Is Jane Kidding?

Hat tip to JMS for getting us these.

Apparently, when Peach Pundit started making inquiries, Jane Kidd took down her ad laying the smack down to Bill Cowsert (I said this in jest, but a reader does, in fact, clarify that the ad was only running for four days). Talk about calling names in an ad. This one is pretty negative. But Bill punches back too.

Here is Jane Kidd’s spot.

Here is Bill Cowsert’s response.

And, if that doesn’t throw enough of a wrinkle into this race, check this out:

About three weeks before the Nov. 7 elections, the state Supreme Court on Monday will hear a challenge to an Athens Senate district redrawn by Republican lawmakers after a Democratic representative announced plans to seek the seat.

The redrawing – which was the only major map change by the Legislature this year – divides the Democratic stronghold of Athens into two Republican-dominated districts.

State Rep. Jane Kidd, D-Athens, is facing Republican Bill Cowsert to win the seat, which was vacated when incumbent Sen. Brian Kemp, a Republican, left to make an unsuccessful run for state agriculture commissioner.

A federal suit, in which Kidd was a plaintiff, has been thrown out. But the state case, filed by constituents in the new district, remains alive on appeal after an Athens Superior Court judge sided with the defendants.


  1. GrandOleDawg says:

    I listen to AM960 “The Ref” every Saturday morning, and have heard both of these ads played ad infinium. I felt like Kidd’s went a little too far, making her’s seem a bit silly and uncredible.

    I liked Cowsert’s. A bit hokey with the staged convo between husband and wife, but it gets the point across well. Most all of Cowsert’s media so far has been pretty sharp.

    The lawsuit is typcial Democrat m.o. If you can’t beat them in the electoral process, or in the legislature, take it to court.

  2. GeorgiaProgressive says:

    One clarification is that Rep. Kidd is not a party in the state lawsuit and doesn’t plan on it changing anything. Rather, she will lead the state where members of BOTH parties have failed, she will move to take redistricting out of the legislatures hands and move it to a separate entity. That will be the first of many bills she introduces next session and it will happen on day one. I’d hope everyone would be ready for that shift, Republican or Democrat, because the truth is both will redistrict when they can.

  3. LymanHall says:

    Also, Bill Cowsert’s “response” ran before Rep. Kidd’s radio spot. Cowsert attacked first. I wonder what his internal polling is showing??

  4. MountainDawg says:

    No person can validly claim that both parties failed on redistricting. Republicans should have torn the Democrats to shreads with their improved maps, but they took the high road and put some communities back together (in a couple cases to the detriment of other Republicans). Isn’t it funny how Democrats believe that redistricting should to be taken out of the hands of the legislature now that they are OUT of power. The lines that Georgia Democrats drew in 2000 are now textbook examples of gerrymandering and everything wrong with politics. Trust me, putting it in the hands of a commission will work about as good as when we voted on the constitututional amendment to allow superintendents to be appointed by school boards so we could “take the politics out of the schools”.

  5. GeorgiaProgressive says:

    Rep. Kidd was not part of that democratic majority back then (and, sidenote, I believe suprintendents should be appointed by the school boards – local control. The local school boards will deal with it at a local level with parent and student and all that jazz input).

    Also, LymanHall is right, Cowsert attacked first, not only on radio but in his mail. And, all over town, people who see him out say he’s acting like he’s pissed and, like the Baby Bill Cowsert the ad describes. It does make one wonder what the poll he had in the field a few weeks ago brought back because right after neighbors and friends got a poll from the Republican side for this race, he went negative…

    So much for gerrymadering, Rep. Kidd’s bill on redistricting might actually help the Republicans not look so silly next time they try to divide communities and pick their voters…shame shame shame.

  6. MountainDawg says:

    Georgia Progressive- Just to let you know, in most Georgia counties, voters directly elected their school superintendents in addition to their local boards before the constitutional amendment. That would also be local control and “all that jazz” to most people.

    Have you even seen the maps that Democrats approved after the 2000 census? A trained monkey with 13 crayons could keep more communities together better that the Democrats
    did with their maps. Actually take the original 2000 maps and the revised maps and look at them. The only good that came out of the Democratic maps was that it showed the voters just how much they were willing to do to keep power.

    The only one who looks silly is anyone claiming that Jane Kidd has distanced herself simply because she is not a party in the lawsuit. Even if Kidd gets elected (which most people seriously doubt), her bill will never see the light of day. She will be a left-wing freshman in a minority party that continues to drift to the left in a conservative to moderate state.

  7. atlantaman says:

    With the Georgia Democrats history of Gerrymandering and the unprecendented levels to which they took it through multi-member districts, population packing, etc.. – it’s going to be very hard for them to complain about a nudge of a district line without appearing like hypocrites.

    They probably controlled the Legislature for 4 more years then they should have due to drawing districts that were so bastardized as to be deemed unconstitutional. All the Republican districts magically had way more people in them then the Democrat districts.

    Just think if the Republicans had gotten in a few years earlier we might have avoided the whole budget crisis that Sonny was faced with when he took office.

  8. MountainDawg says:

    Good point, but if you’ll notice I never stated that Kidd was part of the Democratic majority in 2000. The point was that there is no validity in a claim that the Republican maps were as partisan as the Democratic maps. By drawing more neutral maps, it did in fact help Republicans.

    It just seems ironic that every time that Democrats lose, they find another way to take the powers away from the voters. I’ll guarantee you that some enlightened liberal will end up proposing having a panel composed of judges to “impartially” redraw districts if the Democrats don’t take back over. That, of course, will strengthen our democracy by taking the issue out of the hands of the voters and their elected officials that draw the maps:-) We all know how good impartial judges will work…

  9. GeorgiaProgressive says:

    Jeff, that’s correct Rep. Kidd beat Cowsert and served in the House, and Cowsert has served ZERO terms at ANY level,

    Again, ZERO terms, ZERO levels of experience, unless losing counts, and ZERO is worse than a woman who’s father was governor, and who’s great uncle was one America’s greatest US Senators, and, he’s has ZERO experience at ANY level because Rep. Kidd defeated him two years ago. Let’s not play that card for his campaign the same way his ad does…it’s laughable at best.

    MountainDawg, I’m sorry I’m not from Georgia originally so yes that would be local control and I’d be for that as well, thanks for the correction, I didn’t know what it was before. I do question why and how any member of either party would deny letting that bill surface and go to vote to the people and voters of Georgia as a constitutional amendment? How can anyone deny the people the chance to voice their opinion. Also, I do not doubt how crazy the lines were, and I don’t support either party in doing so. It’s ridiculous what people in power, and yes Democrats as well, do especially regarding districts. An ‘independent’ commission doesn’t solve all the problems, but it solves some, and the most pressing ones, by making it separate. I wish there was a better answer, and hopefully Sonny’s task force will bring those to light, last I heard they were examining five or six other states’ successful independent commissions. It should be interesting, and I don’t think anyone, including Rep. Kidd (since she’s said it and been quoted on it I’ll believe her), believe that anything will come from this court case. I predict it will be over and done with on Monday.

  10. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Mountain: I was neither arguing with you, nor piling on. You have good points.

    I find in interesting that Ms. Kidd believes she performed such an outstanding job in her one term that she deserves an immediate promotion.

  11. GeorgiaProgressive says:

    And why are you listing it as “Cowsert’s Response” when it aired first?

    Try telling the truth, and listing it as “Cowsert’s Spot” and “Kidd’s Response”.

    Spin, spin, spin…

  12. LymanHall says:

    I would take Rep. Kidd’s two years of experience under the Gold Dome to Mr. Cowsert’s zero. GP: This reminds me of the spin when the GuardDawg referred to Cowsert as “Rep. Bill Cowsert” even though Rep. Kidd beat Cowsert two years ago. Does Cowsert thinks he deserves “a promotion” because he ran for a House seat last time and a Senate seat this time? That’s a ridiculous argument. One GOD hero–the guy who retired Speaker Murphy–spent one term in the House before running for the Senate. Give this line a break, Jeff.

  13. GeorgiaProgressive says:

    What has Cowsert done since LOSING to Rep. Kidd two years ago that he deserves to even be in this race? Why didn’t he just try for House again instead of “moving up?” Easy answer: absolutely nothing. He’s not even active in the community outside of being married to an Argo and therefore being brother-in-law to the former senator.

    Yeah, I guess you should just say “Cowsert Spot which came first” and “Kidd’s spot that came after” – that would be more correct Jeff, you’re right. A response ad responds to something, and her ad was put on the air after his ad aired, which attacks her. Hence, a response, although I would be ok with the above mentioned quotes if you prefer those. It’s a simple equation too, you just check the air dates and buy dates.

  14. MountainDawg says:

    Jeff and GaProg-
    By the way, I didn’t mean to get on a high horse. I simply live in an area that the Democrats have consistently gerrymanded. In my Senate district, there was NO possible road to get from one side of the district to another without going through another state. In one of the house districts in the mountains, relatives that lived less than one mile from each other were forced to vote with people five counties away (again in a district where there was no possible way to travel by road through the district without going through another state). Whether it is Louise McBee or Jane Kidd or whoever is next, the Democrat elected from Clarke County automatically becomes part of the Democratic Party that has a patterned history of gerrymandering since the county-unit system.

  15. Decaturguy says:

    Boy, if that is all you’ve got against Jane Kidd, that she’s only served 2 years in the House before running for Senate, then I’d be feeling pretty good if I’m Jane Kidd.

    Just how many State Senator’s even served in the House prior to joining the Senate?

  16. atlantaman says:

    “Just how many State Senator’s even served in the House prior to joining the Senate?”

    A good question, just giving my WAG I’d say 50%.

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