Watch tonight’s debate live.

According to the AJC, WMAZ will stream tonight’s Gubernatorial debate live on their website.  Click here.

However, Matt Towery  wonders what it’s all for:

“I don’t expect the debate itself to mean that much,” he said. “However, the race turned negative just in time for Taylor to attempt to engage Perdue in a heated exchange.

“If he manages to get the governor to show any of his, until this point, well-contained temper, it could be interesting enough to make the evening news and newspapers and create the impression that there is a race.

“If it’s just a policy-wonk debate between two guys who have been in government, it will be a snoozer and nobody will gain anything.”

Towery said it’s particularly important for Taylor to do well because recent polls had him behind Perdue by anywhere from 19 to 24 percentage points.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Surely the AJC missed an opprtunity to title this article more in line with the Guv’s viewpoint of him and Georgia:

    Two graduates of the school whose football team got put in their place to debate tonight…

  2. Loren says:

    If you’d like to see candidates truly live, there’s a forum tonight for the 4th District Congressional candidates at 7 pm in Lilburn City Hall. Myself, Catherine Davis, and Hank Johnson will all be participating.

    Y’know, when I wrote to the AJC last month about Cynthia Tucker doing a complete 180 on voter ID, within the space of 4 days, I didn’t get printed. I suppose I should have written about sports headlines instead. That, or signed my letter ‘Sonny Perdue.’

  3. Loren says:

    Myself and a friend from California got sufficiently fed up with the national GOP that we decided to form our own party, and we chose to use the name of Teddy’s old ‘fed up with the national GOP’ party. In general, we take a more libertarian, classically liberal stance than the Republicans in DC. It’s explained in more detail at our (somewhat undeveloped) website:

    The state doesn’t really recognize party affiliation for write-ins, so it’s something of a non-issue for this election, but both myself and William Satterwhite (write-in for District 11) are running under the Bull Moose banner. Once the election is over and I don’t have my own campaign to worry about, I’ll be putting a little more work into the party.

  4. rightofcenter says:

    Buzz and Bill,
    If you go back and see the radio transcript of Sonny, you’ll see that he includes Tech in the list of the things that the AJC regularly denigrades. I wouldn’t expect Bark Madly to be able to see nuance, but I expect more out of you guys.

  5. gatormathis says:

    Speaking of “live” viewing, I remember one time sitting on the back porch at a friend’s home. It was about 10:45 pm, and we were looking up at an eclipse.

    His wife came out, asked what we were doing and we told her. She chatted a few minutes and said, come on let’s go inside, they gonna show it “live” at 11 on Ch. 10.

    I looked at my friend, grinned, and asked his wife, “What do you call this?”

    She was not amused.

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