Will the Tide Turn?

For you Perdue fans and Taylor fans, I think there is something worth mentioning today. It was about this time four years ago, three weeks from the election, that the independent surveys started rolling out showing Roy Barnes in the fifties and Sonny Perdue in the thirties.

Then the teachers turned on Roy. (yeah, yeah, flaggers did too, but other than the “Punt Perdue


  1. midgajim says:

    Hummm, my teacher friends had all expressed their disguist w/ Roy Barnes well before October. In fact, at the ribbon cutting for the National Fair in Perry the year before, one kid had a sign that read “Gov. Barnes: my teacher mom thanks you for her $75/year raise!”

  2. ugavi says:

    Four years ago Barnes was relying on his large war chest and mass media to win. Sonny does have a larger war chest than Mark, but he is still out working the grassroots hard.

  3. leftrightcombo says:

    No. I think this situation is a little different.

    Gov. Barnes was as comfortable as you can get in politics. A Republican had not serioulsly challenged as sitting Democratic Gov. in over 100 years. Noboday had Gov. Perdue winning the primary for his own party. The feeling among the Republicans was not even the same.

    I really think the situation is uncomparible. Gov. Perdue has been a marked man since he took office. He knew he would have a tough challenge no matter what and he has governed accordingly. No legislation that would rock the boat, etc. I think the current Gov. was planning for a fight all along.

  4. RandyMiller says:

    Perdue’s not coming back though with all that excess baggage that Barnes had. The northern arc (this really ticked off people in the northen burbs), the scandals at dept of corrections, the public relations fiasco at defacs, and to top it off, the teachers. While I don’t think Barnes himself corrupt, his administration did seem to foster and turn a blind eye to potentially dangerous cancers. Many people haven’t forgotten about these things, and they associate Taylor with his former mentor, Roy Barnes.

  5. Jeff Emanuel says:

    He knew he would have a tough challenge no matter what and he has governed accordingly. No legislation that would rock the boat, etc.

    Which may hurt him among his base, which is in need of a reason to turn out at the moment.

  6. leftrightcombo says:


    I don’t know. Do you think he was counting on Reed to turn the base out? I don’t know any Rep. that are happy with the Gov. Most will not stay home because of this but you never know..

    Or he could be playing the numbers game and hoping the GA. is becoming an even redder state.

  7. rightofcenter says:

    Or perhaps he has a different base than you suppose? Sonny is very popular out here in middle Georgia with regular folks, whether they be Repubs or not (probably most would call themselves independents). The kool-aid drinkers who show up at county meetings do not constitute the base, no matter how important they think they are. By the way, I don’t think they were counting on Reed to do anything.

  8. leftrightcombo says:

    I am from middle Georgia and I know that he is extremely popular in that area. He is from there and he should be popular. However I am not sure how people are feeling in the doughnut, Cobb, Gwinn, etc.

  9. debbie0040 says:

    I think that Perdue will win. I think the Perdue campaign breathed a sigh of relief when Taylor secured the nomination.

    Perdue is promising a tax break for seniors but what about the rest of us? The Perdue Campaign could cruise to victory if he would embrace a Fair Tax type plan for State Income Tax. The Libertarian candidate is proposing such a plan and could pull votes away from Perdue.

    There are a lot of voters that support Fair Tax.

  10. Harry says:

    Absolutely, Debbie. Florida and Tennessee pull high-income people from Georgia, because of no income tax in those states.

  11. debbie0040 says:

    Perdue proposing a Fair Tax type plan for Georgia would also excite the GOP base and they would turn out in droves.

  12. dingleberry says:

    Debbie, Perdue can’t do that. There already is a candidate in the race proposing a fairtax proposal AND an elimination of the state income tax. Perdue would be stealing if he did so too.

  13. GOPeach says:

    These are SONNY votes:

    1. CC’s

    2. Blacks who are offended by
    Taylor siding with flaggers

    3. Cathy Cox suporters

    4. Cagle Supporters

    5. Reed Supporters

    6. Teachers

    7. Military

    8. Medical Community

    That just about calls it-

    I am humbly predicting a
    L A N D S L I D E 60%

  14. Jeff Emanuel says:

    GOPeach, why would each of those groups specifically support Perdue? And, beware…if the primary is any indication, your prediction could well be the “kiss of death”

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