Don’t put Cox in the (R) column just yet

She was seen in Watkinsville just two weeks ago, on September 27, fundraising and campaigning for Becky Vaughn, the Democrat candidate for House 113, currently held by Republican Bob Smith.

From the Athens Banner-Herald:

Georgia Secretary of State Cathy Cox endorsed state House of Representatives candidate Becky Vaughn at a recent Vaughn campaign event in Watkinsville.Cox highlighted Vaughn’s leadership skills, pointing out that Vaughn has proven her ability to bridge the gap between Democrats and Republicans on issues of concern to all Georgians, according to the Vaughn campaign.

Take this as you will, but an active endorsement of Becky Vaughn, a Democrat who is backed by liberal organizations such as Georgia’s WIN list (an offshoot of national abortion rights organization EMILY’s List), Rep. Jane Kidd (D-Athens), former Governor Roy Barnes, and Vote Choice, doesn’t exacty send the message that she’s seriously contemplating jumping across the aisle any time soon.


  1. buzzbrockway says:

    What does switching parties gain Cox at this point? Nothing! She would anger the left-wing-ladies who support her and would support her in the future, and she would not be able to win over skeptical Republicans if she ran for something as a Republican.

    Cox isn’t switching – the moment for that to happen passed.

  2. efstration says:

    Wow, is Cox really is acting like a Republican: wasting her time and Dem money on a hopeless candidate in Vaughn.

    Rep. Smith will win by no less than 10 points.

  3. fulldawg says:

    It is my understanding that Ms. Cox cannot legally endorse any candidate for any race. Since she still holds the office of Secretary of State and oversees the election process it would violate an ethics law I believe. When she went to Watkinsville she was not announced except to say that a “special guest” would be appearing to avoid conflict.

  4. dingleberry says:

    Cathy Cox is a LIBERAL Democrat.

    She’s a left-wing, pinko, tree-hugging hippie. This lady is WORSE than Nancy Pelosi. She doesn’t have a conservative bone in her body.

    What kind of shape is the state GOP in if people are seriously considering allowing this loon to join the party???

  5. MrGOPJr says:

    I don’t think many in the state GOP would embrace Cathy if she did switch. I was also of the impression that she could not legally endorse candidates. I think I remember even Cathy’s spokesman saying that. However, I recall she appeared in newspaper ads and did radio spots for Ruth Barrow Bracewell (Bob Smith’s 2000 opponent). Regarding the Vaughn event appearance, the word “endorsement” was apparently taken from a Vaughn news release by the ABH. So what’s the real story on endorsements, can she or can she not endorse?

  6. fulldawg says:

    I am not certain nor can I find any “official” guideline concerning the SOS endorsing candidates.
    I am not familiar with the ads you mention and I do find that interesting. Perhaps with the GOPers taking over the General Assembly a new ethics law has been passed since along with the restrictions place on the office of Lt Gov. I’ll keep looking and if all else fails email the SOS’ office for an answer.

  7. Jeff Emanuel says:

    fulldawg, the quote from the paper — and the link to Ms. Vaughn’s website, which originated the release — are both included in the post. You can see the word “endorsement” there for yourself; neither time was it inserted or added by us. Whether or not the term is accurate — or legal — is a matter for the Vaughn campaign.

  8. MountainDawg says:

    It doesn’t matter if Howard “the Scream” Dean comes down here to try to bail Vaughn out. Bob Smith will win this race. His district is a heavy Republican area. Becky Vaughn is associated with some of the most liberal groups in Georgia. Vaughn needs to do like Laura Benedict and find a district she has a chance to win (and Freeman will still beat Benedict).

  9. MrGOPJr says:

    I agree, MountainDawg. I think Vaughn knows she can’t win evidenced by her Web site statements, “Our district deserves a choice.”

    I suspect the Dems strategy on this one was to be a “nuisance” and give Smith opposition so his resources had to be spent closer to home and not be sent to help Republicans in more competitive districts.

    Knowing Rep. Smith very well, I can tell you that he takes no opponent lightly and is campaigning just as hard as he did in his first race–which truly was competitive.

  10. defnotrep says:

    My understanding is she can endorse candidates. She hasn’t said that in a long time.

    It’s a non-issues according to the AJC a few months back. Personally I am tired of caring about what CC does or doesn’t do.

    She is finished politically tho….Demos won’t support her in the future, and I agree with Buzz, the time for her to switch has come and gone. Repubs have to many good candidates waiting in the wings. They don’t need her now.

  11. Big Mack says:

    CC would never try to become a Republican. She really believes that left wing pinko b.s. that comes out of her mouth. She may be politically dead but I doubt it. We will see in four years when the dems have to come up with candidates.

  12. RuralDem says:

    I doubt she will switch. The GOP tide rolled in and unlike Governor Perdue and the rest of the party switchers, there is no real need to have her in the party.

    Soon she will be in no political office so having her switch really does nothing at this time.

    However, I would not take the fact that she is endorsing a Democrat a sure sign that she will not switch. The Vaughn campaign claims that Cox mentioned Vaughn’s ability to bridge the partisan gap. Maybe Cox is simply choosing who she believes will try to represent all Georgians and not simply a certain sector.

  13. defnotrep says:

    Hey Big Mack,

    Will you list for me the left-wing pinko b.s you mention? I’m curious to see, rather than a label, your actual thoughts. Thanks.

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