Open Thread

Tell us what the AJC headline should be now that the girls from Vandy have beaten the Dawg.

Governor, feel free to chime in.


  1. Decaturguy says:

    “Dogs Get Put In Their Place … Again … By Vanderbilt!”

    or how about …

    “Liberal Press Causes Dogs to Lose to Vanderbilt”

  2. skbarton13 says:

    “Governor, What Can We Say?”

    “Tech Winless This Saturday”

    — great idea, hope you get better responses.

  3. Romegaguy says:

    Governor not going to like this one either, Dogs blow another one

    That could almost be a Foley ad, too

  4. Jeff Emanuel says:

    I really have nothing to say about it, except that Georgia never was a top-15 team, and that I was (sadly) right when I said Friday “if Vandy can rein in the turnovers and UGA plays like the team that was on the field the first half of the Ole Miss and Colorado games, and the second half of the Tennessee game, then we could have an upset brewin’ between the hedges.”

    In other news, Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson broke his collarbone today, I’m depressed.

  5. Mojo says:

    All season we have season that Georgia just was not the team that has had so much success for the past five years. It just goes to show you that college rankings during much of the season don’t mean anything. Look at UGA and look at Va. Tech, neither deserved such high rankings.

    Let’s go Gators! Beat Auburn!!!

  6. Jen says:

    Who jinked UGA? Sonny did!

    But.. I’m still going to the Florida game. Go Dawgs!

    (And I’ll be pulling for schizophrenic Auburn tonight.)

  7. GrandOleDawg says:

    I’m still a little nauseated from Saturday. Going into this year, I felt we would be just fine as long as the offense came around, but so far it seems we are being sabotaged by crappy DEFENSE. It’s like my father, a great coach in his own right, always said “Ya can’t beat whatcha can’t stop.”

    “Dawg’s Defensive Coach Fired on Field after Vandy Abomination”

    or, more topically

    “Who brought negative media on themselves this week? Georgia Did!”

  8. GrandOleDawg says:

    And I guess with the Techie’s football success this year, they really have something to celebrate with their outstanding social lives 😉

  9. mercergirl says:

    That’s a good idea brian, although I’m not sure everyone on here knows me by my real world name. But now they do i guess :p Oh well I keep running into people who have figured it out anyway

  10. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Ive called you Molly on here before a few differnt times. Sorry. Didn’t think about it. Never mentioned your last name though.

  11. Mike says:

    Dawg: It’s what’s for dinner.

    I’m really glad I gave away my tickets to that one. I miss VanGorder.

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