8th CD Debate

Here is some coverage of the Collins/Marshall debate from last night.

“This campaign is about who is going to best represent middle Georgia and my country,” Marshall told a largely Republican crowd at the 8th Congressional District debate at the Georgia National Fairgrounds.

Collins, who gave up a seat in the House to run for the Senate in 2004, portrayed himself as more likely than Marshall, a former Macon mayor seeking a third term in the House, to help maintain the course set by President Bush, such as making previous tax cuts permanent and the war in Iraq.

“Friends, this campaign is all about who is going to control the House of Representatives,” Collins said.

You can view the slideshow from the debate here. And if you missed it, you can listen to it here.


  1. RuralDem says:

    I watched it online a few hours ago and I thought both candidates did well. It’s easy to spot the difference in the campaign with regards to the issue at hand. Marshall’s campaign is using a one on one issue whereas Collins wants to put the national parties in the mix.

    I think Marshall’s message was better by far. He tells it like he sees it and that’s something I highly respect from those on both sides of the isle. Instead of being a partisan talking head and doing what’s best for the party, he does what he as elected to do that that’s represent the people in his district. I know he represented the 3rd district well for the 4 years that he’s been our Congressman and I know he’ll do a great job for the redrawn 8th district for years to come.

    I will admit that while I am not a fan of Collins’, he did a good job at the debate. What I found strange is his demeanor in his campaign ads, and his demeanor during the debate were completly different. Basically I pictured him coming into the debate and mimicking his ads by attacking Marshall repeatedly but he held the attacks to a minimum.

    Overall this debate was a classy one.

  2. RuralDem says:

    I forgot to mention that it was nice to see everyone joking around especially during the parts when the fireworks were going off. A much better debate than the one that was held just a few minutes before.

  3. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Government impacts everyone, not just partisanship. That being said, a federal candidate, regardless of the Party, has to adhere to the national party line much of the time. Frankly, the Democrat Party hasn’t presented any nationalized agenda other than to dismiss Republicans as corrupt and inept which is patently false. Every Party is going to have it’s embarrassing moments. The process takes care of it (ie. Foley, Ney, McKinney etc. etc.). The message Republicans have been sending, perhaps not effectively, is a pro-active plan to grow the economy, discipline in military conflicts and constituent services.

    Mac Collins has been a strong advocate for all three. Case and point, when the Dems created new districts he was given a small tip of Bibb County. Mac was frequently down to meet and listen to the concerns of this small minority of his district. He is proven to be highly competent and effective in his service.

  4. RuralDem says:

    Government does impact everyone, I do not think that has ever been questioned. Congressman Marshall has broken with the party on many major issues. He’s pro-life, pro-family, pro-gun, pro-iraq war, etc…. I do not expect a candidate to be 100% independent.

    This is a race about Congressman Jim Marshall and former Congressman Mac Collins. Let the issues that the two plan to fight for be the highlight of the race, not which party the person is a member of.

    I wonder what some of you will do one day if a Liberal Republican and a Conservative Democrat face off. Will you vote simply because of party loyalty or will you vote for the person who represents your views?

  5. It’s hard to take someone seriously and not just as the lowest of Republican hacks when they use a Hannity phrase like “Democrat Party” instead of Democratic.

    Doesn’t bother me (I know it is supposed to) but why should I listen to a lecture about partisanship from someone who does something like that?

  6. mercergirl says:

    Here’s what I don’t understand, I was maybe in middle school when Jim Marshall was mayor of Macon and I remember people complaining about his leadership all the time. Then he goes to Congress and all of a sudden he’s that much better? Is there anyone on here who remembers Jim Marshall the mayor and can explain the differences to me?

    Btw, I spoke with a Macon police officer, whatever it was that they didn’t like about Marshall they haven’t changed their minds.

  7. David says:

    I know hindsite is 20/20 but Collins should have never tried for the senate. He was a good congressman. Whoever told him he could beat Isakson was smoking something! Now he has to come back and try and beat Marshall. That’s too bad.

  8. jsm says:


    Georgia Republicans won’t nominate a liberal Republican anytime soon.


    I’m amazed that you judge the quality of someone’s argument based on how they say two words. Don’t worry about the content of the argument, because saying “democrat” instead of “democratic” makes a person a low Republican hack! Impressive logic.

  9. RuralDem says:


    You never know. A Liberal Republican could run in a state house or state senate race.


    I guess you’ll have to email Erick about editing your post in this thread as well. Isn’t it a little to early for you to be coming out from under the bridge?

  10. midgajim says:

    Good point, mercergirl: everyone in our area knows that Marshall didn’t run for reelection as mayor ’cause he would have come in LAST

  11. dingleberry says:


    I know you communists thrive on censorship and thought control, but I don’t think Erick does. He’s a conservative Republican.

    Please, I know you want to shut me up. Maybe you can take a page out of your buddy Joe’s playbook and send in the secret police.

    It’s an Us vs. Them world, and you’re on the wrong team!

  12. RuralDem says:

    Um? I don’t want you censored. I was actually trying to help you out. If you would read before you post, you wouldn’t fit hand in hand with your screen name. Unfortunantly, you failed to do that.

    I am not on a “team” unless that team is the people in my community. The people around you are much more important than the party.

    Again, you can’t be serious!

  13. dingleberry says:

    Yeah you do. You’ve suggested on two threads now that Erick should edit my posts. I don’t need your help. You sound just like your red father “let me (government) help you”.

    You’re on a team–the socialist team. Deal with it. And quit denying it. You’re not fooling any one Lenin.

  14. dingleberry says:


    Don’t be mad just because I exposed you and your left-wing fringe party as the communists you are.

  15. dingleberry says:

    The only part about Us vs. Them that is destroying America is the fact that you, Chris, side with them.

  16. mercergirl says:

    Thank you, midgajim. However noone has been able to answer my question yet… I really would like to know what the difference btw Marshall the mayor and Marshall the representative are, he must have changed somehow.

  17. Chris says:

    Would you like to see all of us who are “on the wrong team” or otherwise not having pledged allegiance to your party, locked up in prison somewhere?

  18. defnotrep says:


    Your party just put an amendment in the port security bill basically outlawing online poker.

    Hmm….seems to me this is censorship.

    I wish true fiscal conservatives could get elected to office without the social agenda representing a vocal miniority. In the end, this will be the undoing of the Repub party.

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