1. rightofcenter says:

    Good ad. Too bad for Taylor that his entire campaign has come down to this “hail mary” play. He really is praying for a runoff, isn’t he?

  2. atlantaman says:

    I guess it’s the only play he has left, he definitley cannot win on the issues.

    Although Taylor’s best play would probably be to give all his campaign cash to Garrett Hayes, but his ego wouldn’t allow him to do it.

  3. GOPeach says:

    A quote from my husband, the judge
    after seeing this…

    ” Now who really gives a shit about
    Sonny’s Florida ‘land deals’ anyway
    … we’re just glad he has the balls to
    stand firm on illegal immigration
    and protect the the taxpayers’ land
    in Georgia- Hell – I think he
    derserves Disney World for that.”

  4. Mojo says:


    It’s good that your husband doesn’t think ethics matter, shows his character and how he rules from the bench. But, ethics matter to me for it shows character, and character is an important determinng factor in deciding if a candidate will do they right thing, and if they truly mean what they say in their campaigns or press releases. For instance, I may not have agreed with everything Johnny Isakson believes, but I believed he had character and a strong sense of right and wrong, and so that was a major contributing factor in why I voted for him, not the only factor, but a major factor.

  5. GaChick says:

    Sonny’s land deal…
    Sonny’s $100,000 tax break…

    Sure sounds like Sonny is into being Governor to enrich himself and his friends, while cutting education, healthcare, help for disabled kids, etc.

    Way to go, Boss Hog.

  6. defnotrep says:

    I can’t believe an actual judge would say something like this….incredible really.

    Sadly, most politicians on both sides don’t have enough ethics and values. Seems like most benefit financially from being in office.

    I like you Mojo voted for Isakson. I think he is truly one of the few public servants with ethics. I guarantee you he would never have done this deal.

    What Sonny did is WRONG bordering on criminal action I think. It should be investigated.

  7. Bill Simon says:

    Interesting that the “judge” is so ignorant. Guess he feels that as long as the crime is committed outside the state of Georgia, who cares?

    Thank you, GOPeach, for once again proving ignorance is a terminal disease on your side of the river.

  8. rightofcenter says:

    “Crime?” If there is a crime involved, surely our Democratic attorney general will investigate and bring charges. Ethics charges have already been filed, so if there is any “meat” on the ethical side, we should find out there.

  9. Bill Simon says:

    “Crime” was the wrong word to use.

    However, The Guv, in HIS OWN AD, states that the land is worth “$2 million”. So, his use of the assessed value on his disclosure is a pile of crap, and, if we have an honest Ethics Commission, he will be found in violation of the law.

  10. It all comes down to this. If there was nothing fishy about this deal, then Perdue would have been comfortable paying $2 million and listing it as worth $2 million on his financial disclosure.

    But, that’s not what he did. He tried to hide the deal (and $1.8 million) by listing it for it’s conservation easement assessed value of $180,000. Now he admits it is worth at least $2 million.

    However, it could be worth $78 million. Perdue says Mark’s off by $38 million but in a move that must have been pre-cleared and ironed out by an attorney, he doesn’t say which direction Mark is wrong.

  11. atlantaman says:

    I heard on the Georgia Gang that Taylor had someone that was going to buy the property from Perdue for $5 million. Why would Taylor’s buddy only offer $5 million if his commercial say it’s worth $40 million.

  12. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Brittney Underwood (GA Chick)returns, great job turning union workers (IBEW) out to the debate Brittany. Hope Taylor is paying you well.

  13. atlantaman says:

    I’m a realist and can’t say if I were managing Mark Taylor’s campaign that I wouldn’t bring up the land tax break. But is this going to be the entire jist of Mark Taylor’s advertising campaign? If so, I think it’s indicative of the fact that Taylor is losing on the issues – he doesn’t have any substance.

    So far all we’ve seen from Taylor is babies and bashing Sonny and I just don’t think that’s enough to get elected Governor of the State of Georgia – hopefully it’s not enough.

  14. mercergirl says:

    You whats funny to me is I think a lot of people who are involved in politics do so because of some kind of self gain, its just the nature of the beast. So to me Sonny’s land deal doesn’t bother me so much, unless he broke the law which I do not see.

    For me personally, the self gain I get out of my limited political involvement is the chance to get involved in my community and also- there are great business connections.

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