A Return on Investment

Mac Collins got $400,000.00 from the President’s visit, but it looks like he’ll be paying back a good bit.

President Bush’s visit to the midstate Tuesday raised more than $400,000 for Mac Collins’ congressional bid, campaign officials said Wednesday, but a chunk of that money will be used to reimburse taxpayers for the cost of the trip.

Campaign staff and the White House aren’t yet saying how much will be reimbursed or how much the visit will cost once figures are tallied for Air Force One’s flight, security from Washington and the massive local and state law enforcement presence.

The White House will bill the Collins campaign for the trip, and that bill may include some sort of reimbursement for local law enforcement costs, campaign communications director Bill Hagan said Wednesday. But Hagan said the bill might not show up for a week, and that he can’t give a final tally until then.


  1. atlantaman says:

    This may end up like the scene from the Blues Brother’s when the band played at Bob’s Country Brother and the band ended up owing the house because they drank more in beer then they made for the evening.

  2. This is a pattern for Collins and Burns. They are about even on the revenue side when it comes to fundraising, but they are always spending three or four times what their opponents do in a reporting period on fundraising costs.

    Nothing against that, mind you. If you net even $1 that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, it’s probably a good investment to have made.

    However, savvier coverage doesn’t seem to exist to point this out. I remember one period reading about how Burns outraised Barrow. And it was like Burns raised $50K more but at the same time spent $300K more. So really it was like Barrow won by $250K, but that can be a little difficult to explain.

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