Is CBS-46 working hand in hand with Taylor campaign to reach new level of negativity?

Just how much coordination was there between CBS-46 and the Taylor campaign in that story Erick mentioned the other day?

Rumor has it that several of the “victims” from that story are going on tour with Mark Taylor. Was the land deal, perhaps, just a distraction while Taylor prepared this latest attack? In the last three weeks of the campaign, Taylor is apparently going to use children and families shut out of the state’s health care system in an attempt to smack Governor Perdue around, including taking advantage of photo-ops with disabled children, in hopes that sympathy for the children will overcome the negative nature of the advertisements.

However, that is apparently small compared to what the AJC plans to do to deny the Governor a second term.

More on that later.


  1. Rusty says:

    I love how phrasing an accusation in the form of a question allows one to lob out even the least plausible accusation while maintaining plausible deniability.

    Does Jeff Emanuel have carnal knowledge of the geese in the lake behind my office building?

    Just asking a question…

  2. RandyMiller says:

    Wendy Saltzman cooked up the story on 46 re: medicaid. We need to get the word out about her working with Dan Rather. That in itself is proof she would know how to conduct smear campaigns. The below item is from her bio:

    Saltzman worked for CBS News before
    becoming an Investigative Reporter. She began her career working for “The Evening News with Dan Rather.”

  3. RandyMiller says:

    Wait, this thing could backfire for Taylor big time. Here comes this pompus, spoiled, well fed rich kid, never a mortgage, 100,000 a year allowance, and he trots out some very, very unfortunate people who’ve suffered greatly. This will be seen as he’s using them. Why? Because he needs to get elected governor so the family businesses will continue to get state leases thus making him more money. The Taylor campaign may see the majority of Georgia voters as stupid, but I for one do not beleive that’s the case. Voters will see through this.

  4. LymanHall says:

    Guess what? I know Republicans weren’t in power in this state for 130 years, but here’s a little lesson on governing. When you are in the majority and control the Governor’s mansion and both houses of the General Assembly, people are going to ask questions. Reporters are going to ask questions. They might even ask difficult questions. When you are tasked with the public trust of governing, you need to be open and let the people know what you are doing. You can’t spend four years trying on ridiculous costumes, playing cards with a skeleton, and passing $100,000 retroactive tax cuts for yourself. Well, I guess you can–but you need to answer questions about it.
    Every tough question the governor’s gets does not a conspiracy make. Was it a conspiracy when the AJC asked Barnes about the flag, teachers, etc each day until Sonny won?
    Put down the kool-aid…

  5. Mojo says:

    Taylor is rich. Taylor is fat. blah blah blah.

    Funny how these same people voted for another spoiled rich kid from Texas, and supported another fat slob from Illinois. Wait, don’t they also whine about the evil Democrats punishing financial success?

  6. RandyMiller says:

    Mojo, that spoiled rich kid from Texas?
    What helped him over the edge?
    Lies from people like Dan Rather and Michael Moore. Wendy Saltzman is just another one of ’em too. And I doubt someone like Wendy Saltzman could give a rats ass about the needy.

  7. RandyMiller says:

    May case in point. When Taylor tonight tried to use the kids that lost medicaid coverage against Perdue he got booed. People see through this.

  8. Mojo says:


    He got booed b/c 2/3 of the crowd were Perdue supporters. You did see all the blue Perdue signs, didn’t you? The debate was held near Perry, Georgia, so home field advantage went to Perdue.

    And, what helped Bush “over the edge” wasn’t Rather nor was it Moore. Liberals love them and conservatives hate them, and the middle really don’t give a rat’s ass. Michael Moore speaks to his base, as does Rush Limbaugh, the rest of the country doesn’t, dare I say again, give a rat’s ass. In 2000, Bush got “over the edge” b/c of a good campaign that presented him as a moderate “compassionate conservative.” In 2004, it was lackluster opposition and a successful effort of positioning Bush as the ideal war time president. It wasn’t Rather nor was it Moore.

  9. Mojo says:


    Oh, and she may not give a fig for the needy, but does that make her story any less true? I see many complain that she doesn’t really care, or that Taylor is cynically using this to his advantage, or that the media and Taylor are teaming up against Perdue, but I have yet to see anyone tell me it isn’t true. Funny.

  10. RandyMiller says:

    In Atlanta I knew many people who were skeptical of voting for GWB in 2004. The Iraq war and lack of WMD’s caused many I knew, including myself, to question. The point I’m making is even if you don’t like someone, your criticism should be as fact based as possible.
    Dan Rather’s piece on Bush, as well as Moore’s 9/11 turned off more people than on because of fabrications. People I thought would not vote for Bush did.
    The same case applies with Saltzman and the work she did for channel 46. She makes it seem as if Perdue himself sat at a desk and crossed out the names of those dropped from medicaid. And if she and Taylor really cared for these people, why wait till now to sink this low? Where were they back when? I’m sorry, I can’t buy it.
    Now, the debate, Taylor had bused down plenty of AFL-CIO and other union members where he had plenty of support. Did anyone see those two guys holding Taylor signs that looked like they were out of the Soprano’s?

  11. RandyMiller says:

    On a much lighter note, anyone headed up to Helen for Oktoberfest this weekend?
    Oh God, republicans at Oktoberfest! Saltzman would concoct a story it’s a nazi style party rally that riviled Nuremberg in the 30’s.

  12. Mojo says:


    I’m sorry, but anyone who decides to vote for W out of sympathy even with misgivings just b/c of reports put out by Moore or Rather needs their heads checked. Also, during the debate there were plenty of shots of the crowd at large and I saw plenty of signs and 9 out of 10 said Sonny on them. Fact is at least 2/3 of the crowd were Perdue supporters, and possibly more.

  13. defnotrep says:

    RandyMiller, you’re a samrt guy. I;m sure you have your sources. Go find out if the story is true or not.

    I dont think they could air this story without the facts behind it or they would be sued.

    I don’t see Perdue saying he’s been falsely accused or sending letters etc saying falsehoods.

    I think the story is true. I think those were real people in a terrible predicament and that should be the issue….not the politics of it.

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