a Senate seat ana a steady job for six years.

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